Swap Has Changed Life Part I

Hi Guys This is our first posting on ISS and it may be last too. That’s why I want to share everything about us with you guys.  You will know everything by the end of the story. I am not a story writer nor has this content been copied from anywhere else. This is our real post which happed within a very short period. This story may be a bit long therefore I will write it in two parts. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome. You can reply us on / /

We are Vishal-32 and Aditi-28 (name changed) belongs to nearby Dehradun. We led a life full of sex before marriage and nothing was left. We tried every possible fun which could have been done. After that we got married and we planned that we should have something different on our life. So we both agreed that lets meet some couples initially for friendship and then we will decide what can be done.

Guys let me tell us about ourselves. I am in business and she is housewife. We both are fit and good looking or you can say charming (as said to us by most of the couples whom we met.) Her stats are 34-30-36. And I have a length of close to 6 inch. I won’t say its 9 or 10 as most of the writers say here.

I am going to tell you today our swap experience which was our last experience (will write this in part 2). But before that let me tell you how we started it.

So after marriage we decided that we should meet couples and we started meeting couples online and started talking to them on phone. Initially Aditi was hesitant but by the time she also felt comfortable and started talking to couples. We met many couples in ddhradun (please don’t ask about their information). In the mean time we came in contact with a Noida couple. Due to some work I have to go to Noida so my wife also went with me just for shopping. I told Aditi that we can meet a couple in Noida(Rajesh and Sonal). She agreed and after finishing my work we met that couple in Noida in a mall. They were very nice but very professional (they never contacted us nor picked phone after the act). After talking they invited us to their home and we went.

After reaching their home they said let’s do some fun. As it was our first time and Aditi was a bit hesitant but she said that we will not swap. We can have fun altogether, can touch kiss and have sex with own partner on same bed. They also agreed and we started. Let me tell you about those guys. The guys as average but Aditi liked his nature and his wife was a beauty. Slim sexy fair and those boobs; good amazing. She was a real sex bomb of figure 36-28-36.

Well now we started with own partner on same bed. We started kissing. My wife is a real kisser. When she is in mood she kisses can kiss for hours. Well we started taking our clothes and I and Rajesh were looking at each other wives. Rajesh first touched Aditi body and Aditi closed her eyes. I signalled Rajesh to suck Aditi boobs. He took one into his mouth and started sucking. I took another on in my mouth. Aditi opened her eyes but the excitement was too much that she didn’t said anything and closed her eyes again.

As her eyes are closed I signalled Rajesh that you now have fun with Aditi and I with Sonal. I left Aditi boob and went to Sonal and took her into arms. She was a real hot babe. We kissed and; Well I can’t tell you in words as It was our first experience so how it would have felt to me. It can only be imagined. After sometime Aditi opened her eyes and saw Rajesh on her. He was licking Aditi boobs kissing her whole body and all. She was really enjoying and I was happy that nothing went wrong. Anyways As we have to leave for home so we decided that lets do the actual fun. So we shifted back to our partner and started the act. When I was fucking Aditi I told Rajesh that that u put your dick into Aditi mouth as she gives a very nice blowjob. As soon as Rajesh touched his cock to Aditi lips she opened her eyes and looked at me (May be she wasn’t expecting this.). I was seeing that what she will do and to my surprise she took Rajesh dick in her mouth and started sucking. Guys Aditi is a great sucker. She can suck for hours and she also likes to drink the cum. I was fucking her with full excitement and she was sucking Rajesh cock.

After that what happened was a big surprise to me. She stopped sucking and got up and she told me to move away from bed and she sat on the cock of Rajesh. I was stunned to see this. But I really enjoyed the act. She started up and down and I started fucking Sonal. All this fucking continued for more than 2 hours. We all got exhausted and then had some snacks at their home. We left from there back to our home collecting all the memories what happened in a very short time and moreover which wasn’t planned.

Guys time passed and due to busy schedule we didn’t get time for having fun with another couple.

After some months we met a couple from Dehradun. There were originally from Ghaziabad but due to job settled in Dehradun. We started meeting them. They were Vimal and Tina(name changed). Both sexy and charming. Vimal was 32 very charming personality and Tina was 30 and most amazing was her boobs(36D-30-36 ).

We started meeting and because it was their first time so they were taking time to open up. But as we have done once; so Aditi made Tina agreed explaining her all the things. 2-3 months passed like this and in the mean time the school vacation of their child started and Tina went to her home. Vima became sad as she wanted to have Aditi soon in bed and it didn’t look possible till Tina would return from her home.

In mean time I am Vimal went for outing for having drinks and he said to me that please do something soon as he wants Aditi in bed, to this I said that call tine and then we can plan for Mussorie and can have fun there. Vimal stopped drinking and after a long pause he said


I looked in his eyes and smiled and said I also want this but let me ask Aditi what she thinks.

He said sure and we left the hotel for our home. Coming back to home me and Vimal touched each other dicks and I was surprised to see that his dick was really fat then mine.

Anyways we reached home and next night I discussed it with Aditi. She kept looking at me till I finished my words. And then she said that she can do it fun slowly she will do. I said ok and gave a call to Vimal that Aditi is ready and we can have 3some very soon. Vimal got very excited. Next week was my bday so we decided to start from soft fun therefore we decided that we three will be in car and I will be driving the car and Aditi and Vimal will have fun in backseat.

The day came and as per our plans around 9 pm we picked Vimal from his home. Now Vimal and Aditi was in back seat and I was on driver seat. I said to them that you start and I will watch. Both started kissing like lovers and I was watching those also rubbing thighs of Aditi. Aditi was getting aroused and they both were doing deep kiss. I was also aroused seeing this. I clicked some snaps for memories. She was making some noises and I held Aditi hand and kept it on Vimal cock. She started playing with Vimal cock and after few mins Aditi said to Vimal to open his zip.

As soon as Vimal opened his zip his thick cock sprang out and in no time Aditi took it in her mouth and started giving blowjob to Vimal. Vimal didn’t expected this so soon but he also started enjoying the sucking. Aditi sucked for more that 10 mins and Vimal was now going to cum and she cummed in Aditi mouth. Aditi said me to stop the car and she cleaned her face and mouth. After that we dropped Vimal to his home. Vimal said to Aditi that he wanted to have full sex with her to which Aditi said that call Tina and we will have lots of fun. After that we both went to a good hotel and Aditi celebrated my ‘bday. And asked that how I liked the b’day gift to which I said it was really sexy and I would love to see this done again. Hearing this she smiled……… After that we came home and we have a very passionate night. We both slept at 4 in morning.

This incident was hidden from Tina as Vimal don’t want to tell her. Time passed and Tina came back from her home and we started meeting again. But as it was Tina first time so she was taking time to say yes for swap. But we talk a lot about swap and other matters too. In the mean time some function was at Tina home town so she left again for a week. After she left Vimal called me and said “VISHAL ADITI KO READY KARO NA FULL FUN KE LIYE”. I also want but said that let me talk to Aditi. In night I talked to Aditi and told ki Vimal is alone again and he want to have fun with you. She replied that she is ready but they also want to see me having fun with another female to which I replied that we have done it once now let’s try for it and moreover I also like to see you having fun with vishal.

She got ready and I called Vimal to arrange all but at her home and not in hotel(you can better understand why). One day later we both visited Vimal home at 6 pm and we started talking normally.

We all were discussing previous act and were enjoying. Vimal showed Tina private pics which she had taked previously. I got exited seeing those pics. Her boobs were amazing. I want to hold them and told Vimal that make her ready soon so that I can enjoy Tina too.

I told Vimal to make some drinks as after drinks Aditi gets exited. We were having drinks and Aditi got up and went near to Vimal and sat in his lap and started lip kissing. I was having my drinks and enjoying the scene. Vimal was also getting exited and moreover whiskey was doing the rest of the work. After lots of kissing I told them to move to bedroom so that we can enjoy properly. I told Vimal that I will take one more drinks and you undress Aditi and start having fun. He removed Aditi top and took her boobs in his hands and pressed then very hard.

Aditi shouted very hard and she pushed Vimal on bed and sat on top of her. The effect of whiskey can be seen in Aditi eyes. They both were lip locked and I was really enjoying the scene. They both were playing with each other body and now Vimal was on top of Aditi sucking her boobs. I went near to Aditi and said,


Aditi smiled and again Vimal kissed Aditi. Now I removed Aditi jeans and she was in red bra and black panty. Vimal started licking Aditi thighs and her body. He also massaged Aditi both for few mins. (Guys Aditi likes massage very much. She has been massaged in some hotels of Dehradun and Mussorie too few times.) Anyways they both were very hot now and I was also not able to control myself.

I then started clicking some snaps as this is our first 3some and we want to keep the memories. Aditi kissing Vimal, Vimal sucking Aditi boobs.

After a long time Vimal also removed his clothes and I too removed my clothes. Now all were nude and seeing each other body. Aditi again started sucking Vimal and mine cock. This scene was very erotic for me as this was the first time we all three were involved in sex. Now we laid Aditi on bed and we both were sucking her boobs and I will finger her pussy too.

Aditi was in great excitement and make all types of noises. Like oooooh ahhh Vimal lick my pussy .. Fuck me .. All this.. I think this can’t be explained in words.

Now I said Vimal that u fuck Aditi first and I will watch. Vimal started removing Aditi panty and as soon as he kept his tongue on Aditi pussy she cried in pleasure…. And pressed Vimal head on her pussy. Vima licked Aditi pussy and now he got ready to fuck Aditi. He make the missionary position and in one punch Vimal thick dick was inside Aditi pussy.

She started shouting ooooooooooooooooo ahhhhh mar gai bohot mota hai .. Like that..  I calmed Aditi and started kissing her. Now Vimal was also in full pace and Aditi also started enjoying the fucking session. I was recording the whole session and put my cock in Aditi mouth. The scene was very erotic and sex filled. After few mins Vimal came in Aditi pussy and I in Aditi mouth.

We laid there few mins seeing each other and Aditi got up and went to washroom. After that we can to our home.

So friends this was our first two experiences which I told u in short. These two experiences changed our lives for next few months and the experience which happened with us after that again changed our minds. Hope you will like the story and your comments and suggestions are most welcome. You can reply us on / /