Me & Alicia (Dinner Turned To Date) Part I

I and Alicia are known to each other for last 3 months. I saw her advertisement in a local adult site. I liked her very much at the first sight itself; hence I met her couple of times in the same month. Later, we felt comfortable to each other and started meeting couple of times in a month. She came to my apartment for all meet. In our last meet, she told me that she was looking for an apartment as there were few issues in her current apartment. She also mentioned that she likes the apartment which Im staying. I thought she was just kidding, but I realized later that she was serious about it. I told her that I would check with apartment office and update her.

Next week, I came to know that one of my friends would be vacating the apartment by end of the month. I went to apartment office and reserved the apartment for Alicia. I informed Alicia about the apartment and she was very happy. I was also very happy because I can meet her at any time. Finally she moved into the apartment which is just adjacent to mine. Our patios are opposite to each other; hence we started meeting and chatting many times a day. One day, she told me that she wanted to thank me for helping her to get into the new apartment at right time and invited me for a dinner.

I bought a nice wine & went to her apartment. I rang the doorbell and she opened the door. She was wearing nothing but a silky night outfit which was mid-thigh long size. She gave me a hug, kissed on my cheek and asked me to come in. I noticed that she was wearing only a thong, not a bra. Though I have seen her naked many times, I felt a difference this time. It was I saw her not as an escort, but as a neighbor. I gave the wine bottle to her once I went inside her apartment. She asked me to get comfortable on the couch and went to kitchen to complete the preparation for dinner. I started looking around the hall and found few porn DVDs near TV.

“Do you like Porn movies?” I asked her.

“Some of my customers demand to watch porn while having sex. Otherwise, Im not a big fan of Porn movies”, she replied. “Do you like them?” she asked.

“Not the hard core, but I like the erotic ones”, I replied.

She gave me a cup of orange juice and whispered “Me too. I have few such DVDs. May be we can plan later to watch them”. Then, she sat next to me. She switched on her laptop and told me “I had a photo shoot last week. Just look at them and tell me how I look in those photos”. All those photos were high quality and taken in a swimming pool. She was wearing bikini in some photos, topless in some and nude in rest of the photos. She looked so sexy in all those photos. I felt a little hard on under my pants, but managed not to show her. While seeing those photos, she leaned towards me to navigate the photos. I could feel her big soft breasts were pressing against my shoulder. I wanted to finish all the photos soon before she notices my hard on. I managed to reach the last photo in which she was naked and laying back in a chair spreading her legs apart. The photo was taken in an excellent angle where her beautiful pink inner lips, tiny waist and big soft breasts were clearly visible. I could not take my eyes from the photo and started feeling pain inside my pants due to my fully erected cock. I had to rub my cock over the pant and adjust it so that it won’t pain.

“What happened? Are you not comfortable?” she asked me.

I realized that she noticed me while rubbing my cock. She touched me down there and asked, “Oh, my god, you have a full hard on. So, you were trying to hide it, werent you?”.
“Yes, seeing through all your naked photos made me so hard. I was trying to manage not to show you that, but you caught me”, I replied.

“You don’t have to hide from me. In fact, I feel it is the better way to compliment a womans beauty than by words. Im very happy that my photos made you hard down there.” she told me and started rubbing my cock over pants. My cock was getting harder with her hands.

“I was wondering how the photographer could have refrained from fucking those enticing wet pussy. If I were the photographer, I would have begged you to allow me to fuck that luscious pussy. If he had not fucked you, he would have definitely masturbated for several nights thinking about you”, I told her when she was rubbing my cock.

“You naughty, it was my friend Julia who had taken those photos. Do you know photography? May be I can try you next time”, she grinned at me and continued rubbing my cock.

“I will join a photography training this week and meet you as a photographer next time”, I laughed.

“So sweet of you, in fact, I would have loved it even if you had lied. Don’t let me wait for long time for the photo shoot.” she laughed. She slowed down rubbing my cock and told “You know what I am planning to stop doing it”.

“Please don’t stop rubbing my cock. I love it what you are doing”, I responded to her.

She started laughing loudly and told me “Hey, I didn’t mean this. I was talking about stop doing escort service. In fact, that’s the reason I moved out of old apartment and even changed my mobile number”.

I felt quite embarrassed and told her “Im sorry. I was doing all these without knowing that you stopped doing escort service”.

She said “Dont be sorry. I havent done it for almost 3 weeks now. But, I was dying to have a real mans cock inside my pussy”. She grabbed my hand and took it inside her panties. She was completely wet. She said “Im really horny for you now. In fact, I did not plan it for today, but your hard on and all the discussion we had made me so horny and I could not control myself”.

“I can feel the wetness down there. You definitely need some attention there and it’s my pleasure to make you happy”, before I finished, she held my hand and started rubbing her pussy. My fingers are completely wet with her juices. I caressed her pussy lips and started rubbing over her clit with my fingers. Her body was shaking with pleasure and she started kissing me passionately to match the speed of my fingers rubbing her clit. After couple of minutes, she stopped my hand from rubbing her clit and broke the kiss. She smiled, stood up and sat on my lap facing me with her legs spread across my thighs. She removed my t-shirt and lowered both the straps of her nightgown. As the straps were not tight enough, the nightgown dropped below her waist. Her natural 34 DD size breasts were just few inches away from me. When I saw her breasts first time, I doubted whether she had undergone any plastic surgery. I even asked her the same. She grabbed both my hands and placed them in her breasts. She asked me to check it by myself. After few pressing and squeezing, I realized that it all natural. Since then, I was addictive to those fabulous breasts. She started pressing her breasts, squeezing her nipples and asked “My nipples are waiting for you to suck them. I knew you love it. What are you waiting for?”

I leaned towards her and cupped both the breasts with my hands. I started kissing all over her right breast. I made a circle around her nipple with my wet tongue and started sucking the nipple, while my other hand was pressing her left breast. She started moaning with pleasure. I knew she loves when a man bites her nipple. I started biting the nipple gently with the edges of my teeth. She started moaning loudly with pleasure, pushing my head with her hands towards her chest and said “Yah, suck my nipples, suck it harder”. Her right nipple was completely wet with my saliva and fully erected. She started pinching her left nipple. I understood that she wanted me to pay attention to the other breast now. I moved on to the left which was starving for quite some time for a pleasure. Now, both her nipples are hard. I started licking and sucking her left nipple. I would love to suck them all day long. “Oh my god, I think Im going to have an orgasm just by you sucking my nipples”, she said loudly. I increased my speed of sucking her nipple and her body was shaking with pleasure. After few seconds, she gave the first orgasm of the day. “I never had such intensive orgasm just by someone sucking my breasts and nipples. Youre a fantastic sucker”, she complimented and kissed me.

She stood up and her nightgown fell on the floor. She was standing in front of me with nothing but a thong. That sight was gorgeous. She smiled and came close to me. I knew what she was going to do next. She started unbuttoning my jeans and pulled it down below my knees. My cock was already erected. She grabbed my cock and told “Big boy is awaken. Let me make him bigger and pay good attention to him”. She kissed me again and started stroking my cock with her hand. She knelt down between my legs and increased the speed of stroking my cock. She came closer to my cock and started licking the sides of my cock. I couldnt believe myself.

She started giving me a bare blowjob. She usually covers the cock with condom and gives blowjob. During our first meet, I asked her for a bare blowjob. She refused to do it and told that she would not do it for her clients. Now, she is fulfilling my request. After licking the sides of my cock, she licked the edge of my cock and took my cock inside her mouth. I could feel her lips sucking my cock. I pulled her head towards my cock and she understood that I wanted her to increase the speed. She started increasing the speed of sucking my cock. She paused for a moment and took my cock out for her mouth. It was completely wet and had a pre-cum. She licked the pre-cum from the head of my cock with her tongue. I was shivering with the pleasure. She smiled and told “Your pre-cum tastes good. I wonder how taste your cum will be. I cant wait to taste your cum”. She started stroking my cock faster with her hand. My cock reached its full erection. “Do you want to fuck my tits with your cock?” she asked. “I love to do that”, I replied her. She grabbed her breasts and slid my cock between them. She started moving her breasts over my cock. I was really enjoying it more than her blowjob. No man can hold from Cumming when she does this. After few strokes, I moaned that “oh, my god, your breasts feel so good over my cock. I think Im going to cum soon”. She again took my cock inside her mouth and started giving blowjob. In less than a minute, her mouth was full with my hot cum. She swallowed it all and cleaned my cock by licking all the juices. I rest myself on the couch and told her “It was fantastic blowjob which I have been missing all these days”.

She stood up and sat next to me. She told “Now it’s your turn to make me cum again. Eat my wet pussy”. I stood up, leaned towards her and kissed her. While making my way to what she wanted, I kissed her breasts and sucked her nipples gently. She gasped heavily and pushed my head to downwards. I knew she was dying to have her pussy eaten badly. But I wanted to tease her for couple of minutes; hence I started spending time by kissing her chest, belly and navel while on my way to the starving pussy. She urged me “I can’t wait any further. Eat my pussy”. Finally, I reached between her legs. She was still wearing thong and it was completely wet with her juices. I kissed her pussy over her thong. I grabbed the straps of her thong and pulled it away. She lifted her legs up straight to remove her thong. I knelt down and licked the entire length of her pussy with my tongue. “Ahh, I love the way you started”, she complimented. I pulled her to the edge of the couch to have a comfortable position. She spread her legs apart and the luscious pussy was just few inches away from my mouth.

I kissed her inner thighs. With her flawless skin, her thighs are gorgeous. Her pussy was clean shaven. The folds of her pussy lips looked great. The joint of her pussy lips and clit was clearly visible. Not every woman has it naturally. I slid my fingers between the inner lips to make the pussy wet. Again I licked her pussy from bottom to top which opened her lips. Then I started licking the outer lip slowly and she started moaning. I moved my tongue closely to the little monster, but made sure not to touch it and let it starve more. Then I licked between the inner and outer lips. I drew her lips into my mouth and massaged them with my tongue. I often changed the speed of licking to give her more pleasure. She was squeezing her breast and nipple with one hand and the other hand was busy in rubbing her clit. I moved on to her right pussy lip and started doing the same which I was doing on other side. She was moaning loudly “Yeah baby, like that, I love it”. I pushed the tip of my tongue to her pink hole. She started squirm her hips and moaned loudly “Ahn, Ahn”. I knew she was completely enjoying it. Her little monster was poking then. With no further delay, I started flicking her clit with my tongue. I covered her clit with my mouth and gave it quick soft sucks. She was moaning loudly, “oh my god, suck it baby, suck it harder”. She was pushing my head between her legs and crossed her legs over my shoulders. I knew she was on her edge. I sucked her clit harder. After few seconds, she told, “Im Cumming… Im Cumming”. She gave her second intensive orgasm. She relaxed her legs and was smiling. I cleaned her pussy by licking her juices. Though I have tasted her pussy many times, I love it every time. But this time, it was sexier and she responded amazingly. I stood up and sat next to her. She kissed me and told “Youre really amazing with your oral skills. Any woman who has their pussy eaten by you won’t leave you. She will always be your slave in her life time”. I replied that “Thank you, it just because of the beautiful and delicious pussy you have got”. I added, “I need to eat something solid to recharge my energy. You do not want to waste the dinner you prepared, do you?” She replied, “Yeah, all these activities burnt so much calories from my body and I too need to recharge. But I havent had your cock inside my pussy yet”. I laughed loudly and told “The night has just begun. We have all night long”. I grinned at her. “You naughty, it seems you have a big plan for the night. If that’s the case, then I agree with you to have dinner now”, she laughed.

She grabbed my hand and said “Why don’t we go to shower, clean our body and have dinner?” I said, “Yeah, let’s get clean”. She stood up and guided the way to shower. As she was walking, her ass cheeks were bouncing. No man can resist from spanking those ass cheeks. I am not an exception; I spanked her right cheek with my hand. She was shocked, but enjoyed it. She pulled me closer to her back and walking to the shower. On our way to shower, she was intentionally pushing and grinding my cock with her ass cheek. Once we entered into the shower, she adjusted the heater level to moderate. The hot water felt really good on our bodies. I said, “let’s clean each other” and took the shower gel on my hands. I stood behind her and started with applying the gel with breasts, stomach and then pussy. Meanwhile, she took the shower gel, brought her right hand to my cock and started applying the gel on my cock. I was squeezing her breasts with my hands and she was rubbing my cock. I softly told her, “This is so called ‘Play while Work'”. She laughed loudly. Her breasts were completely covered with lots of foam and I took my hand down to clean her pussy. I slid my fingers between her lips to clean them. It was wet again, not with water dripping from shower, but with the dripping juices from her pussy. My cock was fully erected and she was still rubbing over it. She raised her left leg to the rim of the tub to let my hand caress her pussy completely. She grabbed my hand and guided it to rub her clit. When I was rubbing her clit, she was shaking her hip to increase the pleasure. I knew she was on her edge as she was rubbing my cock faster with the other hand. I pulled my hand away from her pussy and told, “I will cum at any time if you rub my cock furthermore”. She replied, “Me too”. I turned her to face me and told, “Let’s stick to the plan”. She grinned and said, “Ok”. We cleaned ourselves in the shower and came out shower. She gave me a towel and I rubbed my body with it. I was going to tie the towel on my hip. She pulled the towel and said, “Tonight is going to be all nude night. No clothes are allowed on us”. I raised my thumb and said “Deal”.

She had prepared Italian Pasta and grilled Salmon fish. She opened the wine bottle which I brought and served it along with the dinner. We quickly finished our dinner. I told, “Dinner tastes yummy as you”. She asked, “Thank you, but which one is better?”. “No doubt about it, you win over anything”, I replied. She smiled and kissed me gently. I rested on the couch while she was cleaning the dining table. She asked, “Would you like a desert?”. “What do you have”, I asked. “Ice cream”, she replied. “I would definitely like it if it is on you”, I said. “You naughty”, she said while walking towards me with ice cream box in her hand. She sat on my lap, gave me the ice cream box and said, “Anywhere you like it”. I opened the ice cream box, slid my two fingers into it and took some ice cream. I covered her both nipples with the ice cream. “Oh my god, it is so cold”, she said. I held her left breast and started licking ice cream on her nipple. I covered her left areola with my mouth and twisted my tongue over nipple to lick the ice cream. Once I cleaned the ice cream, I sucked her nipple. She moaned, “Suck it, suck it harder”. My cock started erecting. I moved on to the other breast and did the same. She asked me, “Did you like the desert?”, “I loved it”, I replied. “Why dont we go to bed?”, she asked. “Im totally in”, I grinned at her. She grabbed my hand and walked towards the bed room.

We both knew that we were ready for hardcore fuck. She laid down on her bed and told me, “I want to feel your hot cum inside my pussy”. I was surprised that she did not want to use condom. I also did not bother as I knew she always keep her safe. I saw her pussy was soaked with her juices. I pulled her to the edge of the bed. She had her right leg folded inside and raised her left leg to rest on my shoulder. The sight was incredible and her pussy was inviting my cock. With no further delay, I hold her left leg with my hands and pushed the tip of my cock into her pussy. I could feel her pussy flesh what I have been missing in all these days. I stroked couple of times with just my tip into her pussy. “Fill my pussy with your hard cock”, she commended. I slid my fully erected cock deep into her pussy and pulled out. “Oh my god”, she moaned. I repeated couple of times and started pounding her pussy with my cock harder and faster. Every time my cock deep inside her pussy, she was squeezing my cock with her pussy. I felt it as heaven. She was moaning heavily, “Yes baby, harder like that”. The harder I fucked, it started making slurping sounds. She was rubbing her clit while I was fucking her. Her eyes were half closed and her face turned to red. I knew she was enjoying it. I slowed down after few strokes and pulled out my cock. It was sticky and completely wet with her juices. She opened her eyes and stood up.

She asked me to lay down on bed. I knew she wanted to ride me as she enjoys cow girl position a lot. I too like it as I love to watch her breasts bouncing while fucking. She knelt down over my hip, took my hard cock in her hand and guided it to enter into her pussy. Again my cock was completely inside her pussy. She started riding me and her breasts bouncing up and down. She was squeezing her breasts and nipples with her hands while she was riding harder. I knew she wanted my hands to squeeze her breasts. When she placed her hands on her thighs, I filled her breasts with my hands. I squeezed her both breasts and nipples. Both nipples were completely erected. But she was still moaning, “Harder baby, harder”. In every stroke, her ass cheeks were hitting on my thighs and it sounded erotic. After few strokes, she slightly leaned towards me and lifted her ass cheeks few inches from my thighs. I knew what she was planning. I must tell that she is a pro in it. She started pounding my cock as fast as she could, just by moving her ass up and down. To add more pleasure, she was squeezing my cock with her pussy lips. She must had noticed that I was on edge to cum. So she slowed down and started grinding my cock, just by moving her hips front and back. “Do you like it?”, she asked. I replied, “like? ah, I loved it”. She leaned to my face and rubbed it with her soft breasts. I grabbed them with my hands and sucked her nipples. She stepped down from her position and she grabbed my cock along with my nuts. She was squeezing my nuts while she was sucking my cock. When she done, she looked at me and said, “Im your fucking animal. Show me the animal in you”.

She crawled into middle of the bed and was crouching on her fours. She pulled her right ass cheek to show off her both holes and shook her ass cheeks. I knelt down behind her and pushed my cock into her pussy. I was holding my hands in her ass cheeks and stroking my cock into her wet pussy. I started slowly and increased the speed. As I increased the speed, she was moaning loudly. She rested her head down on bed and started rubbing her clit with her right hand. The faster I fucked, the faster she rubbed her clit. She was moaning loudly, “Yes baby, just like that. Dont stop it”. I slowed down after few strokes; she lifted her head and brought her hand back to its position. She started moving her hips front and back and was squeezing my cock with her pussy lips. My cock started throbbing. I knew I would cum soon. I asked her to turn around and lay down on bed as I wanted to see her emotion when I cum inside her pussy. She put a pillow underneath her ass and spread her legs to have a happy ending for the wild fuck. I slid my cock into her pussy and started stroking faster. After few powerful strokes, I told her, “Im Cumming”. She told, “Hold for few more strokes. Im on my edge. Let us cum together”. My strokes became harder and faster and she moaned heavily, “oh my god, oh my god. Give me your hot cum. Fill my pussy with your cum”. I told, “Im Cumming”. She replied, “Me too”. I came inside her pussy. She moaned, “oh my god, I feel your hot cum flowing inside my pussy”. I collapsed on her. After few minutes, I pulled my cock from her pussy and laid down aside her. The mixture of her juices and my hot cum were leaking out from her pussy.

She said, “Ive never been fucked like this. You are the best. You made me feel like a queen. Thank you”. I replied, “Its my pleasure. I could never forget this night in my life. I always cherish this moment even if I moved out of this apartment”. She turned towards me and asked, “Are you planning to move out?”. I replied, “All of my friends moved to another city and I do not stay alone in a 2 bedroom apartment. So Im waiting for the lease to expire next month. Im planning to join with my friends in downtown”. She said, “I have an idea, if you are interested”. I asked, “Whats that?”. She replied, “Once your lease expires, we can share this apartment. I also cant afford to have 2 bedroom apartment. It will be helpful for me as well. For outsiders, we share the apartment. But, inside home, we share the bed. What do you say?”. I was thinking and she repeated, “Only if you are interested”. I told her, “Who will say no to this? Im just counting how many more days I need to sleep alone in my current apartment”. She laughed and told, “You naughty, you can move in anytime you want. And it does not mean that we are in relationship. We are just friends with benefits”.

Needless to say how my nights are spent with Alicia. Did I tell how I met Alicia? Let me share the experience in next story.