Fucked My Girlfriend After Break Up With The Help Of Her Mother Part I

This is RAVEESH basically a football and cricket player from Tumkur. I am 6 feet guy with a gym body and having a dick of size 8″ and girth almost 3/4th of my wrist . The story i am going to tell about is my girlfriend RACHANA( name changed for security purpose). It was around 2009 she proposed me that she loves me . she is around 5.5ft ht very milky colour and was very attractive to see with marginally big boobs compared to her slim body. our classmates always feel very bad that such a beautiful girl was sold out. after committing to her we used to roam in city on my bike. It was oct 6th my birthday that day i turned 18 years, she invited me to celebrate my birthday in her home at 12 midnight.she was having her room in the third floor , after entering that room if we lock that room then no one could come there.

I went there around 12.30 and entered room by climbing adjacent building. i cut the cake and switched of the light. she was wearing a top and shorts. we slept each other on single cot. as she is virgin she refused to undress in the dilute street light entering from window. then i closed curtains after begging her for longtime she opened her top. she was wearing white color bra, i was stunned to see her milky white body glowing even in darkness.

I opened the bra sucked her boobs. She was enjoying the situation without opening her eyes. Then i removed my jeans and shirt and also her shorts . Her panty was wet, i kissed it . She hold my dick on my jockey and asked me that she want to play with it. i told its all yours. After some times she opened that and became speechless. she told that i never expected this much big cock , i am sure this will not penetrate my pussy.

After that she took it in mouth but only 1/4th went in as it is very big. Then i asked her for sex , for that she said not now, i will ask u on my birthday 3 months later from that day. As i am very innocent agreed her words on one condition to masturbate me after removing her panty . she did it so i was in heaven . i was stunned to see her red and bulged pussy with juices coming out. Then i came out around 4 o clock at night and went my room in adjacent street… i was eagerly waiting for her birthday but to my hard luck she broke our relation as her parents came to know that we are loving. Her father was bank manager working away from TUMKUR and used to come here 15 days once. She ,her mom and her younger sister stay in home.

I was very much disappointed by that incident and cursed myself for leaving her on that day. almost 4 years have been past , now I am doing final year engineering in SIT, tumkur . She is also doing her engineering in DAYANAND SAGAR Bangalore. My luck turned when i meet her sexy big booby mother, almost same color of daughter, in my brothers marriage. since my high school days her mother used to talk to me as i am brilliant student, i have scored 613 out of 625 in SSLC.

That day she collected my number even me too. after 15 days she only called me and enquired about my education . like this it went on for 6 ,7 days. i know she is sex starved as her hubby is having one more set up in his working place (told by her daughter while she is loving me). Then i asked her one day , aunty what do you say about me.

For that she replied in hurry that” you are very handsome , you have broad body , good student” and also told that my daughter is very lucky to have you and she will get every pleasure by you. for that i replied that aunty we have broken 3 years back only and she could not believe it. Then i msg her that I LOVE U aunty . For that s i did not get reply , i was scared that what might be happen. may be around 2 o clock she replied ME TOO . i felt that i won the world at 2 o clock and was happy. then i called her no and said her that aunty i am still virgin , can u make me a man now itself. For that she told that come to my home now i keep open the door and my 2 daughters are sleeping in room on 3rd floor. I got ready and went there in 15 min and entered into home . i cant believe my eyes as she wore silk saree and all jewels.

She said that can we celebrate our first night??? I said yes and took her to bedroom ,already AC was on there… She smiled for a moment and told me that you are really dared to propose a married lady . for that i told aunty i used to masturbate on you. She ran towards me and hugged , said i love u very much . she removed my night pant in a flash along with jockey and kept hand on her mouth. she said i have seen 2 cocks in my life one my hubbys other my BFs and this is as big as those cocks put together. in next moment she ran downwards to pooja room and brought pooja materials and worshiped my erect cock. she dropped her pallu while doing pooja , then she kept those away as i hold her melons.

I removed her blouse and bra , sucked boobs for 15 min, then thrown her on to bed and unwrapped saree to see her white petticoat. she untied that too and she wore no panty. hairs are sorrounded like bush. she made me to sit after a wall in bed and came over me and started to fuck me by going up and down in good speed . i was heaven . she used to say ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh dont shake your body sit as if , i did so , after 10 min her pussy became loose and she slept widening her legs on bed saying fuck me darling.

I saw juices were flowing out her pussy. she took my cock in her mouth and i exploded into her mouth. she satisfied and went for washing. she came after 5 min and hold my cock in her hand and smiled and said your stamina is great as your cock is still hard even 45 min session , shall i fuck u again , i said yes…… i will tell u how i fucked her older daughter and also her younger daughter with the help my aunty in my next parts………. any girls ,women, divorced aunties around Tumkur, Bangalore can contact for secret relation with my monster cock that you never ever seen in your life. give your feedback at / /