Fun At Exhibition Part I

Hi friends This is my 1st story, so if you find any mistake please ignore. My name is jay and I live in new jersey USA. I am 59” and my age is 38 with average body and I am working with a big multinational in sales department and traveled across the country. you can mail me your response on / / Anybody in USA can contact me for my services.

This story is a real incident happened few days back when I was attending an exhibition in New York. I was representing my company over there and we have an exhibition booth with all the products and a small covered pantry inside the booth.

This story is between me and one of the Indian female from one of our distributor who is sharing the booth with our company. Her name is Neha and She is around 36 54 ht and with all grown up asset. As you know that when you live in abroad you always get closer to your country mate so did we. We talked to each other on the first day normally about company and personnel life. But the real incident starts on the second day. When we entered booth in the morning we greet each other and I saw that she is trying to talk with me something. But because of the presence of other people she was not able to and then during the presentation and attending visitors we had chance to touch each other and we both like it and keep on trying to get close to each other as all other are foreigners and they are busy with their life. And for eating something I went to pantry and I was eating some snacks there and I saw that she is also come inside after some time as there was no body in the pantry except us and the space is also very congested.

And suddenly the carpet stuck with her shoes and she fall on me and I hold her in my arms and I dont know what happen we remain like that for some time and my hands are on her back and she was standing close to me silently. Then I heard that somebody is coming to we get separated from each other. But she didnt move far. Then I came out side. I felt very good even she enjoyed it. And after that we tried to touch each other throughout the day and in the evening she said that if I can eat dinner with her as she was alone staying in hotel. I said sure then we proceed to her hotel and after reaching hotel she said she wants to freshen up I said me too. She said that she will go 1st then we agree and I was watching TV sitting on her bed.

After some time she came out with a lovely party gown showing her curvy body and the entire asset. I appreciate her beauty and she had a very nice perfume and she is simple looking very awesome. I went inside the bathroom for a shower and I saw her bra and panty was kept there. I pick and the smells from her undergarments are awesome. Then I shag myself and had a shower and came out. She was waiting for me outside and asked in a naughty manner why I was late.

I didnt answer just gave her a smile back and then she we talk on personnel things about sex and life over all. She told me her sex life is not that good and she didnt even had sex since last 2 years. I got surprised because she is so beautiful then what is the problem she said her husband is travelling a lot and came once or twice in a month.

Then we are talking like that for some time and at around 7 pm I asked for a dinner she said she also feel hungry so we went for a nearby restaurant as I know some good restaurant there. We are walking on the street and our hands are touching each others hand. As I started liking her so I thought to go ahead so I slowly hold her hand in mine she looked at me and gave smile but didnt resist. I got encouragement and then we walked like that till the restaurant.

We had some drinks and then a nice dinner. Then I told her that we will take a walk before going to hotel and then I will leave for my home after dropping her at hotel. She didnt say anything and then we started walking around the street holding each others hand. It seems she like me too and slowly she put her hand on my waist and I was holding her from shoulder and we are walking like that talking to each other. Then she asked me if I can stay with her tonight as she was feeling lonely in New York and as we have to go to the exhibition tomorrow also. I said I have to inform my family and then I called my home and said that I am not coming home and staying in the city with my colleague.

Then we reached hotel and entered in her room and sit on a bed side by side close to each other. Watching TV. Then she said she was tired and her body is paining. I offered her a massage . she said no as she was feeling shy, I said we have to attend the exhibition tomorrow and if we are tired we will not able to look good and fresh. I insist her for massage she agreed at last and said only legs back. I said ok and told her to change the dress to night dress and then we will start. She went inside and came with short fancy night gown. I was amazed because she was looking so beautiful and dick was getting hard inside my pants. I said I didnt have my night cloths and I need to change otherwise I cant wear my suit tomorrow. She said she had 1 more gown if I want I said ok as only we are here. Then I change my self but the gown was not as per my fitting so I told her that if she dont mind can I remain in my undergarment. She said she dont have any problem.

She was really gorgeous. Perfect body, prefect dressing sense. She was in short night gown, kept her long hairs open. In fact, I told her to come like that. Must say, she was looking damn gorgeous..

Let it be any female, they have some amount of shyness, when they want to expose their body to an unknown person. Though we were comfortable, she was still bit shy to take off her towel after she finished her bath.

I made her sit on the bed and started massaging her shoulder & neck region to make her more comfortable. I made her lie on her stomach, started massaging over the gown to give her more confidence. I did that for few minutes, and then came the reply from her,jay take off the gown now. She loosened a bit, then I took off her gown and covered her ass. She had got body lotion.i rubbed that on her body, so that some heat would be generated during massage and that makes the person who is getting the massage feel more relaxed. I poured some lotion on her back and started the massage. (There was soft music being played in the background, with aroma candles lit in the room). I first massaged the spine region and spread the lotion to other parts of the back.

As I was on her back and my dick was rock hard inside my boxer which is touching her ass when I was going up and she was moving her ass to feel. After massaging back I told her to turn so I can massage her belly & tummy region, I went to her breasts & started massaging those. Her nipples had become hard. Without second thought, I used my tongue and circled her nipple region and bit it. A soft wild moan escaped from her mouth. While I was sucking one of her breasts, I massaged the other using my one hand and with the other hand, I was fingering her belly. I did the same with the other one too after sometime.

She start moaning slowly and said jay it is lot of relax and she is feeling good and told me do it everywhere.

I said then I have to remove your undergarments, she said do whatever I have to do she just want to enjoy this and want to fill the emptiness of her life. She just want to enjoy tonight.

Her moans had increased. I inserted couple more fingers of inside her vagina, and started to massage every part of flesh. I kept doing this for the next 15 mins, all of a sudden without any warning, she had an orgasm. But, that didnt stop me. I kept doing more and more. This time, I also got my tongue involved during the massage of her vagina. She was moaning a lot. Then she told me to come on 69 position and she just gulped my dick in her mouth and sucked like icecream I was enjoying and moaning too..

I did it for around 20 mins sucking each others parts and then she said she cant control now she wants my dick inside her and I rubbed my dick on her vagina and slowly inserted inside the love hole she was moaning high. Her vagina was tight and I was enjoying every moment and we were doing that for 30 mins and then I asked her where should I released she said I can do it inside and I did . in the mean time she was got her orgasm 3 times. Then we slept nude with each other and wake up in the morning. We feel so fresh and she said she never had time like this before and wants me stay with her tonight also but I said I have to go home and I will see if I can make it tonight she said ok and we went to our exhibition and enjoyed their in exhibition by kissing and touching each other and evening I left eary for my home and informed my family that I have to go back and stay there with my colleague as we have to reach early at exhibition. I get my suit and rush for new York as it is just 20 mins from my home. I called neha and informed her that I am coming to stay with her tonight she was thrilled and said she is very happy. I will write in my next story how we have enjoyed on the second day as we are prepared fully for the fun.

I will write the next part after getting your responses. You can send me your response on / / Anybody want to have fun, massage or relationship in new York and new jersey, mail me back and please keep sending your response to encourage me.