Episode 44 Kirans Adventure

In the last episode, Sowmya was blackmailed into having sex with Reddy. Though the two had enjoyed a lot, Reddy was often drifted in thoughts of Kiran. Off late he had not been so much satisfied with anyone else, as much he had been with Kiran. And since the day Kiran had silently disappeared, he had been longing to get her back.

Kiran too, in the meantime, had cured her guilt with a little help from Dr. Roy, and was now eager to get back and get laid by Reddy. And while she waited, she enjoyed her last days in her hometown, to the full. She had already met Dr. Roy twice for some private sessions, and those had been equally fruitful and pleasurable. And she had started feeling so relaxed and bolder than she had been feeling before.

And now she was never been short of finding opportunities to have fun. Just the other day, she was planning to go and visit her best friend from college days. Before leaving Kolkata, she thought it will be great to spend a day with her best friend, and so Kiran had called her to plan if they could spend the Saturday evening together. But unfortunately Kiran’s friend was not at home, as she had left to visit her mother and was spending the night there. But she promised to come back on Sunday, and they could meet up in the Sunday evening.

It was a perfect plan, Kiran thought, and then hung up the phone. However now there was nothing she could have done on Saturday. It would have been great if her friend was at home, and then she could have visited her over and have some nice gossip and fun. Thinking about her, Kiran’s mind drifted to her husband too – he was kind of cute. And then suddenly a mean idea struck her.

Arindam – Kiran’s best friend’s husband – was alone at home. His wife had gone to her mother’s place for the night, and he was left back alone. He was taking a small drink, and watching the Discovery Channel, when the bell rang suddenly. It was 7 pm, and he was not expecting any visitor. He left his drink at the table and then went to answer the door.

“Kiran! You at this time?” – asked a surprised Arindam, seeing her at this time of the evening and that too when his wife was not at home. “Yes I was hoping to see Sangita” replied Kiran, she knew very well that Sangita was away at her mother’s house, and she had actually came to meet Arindam. Arindam opened the door, allowing her to come in – “Well come in, but I am sorry that your friend is not at home”.

“Oh! Isn’t she?” Kiran pretended to be surprised and tried to look embarrassed. “Wait, I will call her” Arindam said, not knowing how to handle the situation. “Please, don’t bother, she will feel bad, let her enjoy, I will just leave” she replied, but hoping to be stopped and invited to spend some time.

“Wait, No, I mean don’t just leave, please come in, or your friend will feel more bad when she comes to know about it” said Arindam, trying to be very polite and inviting her in. “Are you sure? I don’t want to bother you” Kiran said hesitatingly, but in mind she wanted to spend some time with him, alone. “Not at all, I too was getting bored, I will have some company too” replied Arindam, and then the both headed for the living room.

Arindam poured her some cold drink and the two sat at the couch, making small talks. However Arindam couldn’t help but notice how sexy Kiran looked. She had dressed that way intentionally – in a tight top which left her cleavage exposed, and a black skirt. Kiran too realized that Arindam was noticing her dress and especially her cleavage, and she just hoped that he would pick the hint. He was just so cute, and Kiran had drooled over him so often.

Finally after half an hour of small talks, and when Arindam didn’t make any obvious hints of anything else, Kiran didn’t know how else to seduce him and decided to leave. “Well, I think I should leave now” she declared, after finishing the cold drink. She had tried a lot to flirt with him, she had mentioned how she thought her friend was lucky to have found such a cute husband and all, but nothing seemed to have worked till then.

Though Arindam did ogle at her at times, he didn’t make any attempt to lure his wife’s best friend. And then finally when she wanted to leave, he looked quite cool about it. ‘What a waste’ Kiran thought as she made way towards the door, led by Arindam. “Well, that was fun” said Arindam, after reaching the door and turning back towards her. Kiran smiled – “Hope I didn’t caused much of a problem” she said.

“Not at all, you gave me company while your friend left me alone” he said jokingly, to which Kiran turned around and responded – “Well what are friends for?” she asked, and then took a small step towards him. And came very close to him, and looked back into his eyes with a burning desire. Arindam who had already holding the door, left it as both of them suddenly got caught in some magical spell.

Kiran rose on her toes and held his face, Arindam too put his hand around her waist – supporting her, and their faces came forward and suddenly they started kissing each others. Arindam had been checking her out for a long time, but didn’t give any hint for the sake of her wife, but now all of that was forgotten and he held her close and rubbed his hand around her waist and ass.

Kiran too, wrapped her hands around his neck and enjoyed kissing his lips. He had been drinking before she had come, and so his lips still tasted of the fine scotch, and Kiran felt very aroused from that. Arindam then pushed her back at the wall, and making her lean against it he started pressing her breasts, kissing and sucking her lips more passionately.

Pcccchhhhh.. pppchhhhhh… pppchhhhhh… the room was filled with sound of kissing and sucking each other lips, and tongue. After some minutes of continuous kissing, Kiran felt her hand brush against his erect cock, and she immediately decided to take matters in hand. He just had to pull his shorts a little, and his cock sprung out in the open. It was quite large, she was not sure whether it was as big as Reddy’s, but it was definitely quite large and thick. She immediately squatted down, and started kissing and licking at his cock.

She held it at the base, and then started sucking it willingly. “Oooffffffffff….” Arindam let out a sigh of pleasure, as Kiran continued sucking his cock, right there at the door. She used his hand to stroke it too, while sucking at the head. Often she would take it out from her mouth and then stroke it, and lick at the sides, or the balls, and once again would take it in her mouth and continue sucking.

And within a few moments, Arindam was trembling with pleasure. He was not able to just keep standing while Kiran kept pushing him to the edge. He just bent down and the pulled Kiran up on her legs. “Let’s go inside” he said and then started kissing her lips once again as they headed back inside.

Both of them got back on the large red couch in the living room, and continued kissing each other. Arindam wrapped his hands around her and then pulling her almost on top of him, he pulled up her skirt to feel her bare skin beneath. And they continued kissing while Arindam fondled with her ass, and thighs.

His cock was still erect and dying for attention and Kiran once again held it and started sucking it like before. This time Arindam was seated on the couch and Kiran just bent forward and sucked it. “Mmmhhhhhh… I had been dreaming to suck this cock for so long” she said while sucking his cock. In the meantime, Arindam had reached behind her with his hand, and was rubbing his hand on her ass crack. Her skirt was pulled upwards and she was wearing a thong inside which left her ass exposed.

They continued like that for the next fifteen minutes. Kiran sucked and licked his cock and balls, while he rubbed her ass and often brushed her pussy. But then he stood up, and started undressing. Kiran was still sucking his cock as he took off his tee, and then let the shorts too to fall off from his waist. He was now fully naked, and Kiran looked at his body with her lust filled eyes.

But this time, Arindam made Kiran lie down on the couch instead, and then lifted her skirt up completely and pulled down her panties. He himself went down on his knees, while Kiran spread her legs wide to open up her cunt. Arindam pushed her legs even further and then bent forward and started licking around her cunt.

“ohhhhhh shittttttttttt” Kiran shouted as a tremor ran down her body. And the more he licked around her pussy, the more she shouted and moaned. “Oh… you are so sweet” said Arindam, “Your friend would have never let me lick her cunt” and he continued working his tongue on her clits. “Oooohhhhhh myyyy goddddd…” she was trembling in pleasure by then. Arindam had pushed her right to the edge and she was struggling to keep her composure.

“Ohhh no… ohh nooo.. ohhhh no… ohhhh noooo” she continued moaning as he continued licking at her pussy. “Mmmmmm… ohhhhhhhh soooo sweeettttt you taste…” he remarked in between licking his cunt with his tongue. She had already started leaking some pre cum, and he had been licking those with pleasure. “ahhhhh… I cannt.. I cannnt take it anymorrrrrrrrrr… pleassss… fuck me pleassss” she continued begging at him but he just continued sucking her pussy.

“Ohhh pleassss… I am gonna cum… pleassssss… stopppp it” she shouted as she was on the verge of her orgasm. And immediately Arindam replaced his tongue with his fingers. “OOoouuuuuuuuuuuu” she moaned harder as he pushed his fingers in her cunt, and almost immediately she started coming. Arindam continued fucking her hard with his fingers, and making her squirt out in excitement. And Kiran, just closed her eyes and lied there, squirting her juices like anything.

By the time it was over, Arindam just stooped over her, looking at her body with a satisfying grin on his face. Kiran was breathing heavily, her chest rising and dropping rapidly – she just looked back at him and whispered, “Fuck me pleasssssssss”. Arindam smiled and immediately bent forward and pulled down her top, exposing her breasts. He then quickly removed her bra and started pressing and sucking those round globes.

“Uuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” he was surprised to feel the sweet taste of her milk. She was still lactating after the birth of her child. Something which Arindam didn’t knew and felt a pleasant surprise. He then continued sucking her breasts and tasting her sweet milk. Kiran opened her legs wider to allow him come even closer, and his cock slowly started rubbing against her wet pussy.

Aindam too felt that how much she was craving for his cock, and so carefully positioned his cock to enter her. And while he continued sucking her tits, he pushed his cock deep inside her. “Ooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she moaned at the ultimate pleasure of getting her cunt filled with a thick cock, and then continued moaning as he continued sucking and fucking her at the same time.

“Aaaaaa…. Annnhhhhh.. annnnhhhh…” she just moaned on and on and on, and he just kept fucking hard and hard and hard. Soon Kiran lost count how many times she came, but she still found herself ready and craving to come more. Arindam too was fucking her hard by now. His strokes had grown harder and harder, and he was banging her with all his power.

“Oooohhhh… ohhhhh… ohhhhh… ooohhhhh..” both kept on moaning as they closed on to the last climax. Arindam kept up his speed and vigour all through making her come for countless times. And once again, for the last time, the two came together. Kiran’s legs were trembling with pleasure and exhaustion as she gathered the last of her strength to keep on going. And while Arindam filled her up from inside with a massive load of his sperms.

Kiran took a deep breath, and then relaxed as she thought it to be over. But Arindam, even after coming in her just now, continued fucking her. “Whhaaat are you doinggg… pleassss stoppp…” Kiran begged. “I cannot take it any more… pleassseee” she begged repeatedly and was on the verge of breaking down in tears, but Arindam continued fucking her.

“Naahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she just burst into a loud moan as her body gave up and she just lied there while Arindam kept fucking her. Kiran was no longer in her senses, her friend’s husband had fucked her out of her mind. And she just stared upwards in a state of delirium, while Arindam kept fucking her, and she kept coming in an endless spree.

By the time it was over, Kiran was completely fucked out of her mind. Arindam had at least came inside her thrice. Not all at one go – he had fucked her twice continuously, and then once again later while she was still there and willing. Kiran no longer had any energy or power left to get up, and so Arindam carried her to the bedroom, and she was in no condition to go home that day.

Later at the night too, she was in that delirious self, and Arindam just couldn’t help but take advantage of that. He had fucked her twice again before it was morning. And by the time she had left, her pussy was completely sore, and her body pained like hell. She also had bite marks all over her body, the result of Arindam’s animal instinct. After finishing the bottle of scotch, he had become all more cruel and brutal.

He had bitten all over naked body, sucked her hard for her milk, and also bit her nipples hard. She had shouted and moaned loudly throughout the night, and he had fucked her hard throughout. She was in pain, but she loved the way he had treated her, and pleased her. Her pussy was sore, but it also had come so many times that she had never experienced before.

Back to her home, she just thought about her husband, Gautam, and wished he too was just like Arindam. But then her mind diverted to Reddy, and she was once again happy that she was returning back soon, and will be united back with him. Reddy too possessed the same passion as Arindam. And she smiled in her mind and thought what they might have been doing Gautam, Reddy, and others back at her original home in the Prem Niwas.