First Night With My Co-Worker Part I

Hello friends,this my second story which took place 2 years before when i was in Mumbai for an official tour I am Sarhad 34 and You can contact me on / / Before i proceed kindly send your comments so that i can be able to write you as many as epsiods that take place in my life. As i have to attend the project meeting with the Clint after two days and the project was given to a lady (Anjali) for completion , her age was 26 , slim with good figure married 6 months ago.

The next day when i came to office i called that Anjali and enquirer about the completion of project i was very much upset and angry to hear that she has not completed the project even to 70% . I called the office in charge Mr. Gupta and told him to cancel the meeting but Mr.Gupta told me its impossible to cancel the meeting as the Clint is waiting from last 7 months and it will be a problem for our company too , then i decided with Mr.Gupta what to do he said please do anything we cannot loos this Clint as the project is very heavy and we can get good benefit from it Mr.Gupta promise me that he will shut out the lady from her services right now.

I called Anjali in my office and asked her to give me all details and files of the project, she in no time handed over all the files and reports to me , and i started working on the project well this day and next day was there to complete the project and i know i can do it. It was lunch break in the office and everyone was busy in lunch but i was busy with my work and in between Anjali came to my cabin with tears in her yes and start weeping and saying sorry to me , she was looking dam sexy with white shirt and black pant her boobs where coming out as she was weeping , i told her to be quit and tell me what is the problem she told me that Mr. Gupta has fired her from the services and she is in need of the job very much as her husband is not feeling week and is admitted in hospital.

I straight away wasting no time asked Anjali what service she can provide me to if she wants the job, Anjali moved out of the cabin and i started my work again, it was now 6pm i was still in office and staff was leaving one by one and its was now 8 pm Anjali came into my cabin again changed herself in sari she told me that she wants the job and can provide any service to me , as she has visited her husband in hospital and told him that she is busy in office as their project is incomplete.

I told Anjali to pick all files and send them in my car she called peon and told him to keep all the files in sirs car and tell driver to be ready , i told Anjali to accompany me and we went for dinner in a good hotel and from there we went to my flat which is 3 bk flat. I told driver to call me in morning before coming here to pick me up. We moved to lift of the building Anjali was looking towards me and to my bulg which i was having in my pant as soon as we reached to lift it was 12 as we entered in lift i put my hand on Anjali back and she did not move i just gave a little slap on her bumps and door of lift opened .

I opened the lock of the flat and Anjali was having all the files in hand we entered in our flat and i went to my bedroom and changed to my night suit i told Anjali to change she went to bathroom and changed in t-shirt and skirt which she was having in her bag.

Anjali was standing near a window i came nere her from back and put my hand on her shoulder she take a deep breath and said please save my job i told her you job is secure and you will get promotion if you satisfie me full , as my long and big dick touches her ass from back she took her hand and got hold of my dick and turn her head and said Anjali:- Your dick is very big and seems heavy I:- Have a look you will come to know

She was rubbing my dick and i was very hot now and started removing her t-shirt . she was in a pink bra now and in skirt slowely i removed her skirt and there Anjali was in pink panty and in pink bra. Anjali moved towards me and we started kissing each other i pick Anjali in my arms towards bed room and i put her on bed and came on bed Anjali removed my trouser and t-shirt as soon as Anjali saw my dick she was in a shock and told me its very big and thick i told her dont worry you will love it.

After that i was kissing her and she was kissing me in between she had her first orgasm now we were in 69 position and i was near to come and came with heavy flood in her mouth she cleaned all the come and was now on the bed facing me i told her that today night your promotion is due she smiled and told me that tonight you are going to pump my pussy hard i know , and you are having very big tool as my husband is having only 4 inch long and it seems you are having 10 inch long dick.

I told her you will enjoy it as we were talking she was rubbing my dick with her thyees and with her fingures in no time my dick came in action and i started kissing Anjali , well she came to knoe that i am ready she was asking me for my tool I mannage my self in between her legs and keep tip of my dick on her pissy hole and i gave a little push she cried its very thick i pushed further she cried i will die i pushed again and she start weepin i pushed the last stock and blood start flowing she was crying i was full in her love hole.

I was feeling that my dick will burn inside her love hole she was so tight i did not move till 2-3 min till she got relife , now i was making little move in and out but she was in pain i start fucking her slowly she was in pain still and was telling me you dick is big it will tear my pussy take it out its like a pole take it out it will damage my pussy after some time she was relexed and was telling me that she loves my cock and want it everyday and now i start pumping her hard room was full of sexy sounds which gave me more energy to fuck Anjali hard , after fucking her in different styles for 2 hours it was time to fire my milk.

I told Anjali i am ready to shoot she requested me to shoot inside her pussy i told her she can be pragnent she said i want shoot it inside and i shooted my loads in side her pusy. rest in next eposid how i fucked her and how we completed the project. Till then send your commets and if any lady intrested may kindly mail me everything will be scure. Waiting for your mails.