1st Experience With My Love

Hi to all my readers this is Harry presenting his 1st story expressing how i took the virginity of my ex.

Talking about me i am harry form Ahmedabad living in Jodhpur for my course in B.Sc. I’m a proud owner of 6″ long tool; average body, but attractive personality.

My ex was quite towards fatty side but i liked her huge 38 size boobs and enjoyed them to my max. We met in our college and became close friends with passing time as we lived in hostels which were in college campus. We used to spend a lot time having night talks and slowly our friendship turned to crush. Looking right time i proposed to her to which she accepted.

Things were going smoothly with some usual fights like in every relationship. During one of such fights i asked her to meet me, at collage terrace after the collage was over. As decided we met there and there wasn’t anyone to disturb us. While talking and we came so close to each other that our body was almost rubbing to each other. I looked into her eyes and could see lust in her eyes. I slowly placed my hands over her waist and pulled her closed. She was shocked to see my advances but smiled and placed her head on my chest. I hugged her tightly feeling her body to its max. We departed and i held her chin and looking into her eyes kissed her lips. Her eyes were closed and were responding to my kiss. She was playing with my hairs and i was caressing her back. My tongue was exploring her mouth and she was passionately sucking it.

Rubbing her back i brought my hands between us and placed them over her boobs. She let out a deep breath as i pressed them hard. I still remember the scene, open sky and no one to disturb the kissing lover. It was our 1st time. I left the kiss and started kissing her cheeks neck and cleavage. I was sucking her boob over her cloths and pressing the other.

To our disgrace i heard someones footsteps and we got separated. Somehow we managed to escape. Whole night we had our 1st sex chat describing to what would have happened if we didnt control.

Time passed but we never got any chance until the friendship day. We planned to meet up at our friend’s home who leaved in a pg. It was me my gf and he and his gf. We met up in the afternoon itself had a bash with beer alcohol dance and cake. She was down with 2 beers.

We were hugging each other and getting cozy in front of our friends. Suddenly my friends gave an excuse and left us alone. I locked the door and looked at her. She was standing and looking at me fully drunk with her hands spread to hug me. I ran towards her and hugged her tight and started to kiss her neck cheeks cleavage and all over. We smooch deeply and wildly biting each other’s lips at times. Without wasting time this time i raised her top and took it off. There was my love standing in her black pushup padded bra and jeans trying to hide her assets. I slowly took her hands apart and smooch her again. Was pressing her boobs harder this time…

I stopped my hand on her pussy and looked at her face she was scared but smiled trying to hide her boobs. I bend down and separated her lips. Pulling out my tongue i licked it all over. She couldnt control and tried to push me away with her legs but i was firm and started licking it like a melted ice-cream. I suddenly entered my 1 finger in her to which screamed hard. Listening to it i got more excited and started finger fucking her and licking at same time. She was shaking and moving like a dying fish and suddenly squirted on my face. I licked her allover and was laying on her.

She kissed me all over and said she felt like heaven and loved me the most. I again sucked her boobs for few minutes and then i was kneeling between her legs. I took off my jeans and was standing naked in front of her. She was feeling ashamed and hiding her face with her face. I held her one hand and placed it over my tools she got scared and left it. She was so scared that she tried to get away but i held her and laid on her rubbing my dick over her bush and sucking her lips. When she was again under control i kneeled between her legs and placed my dickhead over her pussy lips.

With one hand i spread her pussy lips to its max. She seemed scared more. I pushed my dickhead over her pussy lips. She couldnt take it screaming hard. I took it off and entered my two fingers and moved it all over. Her pussy was too tight to enter.

I placed my dick over her pussy again and laid on her kissing her lips and trying to hold them with mine. I suddenly gave a hard jerk and could feel my dickhead pressing hard. She tried to scream but couldnt as i was holding her lips. I again gave a hard jerk and my half dick was deep in her. I could see tears in her eyes so i rested like that for few minutes. As she got normal i gave another blow and she yelled out loudly. She couldnt bare the pain and was pushing me away but i got fixed in her

After few attempt she left it on me and i started slowly moving my dick. Her pussy felt warm like steam and could feel some hot liquid covering my dick too. I started increasing my speed and gave hard and strong strokes to open her pussy. After a few minutes even she started enjoying and raised her ass with every stroke. Her boobs were moving with my every stroke. We fucked each other like that for around 30 min’s. As i was about to cum i took my dick and was shocked to see it red with blood i squirted allover her big belly. As she opened her eyes she shouted seeing blood on my dick and then saw the big blood spot on the bed sheet.

I calmed her down and hugged her she smiled and hugged me back more tightly and thanked me for being her hubby. We wore our clothes and i took the bed sheet in my bag.

My friends were still enjoying their time. She was not able to walk properly we got to the chemist and i gave her a pain killer and got back to hostel.

Hope you guys liked my story. There were many romantic encounter with gf would like to share if you encourage.