Train To Real Life Thrills Part II

Train To Real Life Thrills Part I is loved by all my regular readers, they are all eagerly waiting for the next part. Yes as I have told everybody that it is filled with thrills, let me tell you it has something else too. As a regular reader give me your feed back immediately so that I can incorporate your suggestions in Part III. Part II was ready but few suggestions of readers are included in this part. That is going to make this one more popular. For those who have not read Part I, I earnestly request theme to read it.

The link to it is here: For others, let me refurbish their memory. I met Sumati in train from Ahmedabad to Mumbai in twp tier ac coach. I helped them in settling their reservation issue with TC. If I would have not intervened they would have difficult time because her father mother in-laws were with her and her seat was not reserved.

We came very close to each other while sharing my berth with her. We went ahead of it and enjoyed the company. She was on the verge of breaking down mentally due to problems with her husband. I did show her my concern and solace her. I showed her the way and promised her to be on her side when ever needed. With my own intuition I said that everything will be alright in near future. Emotionally we came very close broke all barriers and enjoyed our first sexual encounter. She was very happy to have with me both physically and mentally. We didnt sleep that night properly. We got down at Borivalli, where Kishan was to come to take them home.

After getting down at Borivalli, we were waiting for her husband Kishan to come. I was very eager to meet Kishan, because my meeting with Kishan was going to open doors for my future meetings with my lover Sumati. If I cannot befriend with Kishan, my chances of meeting Sumati regularly would be very limited. I was determined to develop nice relations with Kishan. I have made up my mind to go with them to their house. I have planned to occupy my hotel room later. That will be helpful in developing relations with Kishan and will be able to meet him whenever I visit Mumbai again. During those visits I can persuade Kishan to opt for some other job or profession. I have also thought of giving him chance to develop his own transport type business.

The train left the platform and most of the passengers fled from the platform. We were having unending things to chat with each other. Sumati was sarcastic about future meeting; she was seeing no way to meet again. I was trying to convince her “Will, will find a way”. Her pessimistic thoughts were making her sad. I told Sumati that God has sure thought something positive about us, that is why he arranged our meeting in train. God himself sent TC to make us come closer. I was looking at her face, in day light she looked more beautiful. Her skin colour showed more glow. She was fairer than I thought in the train light. I looked at her figure she had perfect figure, not a pinch of extra fat anywhere on her body.

Sumati suddenly remembered and asked me, how much rupees you paid to TC? I have to return it to you. Sumati, is money so much important between us after our new relation? She was ashamed of her question and said sorry. But in our new relations do I have the right to ask how much you paid. I paid him two thousand rupees, was my answer. Her eyes widened, she said, you spent this much and did not utter a single word after you came back.

I changed the subject. I told her that if his husband Kishan is busy with something and is not coming I can take you people to the place if she is having the address. I asked her if Kishan can be contacted on mobile, she can call him from my mobile and ask him where he is. She said, yes that is good idea. She called him up from my mobile. After three four trials she contacted him. She came to know that he has gone for some urgent work since yesterday and cannot come before three days.

She gave the phone to her father in law who was asking for talking with him. Her father in law told about me in short and told him that Prakash will take them to home and not to worry and finish his work. He also told him that Prakash has treated us like family members and he sees his own son, Jaikishan in him, Jaikishan died before many years when he was young. Kishan was a small child that time.

He told him that Prakash exactly looks like Jaikishan. You were asking for photograph of Jaikishan no? You see Prakash and think that he is your elder brother. I will not allow him to go before you come back from job. He handed me the phone, after hi and hello, I asked him how to reach his home. He gave me few milestones and lastly told me to ask at one small restaurant.

I told the old man that normally I stay in hotel in Dadar, so after leaving them at their home, I will go to Dadar. The old man became emotional and told me that you are breaking promises very fast. Yesterday, you invited us to your home and today you are not coming to our house. How can we come to your place in Ahmedabad? May be our house is small, you will have to bear with that but our heart is not small. I have no other way but to go with them.

I called a coolie to take baggage. They were insisting to take all of them own, I denied for that. Coolie and Sumati were ahead of me and her in-laws. I was looking at the back of Sumati. I felt proud to be lover of this gorgeous woman, whose charms the world cannot understand. She was a gem covered in a rag. She was the owner of perfect body. Her ass was perfect but not too much protruded. Above her ass, I could not find any layer, which normally a mother of one child will have, may be because she was a hardworking woman at home.

Her arms and legs were thin and beautiful. Her arms were seen but her legs were not seen due to her sari, but I know about her legs, which I have caressed lovingly at night. I knew they are thin. Sumati was looking behind after few steps, whenever she looked back, she found me looking at her only. We used to exchange smile. I knew a gloom was hidden in her every smile. I told myself, Prakash you have to remove gloom from the face of your lover, it is your duty.

After reaching out of station we took a taxi for Kandivalli. I located their place with lot of trouble and asking many people in the area. It was like a slum only, except there were many brick work houses also. Their house was little bit the same. It was like a row house but with just a room and covered veranda, such units rented to many people. Theirs was a corner house with little more privacy than others. Others have common passage; theirs was on road side opening. From veranda they have to step on the road itself.

All baggage was kept inside. I looked around; the only place available to sit was the wooden bed with mattress. I sat on it. The oldies retire on a mattress in the veranda cum kitchen. The inner room was more specious than veranda. Extra bed can be spread on floor, the problem was only privacy. Otherwise the room size was not a problem. I was wondering how can I spend the night at this place, I was more wondering while thinking that how can I enjoy the closeness with Sumati at night at such a place?

I asked Sumati to allow me to stay at Hotel, so that it can be comfortable for me as well as for them. She put a finger on her lips and signalled me to keep quiet in the matter. She told me in low voice that she will arrange everything as per his wish and he will be happy to stay over here. She told me that even if his husband was there, sleeping over here was not a big problem. I kept quiet.

I finished my morning rituals. After bath, Sumati offered me lots of breakfast which they have brought from native and big glass full of milk. Later she told me to take rest before going out for work. She reminded me that we have not taken rest at night properly. I looked in her eyes and told her that, you are pampering me. Due to her insistence I slept on the wooden bed for an hour or so. I was suddenly wake up feeling uneasy. I was rewarded with a nicest good morning gift.

Sumati was over me, she was sitting on the edge of bed and her upper body pressed in me. This was very soothing to me and my fatigue. I needed more sleep but work pressure can hardly allow me to sleep. I looked at the watch it was about 9.30. I started caressing my sweet Sumati on her back, I felt it to be like a partially wet towel or something. She raised her face looking at me. She looked beautiful I could see her glowing face.

I took her face in my palms and looked at her beautiful glowing face. She looked very happy. I put my lips on her lips. She opened her mouth to allow me take her upper lip in my mouth. I took her upper lip fully in my mouth, she allowed me to explore it. She caressed my head, when she extended her arm I could see that her arm was naked up to her shoulder. I put my palm over her shoulder and start caressing it. While my lips were busy sucking her lip, my one palm was caressing her shoulder, from there my palm glided to her back.

I could feel her bare skin which was little wet and cool. I extended another palm over her another shoulder. I started caressing another shoulder; from there I let my palm glide to her back. I understood that she was bare at top. She was wet means she had come from bathroom after a bath. I have not seen this beautiful woman fully unclad or her full glory in pure day light. That clicked it in my mind. I asked her where are everybody? She told they just now went to neighbours and they will come after an hour.

Hearing that, I removed the cloth which was covering her upper side. Wow, that was the towel which she had come covering herself from bathroom. I pulled her on top of me; she pulled her legs from floor and let herself come over me on the bed. She was wearing the pretty coat and nothing else. I took her fully in embrace and started kissing her face. I showered kisses all over her face. She was enjoying it but still she was tired of suffocation due to numbers of kisses in few seconds.

Her palms were caressing me. We turned in such a way that she was flat in bed and I was over her. I was able to see her beautiful body in full day light. I was mesmerized seeing her beauty. She is not just gorgeous she is beautiful, cute, well built; her age could not be guessed from her structure and skin. My kisses started to trail from face to neck to her left shoulder and from there to her upper arm and from there to her forearm.

I took her palm in my hand and showered kisses over her palm, which was showering her love over me from her caresses before few seconds. Prakash, Prakash, Prakash, my sweet love. Oh Prakash you are making me mad. Prakash you are giving me so much love. Prakash, Kishan has betrayed me; I know he is going to drive me out from his house.

I left her palm and started kissing her waist, from there my kisses started their inward journey. Her palm started caressing my hair and head. Her fingers started playing in my scalp. I kissed around her naval, I caressed her naval, it was lissom. Her pretty-coat strings were hanging out. I pulled the shorter string and try to pull it down. She helped me to lower; it came up to her thighs. Her triangle was visible.

I started kissing around her belly button and started caressing over there. Her belly button was very beautiful and clean, I licked in and around her belly button. She held a bunch of my hair powerfully as if want to pull them out from their roots. May be licking her button was unbearable for her. From there I went southward. Her pretty-coat was no more required, I pulled it down, and from there she removed it by moving her legs.

Her torso was beautiful; I kept looking at torso and from naval to thighs. It was like a beautiful art work of creator. I kissed everywhere over there. She widened her legs, as if wanted to show me still beautiful places. My God, She was clean and beautiful. I started kissing and licking her thighs and all around her triangle. Sumati started moaning with my name. It was like oh Prakash, aah Prakash and hmm Prakash.

I settled between her legs. Her legs were fairer than any part of her beauty. They were lissom. I caressed them; they were little folded from knees. Caressing her beautiful legs itself was a matter of great pleasure. I kissed both her thighs one after another and caressing the other while kissing the one. She loved it, I looked at her face, and she was smiling. Pure pleasure and love for me was written in her smile.

I lowered myself to give her the ultimate pleasure. I caressed her triangle, caressed her slit, and caressed her outer lips. My lips were inches away from her lips. She shudder before my lips touch there, her legs were shaking. I kissed her slit, kissed on left of slit, kissed on right side of slit, kissed above the slit, kissed below the slit, kissed her slit again. I started licking her slit. Sumati again shout oh Prakash, aah Prakash and hmm Prakash.

I widened her slit and the tip of my tongue invaded into her inner folds. She widen her legs more, I held her thighs by encircling my arms around them. I licked and licked her inner folds. Her lebia-minora, her opening and little inside were in touch with my tongue, making it unable for her to bear. She was slowly moving her head from right to left and again right. I brought my one finger over her slit and started caressing at the top of her slit with my finger and giving little pressure over there.

I was sure her g-spot must be located under it. While playing over there I opened buttons of my night suit shirt. For her, things were getting beyond her control and she was enjoying the pleasure. I knew she was about to convulse. I widened her slit more and tried to push my tongue deeper by making my tongue tip harder by folding it vertically. She stiffened while shouting my name repeatedly without ah and oh.

She locked her legs keeping my head between them. Her legs were on my back. I laid there quiet waiting her climax to subside. My mouth was still over her slit and rewarded with love juices from my sweet lover Sumati. After a while she softened and let her legs loose. I cleaned her outer pussy with last licks. Her palm was again in my head holding my hair in anticipation of something.

She thought I may open her slit again, but I didnt do it. I kissed all around her triangle and then little upward. I caressed her waist and kissed her belly button. I removed my shirt and pulled down my trouser which was fixed on elastic only. I removed my knickers too; my stiff iron rod was freed from its confinement. I caressed my rod to confirm its full erection. I was now face to face with my sweet lover Sumati. I smiled looking at her. She smiled and took me in tight embrace.

I showered kisses on her left chick and her neck, where my head was nestled due to pressure from her. She also kissed my chick and neck on my left side. I raised my face a little to look at her. I looked in her eyes; she was intently looking in my eyes. She said, Prakash you know how to make me happy. I put my lips on her lips and kissed her lips just a little and again looked at her beautiful face. I was mesmerized with the beauty of this woman, with whom I have fallen in love.

I was with her since last thirty hours or so, but I have not seen beauty of her face from this much proximity and this much intensity and this much eagerness. I again kissed her chicks one after another. I looked in her eyes again and kissed her forehead. I kissed her eyes. I kissed her chicks one after another. Slowly I started kissing her left neck and from there to her shoulder. I raised her arm and sniffed her armpit. Her womanly smell made my hormones boil. I kissed her armpit and from there directly went to her busts.

I moved face over her busts. I looked at the beauty of the pair. I kissed the nipples one after another. I started licking her left nipple, at the same time I held my steel hard cock and started to caress my cock head on her slit. She widened her legs. She was dripping wet; I pushed my cock head on the slit. The cock was not moving further, I looked at her, she moved her lower part in such a way that my cock head got in direct contact to her opening.

I pushed myself again, the cock head was engulfed by her slit. I pushed again and pulled and pushed again. I was now fully engulfed in her womanhood, it was a matter satiating me physically and mentally. It was like beginning to melt with a person with whom you are in love. I stopped all other love making. I looked at her face, her eyes were closed. I caressed her face, caressed her hair, and caressed her head.

She opened her eyes and looked at me, her face was glowing with pleasure and her eyes shining with content. She smiled, I said, Sumati my love, again said, Sumati my love. Her eyes were blinking slowly as if confirming my words. She brought her hands on me. She started caressing my waist and my back. She brought her one hand forward and caressed my face. She let her palm glide from my face to my neck and from there to my shoulder. She caressed my shoulder.

I said Sumati I am lucky to have you in my life. I kissed her lips a little and started my to and fro movement in her. My steel like rock hard rod must be giving her little pain. I caressed her face and asked do you feel alright or I should adjust a little. She smiled looked in my eyes and said, Prakash you are very caring. She took my face between her palms lowered my face and smooched my both lips, she was sucking my lips as if sucking a lovely mango.

My saliva dripped in her mouth. She sucked it and widened her mouth to let me explore her mouth. I pushed my tongue in her mouth. She took my tongue in her mouth and started enjoy salivating it. My cock jumped in her love tunnel with happiness. I made to and fro movement while fucking her mouth with my tongue. She pushed her tongue in my mouth; I started sucking it and continued my slow in out motion.

She started showing her pleasure by showering kisses over my face and moaning in between with my name. This was the greatest happiness for me. Giving pleasure to lover itself is the greatest happiness of life. Suddenly she took me in her tight embrace and showered me with mighty kisses. I stopped moving, thinking that she is convulsing. She murmured in my ear, that was a small climax, this was due to pure happiness.

I pulled and pushed again; I took one of her nipple between my lips and started making love to it. First I treated it as if chewing an eclair. Slowly she started to breath heavy. She started caressing my head and giving little push as if saying, suck me more. I started to suck half of the boob in my mouth. I left that nipple and took another nipple in mouth and started sucking it and slowly increased the intensity of sucking it.

Slowly I took half of the boob in my mouth and started sucking. While treating one with mouth, I started kneading another with my fingers, and some time started caressing and pressing it with my palm. This was more than the limit of tolerance for her, she started moving up from down. I started giving mighty strokes and at the same time sucked her full boob in the mouth. In my mouth it was like a vacuum suck. Her nipple was touching my throat.

She was trying push back her convulsion to enjoy more and more. I started giving mightiest strokes to my lover with intermittent caresses and kisses on her face and again sucking the boob with the same suction power. All my hormones were at boil and all my nerves were ready to explode, but I was avoiding to surf them to make sure Sumati climax before me.

I slowed down the strokes to prolong, and started making love to another boob while kneading the first one. My slow down didnt work and I was on the verge of ejaculating, I again increased my strokes and sent my first wad of hot love making semen. The same time she also lost the track and suddenly shuddered with mighty convulsion. She too climaxed before my second wad spray in her. We both took each other in tight embrace and try to feel each other fully.

Every time my wad reached her womb, she used to press me more in to her and tighten her legs around me. This sent such signals to my nerves that, more and more wads were coming as if unending. We came side by side and kept our bond intact for quite a long. I am not sure, but I took a nap for a while too. I found her caressing me lovingly. I looked at her and said Sumati my love, that was fantastic.

Sumati said Prakash you are my love. Please tell me one thing, if Kishan drive me out, will you keep me with you? I promise you that I will not disturb your life or your wife, just give me your love and care. Remaining things I will manage of my own. I will work hard to earn money for me and my daughter. I caressed her face and head and said, Sumati believe me Kishan is never going to leave you. From now onward you will be loved by your two lovers, Prakash and Kishan. She gave me more kisses for my words, which touched deep in her heart. Later we separated and got ready.

Later I was ready to go out for my work. While I was getting ready she was keeping herself around me like a newly wedded woman, who was to get separated from her husband for the first time after honeymoon. While leaving her house she clad me tight and said I will be waiting for my lover to enjoy full night with him. I was happy to hear her words. I asked sure you will manage it today?

She said, why just today? I will have you for all the three coming days. We both will have three satiating nights that is my promise she said. I told her that I will be back by 8 or 9 pm. She told me not to worry, even if I come later than that. I asked if she and her in laws can join for dinner with me in some good restaurant in Kandivalli.

She told me that she will prepare nice dinner and wait for me. When I went in the market, I was filled with energy and worked force fully. One of my business friends told me, Prakash you look like a storm today. He was right; I finished three days work in one day. I was eager to return sooner, however I could not reach before 8.

When I reached home, I found a beautiful housewife in Sumati. She had adorned herself in a nice way. She looked much more beautiful and inviting. Her hair were tied in a knot, but I can feel that they are shampooed well and loosely bound. She was wearing nice smelling white flowers of jasmine in her hair. She was wearing a beautiful sari, which was revealing her real beauty. I was astonished to see her beauty. As if a beautiful house wife waiting for her husband at home, adorned her beauty and alluring her husband to keep her happy at night.

Her parents have finished their dinner and gone to someone in neighbourhood. We had nice dinner prepared by Sumati. I praised her food making art, and told her that I would love to eat food prepared by her daily. She joked to employ her at my Ahmedabad house. I told her that it is very big and she alone cannot maintain it. She bats that she can handle all work of her own. I was prepared to pay her hefty salary if she wanted to join, but I couldnt dare to say it. I said, I will take you to my home someday.

After dinner, I lay in the bed wearing the same dress which I was wearing in morning. After finishing work in kitchen, she came in and sat next to me. I took her hand in my hand and looked in her eyes. She also looked in my eyes. We did seat like that for couple of minutes. Suddenly she pushed herself in me. We both took each other in embrace.

We kept the embrace intact for some time to satiate our souls. When satiated we loosened the embrace and looked at each others face. I put my lips on her lips and started to kiss. This time she started to show her expertise in kissing. She pushed her tongue in my mouth and started to explore. I kept on sucking her tongue till then. When she pulled her tongue back, I pushed my tongue in her mouth, she started sucking my tongue. I started fondle and suck her upper lip.

Our hands were busy exploring each other. I tried to feel her back and her shoulder. I let my palm glide up to her upper arms, which were very soft and pliable. I went downward to feel her forearms and palms. Our palms met and cuddled in to each others. I started kissing her face and went up to her neck. I inhaled her body odour. She smelt something special with jasmine in her hair. Smell of shampoo and her sweat all mixed up to make me mad to have her again like in morning.

At the same time someone was at the door knowing the metal gate. She stood up and went to door to open it. Someone had come to leave her mother in law. She welcomed her mother in law. I stood up and went near her and folded my palms to fare namaskar. She gave me good wishes. Sumati inquired where papa is. Her mother in law told that he will be sleeping at their house to facilitate space for the guest.

Sumati said, why we should disturb others. We can manage it here. She held the hand of her mother in law and took her near her bed which she had prepared near wooden bed in the room. As it was little more cool she covered her with blanket from toe to head. I asked why she is holding her like that. She told me that she is having eyes problem and hardly see even in day light, so at night they take more care.

Sumati went out to meet her father in law. She came back after some time. Her father in law was with her. She made her to lay himself in bed in veranda. She covered him with a blanket from toe to head. She told him that you sleep at this place, I and mummy will sleep on floor, and the guest will sleep in the bed. I went near the old man and said namaskar bending myself near his feet. He blessed me with good words. I found that he was also having problem of vision. His hand was away from my head, while blessing me.

I laid myself in the bed. Sumati slept next to her mother in law on the floor. Before laying herself in bed she signalled me that she will come to me later on, also signalled me to sleep well till then. I was waiting for Sumati to come; sleep was nowhere near me. I was tired waiting for her for an hour. I fell asleep dreaming about her. After midnight she ventured on my bed. She raised my blanket and crawled inside. Her jasmine filled odor made me awake.

I took her in embrace lovingly and started showering her with kisses without making noise. I was hearing the high pitch snoring of both the oldies one by one. Both were snoring in rhythm to each other. When the noise from one stop another will snore high. Some time the noise mixed with each other. It was amusing but was very much beneficial for us.

I started caressing my love; she was stuck in me like a fevicol bond. Her physical pressure to bond in me was showing her mental attachment for me. I was pleased and aroused to know her attachment for me. I increased my intensity of making love to my beloved Sumati. I kissed her lips and kissed her chicks one after another. I caressed her face and caressed her head. I caressed her nap.

I pushed my tongue in her mouth and started to explore her sweetness. She eagerly tasted me; we were exchanging saliva with each other. I started caressing her face, and caressed her head, caressed her hair. I caressed her nap and from there let my palms glide to her upper arm she was soft like butter. I started kissing her neck, kissed lower to her cleavage.

While kissing, my one palm was caressing her curves and going southward. I raised her gown to caress her thighs. My touch to her thighs sent a shiver in her body; I raised her gown more and more to take it off. She helped me to remove it and soon started opening buttons of my shirt, while she was removing buttons, I pulled down my trousers.

We took each other in full embrace to feel whole body skin to skin contact at leisure, in the morning it was in hurry. We were behaving like newlywed lovers. Some time she was above me, some time I was above her. We were both smooching and kissing each other everywhere. She was careless about making noise. When I looked at her mother in law, she told me that both will sleep sound till morning under the effect of their regular medicines.

While making love to each other we both were trying to overpower the other and come above the other. She was over powering me easily when I was getting engrossed in feeling her lovely figure and curves. Some time I was kissing her between boobs and some time smooch her boobs. I didnt want to leave a trace of her skin without my kiss. She was reacting with equal grace and cares to shower her love over me.

Our wrestling continued till she was tired. When she was tired, she suddenly straddled me with all her might. She was above me and making love to my face looking in my eyes. I asked her, why are you making this much love to me? You are very sweet, she replied while adjusting herself while guiding my erect manhood to invade in her.

I pushed myself a little. She was fully aroused and wet with all my efforts of making love to her. I was engulfed in her. My cock reached to the maximum limit. I looked at her, her face was showing her pleasure. I caressed her face, looked in to her eyes and lower her face. I murmured in her ear, you are sweeter than me. She started making up and down movement. I started giving matching strokes upward to match her few strokes.

She was looking gorgeous above me. Her hair were messed, the white jasmine flowers tied in her hair knot, and her boobs looming over me, as if inviting me to be ravished, were making her more sexy. I recalled her face when I first met her in the train. That time she looked like a village woman covering herself fully in Gujarati sari. That time a sophisticated person like me cannot be attracted towards her physically. Now this womans every act was catching my attention and attracting me for her charms.

I started caressing her face, caressed her neck and nap. I held her with my palms on her both shoulders. I lower my palms and caressed her busts; I gathered both the tennis ball sized boobs and caressed them lovingly. She understood my wish, she lowered herself. I brought them near my face. I try to hide my face in the softness of both. She helped me by lowering herself as needed.

It felt soothing, I kissed them, tongued them to gather. I leave both and held just one. I started making love to one with my lips, tongue and mouth, while savouring another with my palm. She moaned with pleasure and started to increase her to and fro movement at the bottom. Some time she was grinding herself to maximize her pleasure. I continued sucking one nipple.

At the same time I pushed my palm between us and started to glide my finger in her hole along side of my steel hard manhood. Based on previous experience, she understood my next move. She allowed me to let my finger probe inside. She started to increase the pace of to and fro movement. My finger was moving at the perfect place and I was massaging her g-spot slowly.

She increased her pace suddenly and reached the peak, she had shattering orgasm. She filled my palm with the sprinkle of her love juices. She was spent and fell on me, but she was still shivering due to the intensity of her orgasm. I pulled my palm and started to caress her with both my palms. She started cooling down. I took her face in my palms and showered kisses over her chicks, lips and many other places on her face.

She raised herself a little and looked in my eyes. She asked me, where you have taken me to. I was in another world for time being, she said. I will love to take you there every now and then for all our remaining life, I said. She caressed my face, kissed my chicks, lips and forehead. She said, I also wish the same, but I dont see any such possibility in near future. I said, I will try to manage it somehow, if you co-operate me. She kept looking in my eyes lovingly.

I brought her down and pulled her again in me, we spoon cuddled in each other. I was still hard and in her. We accommodated each other perfectly. My face was in her busts, my head pressed and held by her tightly. I kissed her where my face was and smooch her loving breasts. I held her buns with my one arm around them and pushed myself deeper and pulled to push again.

This was a perfect position to carry on a long love session. She was on my right side. My right hand was pressed under me, I brought the palm of that hand near my face and brought right boob near my mouth to suck it. I first kissed and licked it thorough, took the nipple in my mouth and started sucking it like a child. She adjusted herself to make more room for me. I increased the push in and pull out movement. I went on sucking her boob. I used to salivate it with my tongue to make her ask for more when I used to move my face over it.

Soon she started to match my strokes with her strokes. I took away my left arm from her buns and took hold of right salivated boob and started moving my thumb over her wet nipple. At the same time with left hand I held her left boob and started sucking it and pleasing the nipple with saliva and tongue. I increased the intensity of push in pull out movement. She held my buns to keep the movement intact.

I was full of pressure and the increased intensity and sucking of boob and caresses to them made my pleasure reach at the pick. Her moans and murmuring of my name made me to break the barriers and started shooting my load into her. She held me tight, soon I took over the charge with arms around her, her arms around me and soon we turned in unison making her flat on bed and me on top of her. She wound her legs with my legs.

We were pressed into each other to become one. I was gasping for air and she was breathing high due to her final orgasm. We fell spent like that for quite a long, just enjoying the afterglow of great love making. We were able to hear the high snoring of Sumatis in-laws combined with their voice of breathing. We were quiet for very long, we were not dozed off, but just kept laid into each other calmly. Slowly she first started caressing my back lovingly.

I raised my self a little. Her eyes were wide open and stuck in to ceiling. I raised myself more and looked at her boobs, caressed them lovingly, continuing the caress I looked at her and asked her you will feel lot of pain over here later on. She looked at me but didnt reply. I caressed her face and said, it seems you are in deep thoughts. She looked at me; I asked her are you thinking about Kishan? She nodded; I asked what are you thinking?

Where will he be this time? I am always worried about him. Though he has stopped relations with me, and I am afraid of him about leaving me. Some time I see my future as dark as a closed room, without windows. I got down from her, she pulled a big piece of clean cloth from back side and pushed it between her legs and wound her legs. I pulled her to my side; we were again face to face. I let my legs surround her body. She pushed her lower side in me. Her boobs were touching my hairy chest.

I said you stop worrying now on wards. I love you too much. I can do anything for you. I will become his friend and make him understand to leave this job and come towards native and settle there. Hearing this she pulled my head in her busts and pressed. I love you darling too much. I love Kishan also. I love you equally well. He has cared for me too much in past, these days he keeps away from me. I dont understand him. You have shown me the other world of love in these two days.

I pulled out my face, went little up, face to face with her again. I started to give her kisses. In between love making to her, I told her that, I will make arrangements to settle you people in Ahmedabad. I want to see you happy in your life. If Kishan settles in Ahmedabad I will be happier to see you happy with him. We discussed many things about this. We enjoyed our skin to skin embrace while talking to each other. We also discussed about my life and my wife, who is sick since last ten years. We kept our embrace and chatting intact till we heard first movement in the street.

We parted with last smooches and kisses. She brought a pair of panties and bra from cupboard wears them before me and then wears her gown. She slept next to her mother in law. I also wear knickers and night dress. We fell asleep for a couple of hours and then heard someone knocking the metal gate. Sunita shouted my name and asked me to see who was at the gate. I went to the gate and opened it.

I found a crowd near the house. I shouted her name and went near the crowd. A tall dark man like a goon came near me and asked who I am. I told that am relative of Kishan. He told in my ear that Kishan died before three days. I held his collar and asked him who talked to us on phone before a day? He said I talked to you. Because it was in police firing before couple of days before that, we could not tell you the truth at that time. We got the dead body before few hours and from there we came here directly.

Sumati was standing near the gate and she was hearing everything. I told him to talk to her. He went near Sumati, her father in law was also standing with her. He explained everything again. The old man fainted. Sumati started weeping and running towards street, I spread my arms to stop her going any further. She was weeping, crying and shouting. It was very difficult for me to stop her. I held her tight and made her understand that I am coming with you.

She held me tight with her arms around me and her head on my shoulder, she was weeping. Seeing her in tears and mental pain, I can also not keep myself under control and started flowing tears from my eyes. I was totally moved from inside and decided to help her out in whatever manner I can. A dead body van was standing at the street corner, when we reached at the door she climbed the van she lose control on her self and fainted. I held her tight.

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