Sex With My Girlfriend Part II

Hi, Guys and Girls.. Am Shyam, age of 28 from Kerala. Am 5feet 9″ height with a curved dick of 6″.. My ID is / / This is other sex incident happened in my life. Like my previous posts this one also be little long. As am trying to express each and every moments. First of all Deep Thanks to all who read my stories and appreciated me, but some of them asked me for the Photos of MY girlfriends ,Please readers don’t ask me the contacts and other things of my Girlfriends, I wont share that ever, I am having some ethics. Those who are reading my story for the first time, Please first read my previous part of this story, then only you can understand this story.

Next day after morning class teacher said that today evening class wont be there as she want to go for some place. If anyone want to come and study can come the key of the room will be here only but make sure you have to lock it before leaving ok. We said ok teacher. I one plan strike my mind about using this opportunity. My friends said that they are not going to come rest of others also said like the same so I winked at Jisha, while walking from there to bus stop she came to me and asked why I winked at her, I said can you come at 2pm to here so that nobody will be there and we have enough time to make love. She said its not possible because she cant say half day leave in her school.

So I said to her take a full day leave so there wont be any problem na, she: how I can shyam what I will do or where I will go till 2 pm??

Me: oh that’s a problem na, ok can we go for a movie or some other place??
She: how shyam we are still in our uniform so its not possible, let we wait for some more time to get right opportunity..
Me: this is the right time dear if we left this then we don’t know when we will get like this..
She: but shyam just think what to do, how we will pass time till noon??

Me: ok we can do one thing, our teacher will go now so if we spent one hour then we can go to tuition class ok
She: for that one hour what we will do ??
Me: ok just let your friends go in first bus then we can go in other bus.

I told her to wait there for some time and went to my friends I told them that am not coming to school to so you can go and don’t tell to anyone that I came for tuition in the morning. They first not accepted that and started to ask me the reason for not coming to school, I told them that one of my friend will come now and we planned to go for a movie that’s why am not coming today. Somehow I made them believe me. So they moved to school I went back to Jisha, her friends also with her in bus stop. On That days operators in the bus will not allow too much students to enter the bus. So I winked at her and she managed to not enter the first bus as planned, then we both went to other side of the road and get the bus to opposite side and roamed in the town here and there not together but separate. After one hour we get back to the tuition class.

Everything was going smooth as we planned, so I told her that first you go to class I will come after ten minutes, she accepted my plan and went there. I waited for another ten minutes and moved to tuition. There was on one in teachers home it was locked, Jisha already opened the tuition room and went inside, when I entered the class she was sitting with a fearful face, I moved to her and sat near her, I asked: why you looks so dull? Whats the problem?? She: I am in fear about this what will do did anyone caught us from here? I said don’t worry dear no one will came to know about this and also no one is going to come here no so be relaxed

Then I went to close the door and came back still her fear not fully gone, me also have the same fear but didn’t showed that I took her face in my both hand and kissed on her fore head, she has some tears in her eyes, I told Jisha don’t worry, I am with you na so be cheer ok. She said shyam I love to so much that’s why I took this much risk in my life please don’t ever compel me to come like this will be the first and last time ok. I said ok that we can decide after some time and while saying this I made her to sit on my lap she is in her skirt and shirt, I started to kiss her in back of neck, ears, cheeks…

She started to moan ummmm, ahhhhhh by now her fear replaced with excitement. While kissing my hands were around her waist, slowly I started to pull her skirt with my right hand, ho her white buttery thighs made me mad at her, I placed my left hand on her left boob this is the first time am touching her boobs it big round and stiff her stats were 34.30.34 (later I know this) small hairs in her thighs were making me more horny.. I made her stand and turned her, now am standing in her back and started to un button her shirt with left hand and right hand was on the way to her pussy, she lifted her both hand and twisted around my neck, I started lick her neck and ears. We were in sex heat both of us are getting sweat.
Slowly I touched her pussy area over her panty rubbed slightly. She moved her legs little bit ny not allowing my fingers to reach her love hole.

So I took away my fingers and started to press her navel above shirt first then moved my hand inside of the shirt and put my forefinger in her navel, After some time again checked her and again placed my hand on her panty. This time she didn’t closed her legs. Then I started to remove her shirt, her boobs was packed in black bra, oh nice see those big boos trying to get out of her bra.. I kissed in the open part of boobs and tried to remove her bra, but its not getting opened so she helped me, now I started to suck her boobs she just kept her hand in my hair and pressed more to her boobs.

We kissed for about 20mins.We were completely lost in each other. Then I took her in my arms I put her on the bench and started removing my shirt. But she caught me and said she will remove my shirt and She started kissing my ears, lips, neck and even biting them. In a few minutes she opened my shirt. She started kissing and liking my chest. I was loving the feeling of her tongue on my chest. She started sucking and biting my nipples. I don’t know how to express my feeling in words that much I aroused by her act. I started moaning. I was holding her hairs. My dick was itching to be set free. She understood my problem and went down and made me naked. She was happy to see it.

She touched it and started to playing with it. Now she is sitting on the bench and I am standing beside her, I moved little forward, my dick touched her big juicy rose lips, she understood what I need, she licked the tip of my penis and tasted the precum ,its very salty shyam she said. I moaned by her lick, I was enjoying a lot and even she was. She took the whole of my rod inside her mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop sometimes making circles at the top with her tongue. It was giving me intense pleasure and I was moaning.

Suddenly I felt I was cumming and told her, then she stopped sucking and started jerk my dick very fast, I spurted my load on the floor and some on her hand, now she is playing with my cum which were in her fingers, I asked her : do u want to try its taste dear?? She said no dear I don’t like to taste that.. I didn’t force her to do so. Then I made her lay on bench and removed her skirt, ho god her pink panty was all wet by now, Slowly I slid her panty aside at her pussy lips region and rubbed her lips. She changed her expression in her face lightly.

I continued my act rubbing her pussy lips which changed her expressions widely.. Her pussy was covered with thick dense of hair, she didn’t like to shave her pussy. I started rubbing harder her lips. She started moan loudly uummmm aahhhaa sssss hhaaa, She tried to control her moan but she couldnt overcome this excitement. I started to spread her pussy lips and sucked her clit, while doing this I inserted my finger into her pussy hole. She jumped suddenly with a scream ammaaaa haaaaaa oohhhoo… But I didn’t care for her scream and continued to finger fuck her pussy faster. She started to enjoy and moaning.. I kissed her boobs. She took hold of my face kissed my lips and started rubbing my penis with her hands. She started to squeeze my penis.

I moved my two fingers inside of her pussy and rubbed G-spot, she could not hold long she bent her waist upwards and squirted her juice all over my hands, she is not stopping her bucking her waist, sweet liquid is coming and coming for some minutes, after some time she ejaculated all her liquids. I placed my mouth on her pussy and licked it clean while doing so she held my head tightly with her thighs, even I cant get breath for some time.

Then I lay above her and started kissing her earlobes,neck and giving her love-bites here and there. I started pressing her boobs to which she let out a huge moan. She was enjoying a lot and pressing me harder and biting here own lips and clutching the on both sides desk and sometimes scratching my back. I sucked her for about 20mins. After a few minutes She asked me to stop my act now and please sweetheart insert it inside. I positioned myself above her in a missionary position, I asked her to place her legs on desk each side, she did what I said. I put my penis in front of her hole and was teasing her. She was begging me to insert it..

I was taken aback and within a thrust I entered her. she screamed ahhha aaammma… ssss hhhhaaa. I kept my dick inside her for some time, and asked her how is pain now, she its ok now ,She closed her eyes and started enjoying.

She was enjoying and moaning loudly. I started to pump her slowly, my dick is fully enveloped by her tight pussy, its nice to hear that sound chalk chalk chalk while am moving in and out.. after 15 mins slowly I started to pick up speed, her hands were now on my back and legs were around my waist, she also started to trust me back by pushing her butts up in a rhythm, I understood she is nearing her orgasm so I moved little faster now and fucked for another 10mins by this time she came twice. I also started nearing my orgasm.

So I asked her where to unload my cum and she told me to come inside her as she wanted my seeds deep inside her pussy. I want to feel your cum in my pussy shyam …. Please take me to heaven… I was aroused hearing these words and started pumping her faster and within a minute we both climaxed together. As the force of spurt made her to reach another orgasm, we lay like that for some time, by keeping my dick inside her cunt, she said that she really did feel my hot cum inside her,

Later I asked her about her periods so told two days before was her period no need of any tension, I kissed her fore head and lips. Then we had our lunch which we took with us by sharing each other, after lunch we had one more round, then we left tuition class before 4.15pm, and went to home.. hope you enjoyed the story.. please let me know about your comments on my mail / /