Ahmadabad Guy With Girlfriend

Hello everyone, Ahmadabad guy is here. This is my first story so forgive me if there any mistake. My name is Dan (name changed) from Ahmadabad, Gujarat. I am 5.8 ft. I am fair in color and having good athletic body. I have done engineering and currently working in reputed MNC at Ahmadabad. Any girl or aunty in Ahmadabad, Gujarat want to talk to me or want to have secret relation then please mail me on / / Let’s not make it boring and come to story straight. This incident happen in my life one year back when I was in college. College life was awesome. One day I was checking my Facebook and connected to a Rina – My love (name changed) as a friend. Let me tell you about her. She is most beautiful girl I ever seen. She is fair color, 5.4 ft. height, Massive boobs 34D so that anyone want to squeeze her boobs. She has nice round ass. She is like sex goddess to me. I like her boobies very much. As a stranger we talk casually on that day. Our chatting last to 3-4 hours and ended with fixing next day meeting. Actually it’s a first date for us. Next day in evening we meet in McDonald and spend long lovely time there. Actually I am very shy type of guy so didn’t talk much. But that date was awesome for us. Day by day our conversation increase. We started talking on phones and text each other all day.

We became very close to each other. We are still friend but our conversation will change from normal talk to naughty talk. Slowly-slowly we started loving each other and one day I proposed her and guess what? She accepted. I was very happy. Now we started talking about sex related and started doing phone sex. It was very wonderful feeling for both of use. We use to bunk class and go in park, Cinemas and Shopping. Actually she like shopping very much. Whenever I see her I fell strong excitement to fuck her hard. We do kissing and smooching every day. Now we both can’t live without each other. One day in evening we go in cinema and I bought corner ticket for us. Once movie started I am waiting for opportunity to touch her. Suddenly there is one hot kissing scene in movie come. She became excited and turn my side. At the same time I look at her and put my one hand on her hand. She know what I want. So I started kissing her hand first then I took her head in my hand and give kiss on her chick. She also getting excited and directly kiss on my lips. Mmmuuuaaaaaahhhh…. what a kiss it was. Then slowly I place my hand on her boobs and press it softly. Wooooww… It is so soft like butter. It is so big that my full hand need to cover it. We lip lock for almost 20 min and at the same time I press her boob so hardly so that she bite on my lips. She started moaning slowly. I slid my hand in her t-shirt and started pressing boobs but her bra make difficult for me but I continue pressing. In intermission I go to buy some snacks for us and she went to wash room. After intermission we again started our game. This time when I push my hand in her t-shirt I found that she has removed her bra. I started pressing boobs again and she stated moaning again. After some time I put my in her jeans and her panty is already very wet. I put my one finger inside her vagina. As she is virgin it started pain her and I stopped there as there are some public in cinema hall. So we decided to go out. I drove my Honda car to some distance place where very less people are passing. On the way she is so much excited that she kissing me on my lips, chicks everywhere. Smooching while driving feeling awesome. I think everyone should try once.

After that I park my car beside the road. As it was dark outside so no one will going to notice us. I remove her top and sucking her massive boobs one by one for almost 15 min. her boobs become red by my sucking. Now I remove her Jeans and panty in one go. Now she was full naked in my car. Then she remove my Jeans and take my 7 inch monster in her mouth and give me good blowjob. She suck my cock like lollipop. I press her boobs at the same time.
Now it was around 10 min and I cum in her mouth. Her mouth is full with my sperm and she drink it all. Now it’s my turn to suck her vagina. I open her leg wide and sat between her legs and started sucking. First I just kiss her pussy lips and she became so excited that she started moaning heavily. Slowly I press my tongue inside her vegina and she became uncontrollable. She jump in seat in excitement and moaning like anything. Yeaaahh jaannn… suck it…. mmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. Suck it baby…. Suck it hard…. Yeaaaaaaahhhhh …… now I put my finger inside her pussy and she scream in pain… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa …. By that time she come twice in my mouth. She is really exhausted. I can see full satisfaction of this lovely time on her face. She is really very much happy. We smooch again mmmmmmmmuuuuuuuaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh… Then it is around 11 PM so we decided to go home as everybody at home must be waiting for us.
Next thing I will tell you later. Guys please mail me and give me your suggestion. Any girl or Aunty in Ahmedabad, Gujarat want to talk to me or want to have secret relation than please mail me on