Friend With Benefits A Real Story About A Woman I Met Online

I used to wonder if all the stories listed here are real or fake. I had this question quite a while till it happened real in my life too. I am 28 yr old clean working man with a good job, car and a apt to live in. I was not ready to settle down yet. I have high sexual appetite and used these forums and chat sites to fulfill my fantasies.

One instance I happen to meet this woman who became friend in a chat site. We regularly met in the same nick name. We were passionate in erotic chat that we became close and started to get to know the real names, and other personal details.

I am not sharing her real name but will call her Maya. She is married for 2 years and was staying with his hubby in Bangalore for 2 years. He left her for an onsite work for 7 months. She was staying with her maid as they bought the flat few months back.

From chatting with her I understood her frustration and desire for sex. One day I casually asked her if she would be interested to meet me in her place or mine. She did not respond. The next day while chatting she reminded me and said she would be interested but scared.

So i gave her the suggestion to have cam to cam session and see each other and then decide we have cam to cam fun. Believe it was awesome! Virtually enjoying each other; she is 34-32-36. Perfect. 4 days we had this fun and she was completely satisfied with my role-play that she wet her panties daily.

I told her about my tongue skills and by then we were so close. She asked me if I can come to her place. She had plans and has sent the maid to her native for a function.

It was a Saturday morning around 11 that I reached her apartment. She was wearing black saree, she was fair. So it was an awesome sight. She smiled and it revealed how excited and happy she was. She asked me to sit as she went to get some juice.

I could not resist and control. She was really beautiful and hot in saree. I followed her to the kitchen. I stood behind her. I think she knew I was behind but she did not react. I got closer and she would have felt my warm breath in her ears as I hugged her tight and kissed her shoulder. She liked it. She was quite. I kissed her neck. Her ears and started to lick the ears while my right hand was squeezing the boobs right hand was under her pallu over her belly looking for her navel.

I tuned her front and kissed her lips. He closed her eyes. I lifted her chin and kissed her lips and started sucking the lips. She gave up and opened her mouth and let me tongue fuck her tongue. She started moaning. My cock was already erect and was bulging in my pants. I pressed it against her thighs. I removed her pallu and saw her blouse which revealed a little bit of her cleavage. I kissed the boobs and unhooked the blouse and unhooked her bra. It was an awesome sight. She had perfect round aureola and dark nipples. Erect nipples pointing at me.

I took the nipple in my mouth and started sucking. She moaned. I licked her aureola in a circular motion and pushed the boob inside my mouth as much stuffing I could that I started suffocation. But hearing her moan I did not want to stop. She was enjoying. She hugged me tight and started stroking my hair. I liked it. I sucked very hard that she moaned in pain n pleasure.

I took my mouth out and kneel down and untie the saree and made her nude. I knelled down and kissed her shaven pussy. It was smooth wet. I lifted her left leg and rest over my shoulder and went between her legs. I let my tongue out and swiped open her pussy. She went crazy by the way she murmured. It all happened in the kitchen for your information.

I was fondling and fucking her pussy with my tongue. I grabbed her clit between my lips and started squeezing. All I can hear from her is moaning and “you are good. Damn good” it kept me going and started sucking harder that her clit was pulled out. She went crazy stared crushing me between her legs in pleasure. She squirted and drenched my face with her juice.

I lifted her up and made her sit on the kitchen counter and rested both legs in my shoulder and I came in between her legs and went again to drill her pussy with my lips and tongue. She moaned louder. I spread her legs wide and licked all over her pussy and rimmed her anal till pussy.

I unzipped my pants. She took the cock out and started stroking. She slapped the cock over her boobies. And took it in her mouth and sucked. She then started licking the cock with her tongue tip. It went for close to 3 min like a baby girl licking the lollipop. I was admiring her acts. I was so erect and it felt good. She climbed down and turned back with her hands resting on the kitchen counter lifting her ass. She wanted doggy. I let the cock inside her pussy and it went silky smooth. I guess she was damn wet. I fucked her rough n hard for 3 minutes till she moaned louder. She turned front and started licking the cock again. She spit on my cock and lubricated it and pushed it inside her pussy again. She wrapped her legs around my waist and started riding. I was holding her in my hands fucking her. It was an amazing person. I cant forget that awesome feeling. After 5 min I let her down and said I am gonna cum. She knelled down and asked me to eject cum all over her face. I couldnt control since it was an awesome experience. I ejected quite a load all over her face n boobs as well. I saw her eyes closed taking the semen and her lips licking. She used her hands to spread the semen all over her face and boobs and nipples.

She pushed me back and pulled me to her and kissed passionately like its the end of the world. It revealed how desperate she was for such a session. She had tears in her eyes. She asked if we can stop for today. She was happy that she started crying. I consoled her. Took her to the living room and sat in the sofa. She rested her head in my shoulders and after sometime she went to the kitchen, came back in saree with my juice. She kissed my forehead and said. She loved what I did and she wanted to do more next week.

I didnt want to ask her why we cant do today. Blah blah and take advantage of the situation. I was confident that she is happy satisfied and she will be ready next time. So I said I had a good time. Lets plan something later and go much more with a smile. She smiled and pulled me again and gave a passionate kiss.

I bid adieu. This happened last Saturday. I wanted to share with the fellow readers to see at least some one smile at the end of my story. Let me know if you have comments.