Construction People Try Their Luck Part I

“Susmita…can you manage a leave tomorrow?” Ajay casually asked just after finishing dinner.

Susmita too had just finished dinner.She looked at Ajay enquiringly……..

“Leave? Why any problem ? “She replied back…

Ajay who looked unusually sleepy today.. answered…”Yeah… a house broker called me up..said he knows an upcoming housing project……”

Susmita seemed eager…She said..”Ohh thats good….where is this housing complex…?”

Ajay was already in bed.With an half awake half sleepy voice..he said..”He didnt divulge any further details..wants us to meet him in his office..”

“Thats ok..but cant we both go after office tomorrow ? ” asked Susmita sitting in front of the dressing table.

“Darling..tomorrow i need to travel outside and waiting till Sunday wont be good idea..” Ajays voice faltered due to sleep and tiredness.

Susmita asked in a worried voice..”Ajay, u all right? you looking so tired today?”

Ajay smiled and said…”Sush…i m fine…. today was hectic as hell….cant you meet this house agent tomorrow ?”

Susmita smiled reassuringly “Its ok… I will manage a leave… u sleep now dear…. good nyt..”

Ajay kissed her hand as Susmita switched off the main light.

Life in the big city has been tough.Getting a proper house to live is tougher.The rented apartment the couple was staying was far off from both their offices and also Akashs school.They needed a new flat for sure.Thats why probably Susmita agreed readily to meet this man.Big city means land of house brokers.She knew this well.

Three months have passed since they moved here.Ajay as expected got busier than ever leaving him with almost no time to look after her or Akash.And sex life was almost non existent.But Susmita is used to all this.She got the real taste of sex when she was gang banged by Azim and company.That 2 hour will forever remain the best moment of her life.Still nowadays,she almost has orgasm just by recalling that days exploits.It may seem unusual but very often Susmita thinks…”How lucky I was to visit the bra shop on that day…” But thoughts are thoughts.On outside,she has continued to be a loving mother and a dutiful wife and also a successful banker.

The staircase led to a small but cozy office room.She knocked at the door and got an instruction from within to enter.The man seated inside was short, but looked extremely masculine and had an unusually broad frame.He was dark complexioned and had sharp cat like eyes.

Susmita asked…”Mr Badshah ?? ”

The man : “Yeah ..I am Badshah….How can I help u Maam ”

Susmita: “This is Susmita…..You called up by hubby…Ajay..regarding a flat…”

The man smiled… “Ohh yes …have a seat maam…..”

Susmita :”Thank you…”

Badshah :” So maam what you will have ? coffee or tea?

Susmita :”Nehi..Nehi….. Its ok..Thanks!! My hubby is busy with I had to come..”

Badshah :”Its all ryt….Just dont worry maam..”

Badshah could not help but ogle at her.Susmita as usual was looking stunningly sexy in a light green saree and black sleeveless blouse.Like always,the way she draped the saree made her look that much hotter.Badshah could easily make out the size of her boobs as the sleeveless blouse was playing hide and seek with her huge assets. / / Never ever he has come across a lady looking so slutty in a saree.

Susmita broke Badshahs gaze and asked him ..”So can I expect some details about the flat..”

Badshah. replied quickly..”Ohh..ok..This place is near western highway…flats are under construction… and will be complete in a couple of months time..”

Susmita seemed interested..”Thats fine..And may I know the price range..”

Badshah looked at her and said..”Maam this complex is absolutely awesome…swimming pool,community hall,gym..what not…

And so slightly on the expensive side……but the location is great…….”

Susmita listened patiently……Then added..”You didnt tell me the starting price..”

Badshah : “Its 35-36 lakhs….Considering the site..its really a good bargain..Look at these pictures How do they look ?”

Susmita was flipping through the pages of the Badshah got up from his seat and came behind Susmita.

“Wooooooow!! ” His eyes fell on her amazing blouse covered back and shoulders.The thin sleeveless black blouse was looking heavenly against Susmitas milky white skin.The deep cut blouse exposed a lot and even Susmita herself was not aware the blouse looked so sexy from back.

After careful examination,Susmita replied..”Yeah the pics looks good…I will tell Ajay to consider this..Mr.Badshah…”

Badhshah still ogling at her back..replied…”Thats good u liked it Bhabhi ji…..Any one will like it…..Anyways Babhi ji..u work some where?”

Susmita :”Yeah…I work in a private bank…”

Badshah looked enthusiastic…”Oh thats really nice… This means a house loan will be easy..right..?”

Susmita : “Presumably so…..”

Badshah:”Den maam if you have time….. why not visit the site today only ? ”

Susmita was hesitating a bit, but eventually agreed as she was excited to see the flats

The site was 40 minutes drive from Badshahs office.Badshah mentioned the car belonged to the builder of the construction project.During the 40 minutes drive,Susmita realized though Badshah was on the wrong side of forty,he was still a jovial person.They talked a bit about routine lives,family and other such stuff until the car pulled in front of a newly built housing complex.The complex was still under construction as few labourers were busy working in one section of what seemed a really huge complex space.

Badshah spoke to some one on his mobile and then said to Susmita ” Maam …. Chunilal saab is waiting for us in his office room”Both entered a make-shift office room situated at one corner of the complex.Mr Chunilal, the builder of the complex was looking with some files as Badhshah introduced Susmita to him.

Chunilal gave a warm smile”Namastey Bhabhiji…..have a seat please”Susmita gave a courtesy smile and sat down.Chunilal, looked probably the same age as of Badshah.He was a stout man of average height.He apparently looked decent,but his evil eyes betrayed that decency.

He looked every bit like a dishonest politician sitting on piles ob black money.Badshah started speakin”Chunilal saab..Maam and her hubby is currently staying at Vijay nagar….her hubby is busy with she herself would like to see things”Chunilal smiled “Madam ji…nothing to worry…..Its a first class complex…Just everything you will get here”Susmita said” Yeah…the area is quite large…..”Chunilal added ” Right…The area is larger than any other similar complexes…I hope you have time Madam ji….We show you every part of the complex”Susmita nodded ”

Hmm… it would be nice to have a look “The beauty of Susmita have already captivated Chunilal.His gaze continuously hovered in and around Susmitas blouse portion. Susmita tried best to cover as decently as possible,but the thin sleeveless blouse was never enough to hide her huge boobs.She said to herself ” I should not have worn this sleeveless blouse today”With Chunilal and Badshah,she had a nice look at the apartments.On a broad level,she liked the design and the finishing of the apartments.Simply put,she was impressed.The swimming pool and the ball room were also more than impressive.As they were passing the pool, Chunilal asked her casually “Madam aap ko swimming aati hain ? “Susmita replied” Yeah”Chunilal smiled peevishly ”

Thats nice…. you can hit the pool frequently then”Susmita gave a teasing reply “If only I buy then only naah ? If I dont buy I dont think Chunilal saab will allow me to swim here” she giggled.All 3 burst out laughing.Badshah gave a bold compliment “Bhabhi ji… if you come out in a swimming costume and wanted permission to swim , no male can deny it…ha..ha..ha”Susmita did not mind his direct and bold compliments.She continued in a flirty tone”Achcha …….?? &

“All 3 again roared into a laughter.Chunilal at last sounded serious “Maam so I hope u will make your hubby understand the beauty of this place….and if he wants to come down here..he is always welcome”Susmita : “I dont think he will manage time for this..I will be dealing it completely…Tell me Chunilal saab ..all this start at 35 lakhs..? “Chunilal : “Final price can be negotiable…You can book a flat by paying a down payment of 10 lakhs”Susmita looking a trifle worried “Dont you think its too high a down payment”

Badshah this time interrupted” Nehi Maam you dont realize this location..just 10 mins from airport..u have market ,shop within complex..I believe 10 lakh is very reasonable if u consider so many options”

Susmita was deep in Chunilal said ” You talk with your hubby…discuss it well…price we may negotiate later”Susmita nodded “I will call u or Mr.Badshah soon and let u know…any ways nice meeting you ..bbyee”