Girlfriend At Boys Hostel Part I

This is my first story on iss so kindly accept the mistakes.

My name is Rahul, I am 20 years of age and I live in Nagpur, in a boys hostel. My hostel is not of the strict kind. Its just a big house of an old couple where the rent rooms to boys which are there on the first and second floors. So there are no watchmen or anything, and there are almost no restrictions on us boys living here. I have a girlfriend named Shruti.

Kya batao yaar. She is a complete Patakha. She is 5feet 7inches tall and has cup size 32c (atleast thats what she told me). Her face is very pretty, and anyone will fall for the naughtiness in her eyes. Her figures are 32-24-34. When she walks the whole college stares at how her hip sways from left to right. She is too damn sexy, and to tell the truth way out of my league. I was very lucky of how got in a relation with her but thats another story.

So here it goes. It happened last year; we both live in one city only and are living in Nagpur in hostels for education. We had Diwali vacations. So we had a week holiday. Unfortunately I had my exams in November and therefore I couldnt stay for much time at my home. I came back on 25th October in my hostel in Nagpur. In my hostel there was no one. As all were at their home celebrating Diwali and I was studying for my stupid exams. I called her and said that I am feeling lonely as there is no one.

She was surprised suddenly. She said is there no one in your hostel? I said no one as they were at their homes and they would come after 3-4days. She then asked me can she come to meet me at my hostel. I was surprised but I said that yes, coz no one was there. And the landlord never cares who comes and goes from the building as long as he gets his rent. She said that she will be returning back to Nagpur tomorrow. I asked why so early?

To that she said that she wanted to meet me and she missed me. I said OK. The next day I went to a medical store and bought a few condoms. That day in the afternoon I picked her up from the bus stop. First we went to her hostel where she left all her luggage at her room. And then we sat on my bike and were on the way to my room. The evil in my mind had awoken. There was no one in my hostel so I could do pretty much anything I want. I slipped her into my room on the second floor quietly.

We sat on my bed she looked around the room; I had cleaned it up because she was coming. I looked at her, she gave a sweet smile. “I missed you,” I said. I missed you too. She replied. Without wasting any time I locked the door of my room and turned off the lights. My room was very dark as I had also closed the windows. I went near her and sat beside her. She knew my intentions. And she was also thinking this. I put my hands around her waist. She looked at me with slightly innocent eyes. I knew that she wanted it. I kissed her. She responded well. But she didnt take any steps. I passed my tongue into her mouth. This was the first time I had French kissed her. She replied passionately and passed her lips into my mouth. We kissed slowly but passionately. I didnt hurry, as being a regular reader of iss I knew that for a girl its a real turn off if a guy hurries too much.

We kissed for 5 minutes, and then I slowly used my other hand to seduce her. I first kept my hand on her cheek and started caressing her. Then I slowly started going downwards. I touched her neck softly and started moving my fingers slightly. Then I started kissing her in on the neck. She was really aroused by this. She started breathing really fast. I paid my hand on her breast and used another hand to hold her tightly around her waist. I started pressing her breasts softly; one by one, taking care of each breast. She started moaning. I was really shocked that she let me do all this. I then went down further and start kissing her breasts. I laid her on my bed and then started kissing her breast over her top.

I looked at her, she opened her eyes to see why did I stop, I just smiled and pointed at her top. She smiled shyly and then sat on the bed. She put her hands over her head and smiled mischievously at me. Her eyes were sparkling. Her eyes teased me and were saying like “help yourself!” I took them of her top and pulled it over her head.

Now she was in a bra and leggings. She smiled. She started kissing me, and then she started at my neck. She removed my shirt, and I was now naked on the top. She started to touch the tent I had created in my pants. I sat on the bed and she went down on the floor. She unbuttoned the button and took off my jeans. The tent in my underwear touched even higher limits. She waited for a second and looked up at me. Then she took my tool from the constrain clothing and stood high my guy. She hesitated first and took a little time to take the 6inches guy in her hand. She started to stroke it slowly and then increasing the pain. Man the feeling was awesome. I looked down at her and her cleavage was visible it made my guy go crazy.

“Take it in your mouth” I said. She hesitated a lot and was saying no. But I forced her. She touched the tip of my dick with her lips. And then withdrew back. “I cant” she said, “I have never actually taken.”I interrupted her midway and said, “Please. You can do it.”

She touched the tip again with the tongue. She seemed to like this feel and soon my dick was midway through her moth, she stroked it and the heavenly sensation begins. Mate it is unexplainable. She started to do it really quick now. She stroked for a few minutes and I knew was near the edge. “I am cumming” I said. This time she knew what she has to do. I had shown her many porn clips and read many sex stories with her. She swirled her tongue around the head of my dick which made it utter impossible to hold on any more. I came in her mouth. She swallowed it. A few drops falling off the edge of her mouth.

“It is so amazing!” she screamed in excitement. And then she blushed. She couldnt believe herself that she actually said. Now it was my turn.

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