Satisfied My Hot Neighbor Aunt Swetha

Hello all to iss readers. I am a regular reader of this site. After reading all stories I decided to post my real story.this is my first sex story I am going to narrate here. if any mistakes found plz forgive it. This is the story held between my neighbor(my sex goddess) and me. My name ajay a software engineer. My age is 24 a well physic and handsome. My height is 5.9 with average built body. For feedback my mail id is / / Yours feedback is much important that make me to write much more stories.

This story took place 2year back where I was in my final year sem and this is a real one not any fantasy.Aunty who took my virginity. Her name is Swetha a sex goddess and her size was ultimate like a malu aunty. Her height is 5.5 with good structure. her boobs were like a two mangoes. Her size is 34-30-34. I get attracted to her by her structure. She is a seductive lady. I dunno how many have masturbated by thinking about her.

Let me start the story. Where changed my life.

Once a family consisting of only a husband and wife came to rent for house which is located in front of our home. Husband is working in an mnc, my lovely aunt is an homemaker. Starting everything was normal. After few days she become close to my mom. she used to come to our home to talk with my mom. But I never dared to chat with her. But secretly I was staring her. Even I think she also observed it when I am staring her. Maximum time I was masturbating by thinking about Aunty. It has become a daily routine for me masturbate just by thinking about her. as I said husband was working for one of the mnc,so he was always busy with work and use to come home in the late evening.

Once in our home all went to relatives function for 3days and I left alone as my final Sem exams were near. So I used stay in home and study for the exams.

While studying suddenly a bell rang. I opened the door and in front Swetha was standing in Saree like a sex goddess. She asked about my mom and I told about the function she gave a naughty smile and returned while going back her butt was bouncing. Again after 1hour she came and asked for help that her computer is not working properly. I went and fixed the problem.

She brought some chow chow to have while keeping on the table accidentally her body touched mine a current passed in me. And we started to chat for hours in the afternoon. While taking I came to know she is in urge for sex, as her husband is not satisfying her.

She : how your life and college going on??

Me: fine aunty.

She: you have any girl friend??

Me- no

(She was surprised with my ans)

She- I wont believe you are so handsome and dont have a

Girlfriend?!? Tell me the truth ajay

I-No girl has attracted me till now. And I am not interested in any young girls.

She- then are you interested in ladies!!??

I was surprised by her reply!!

I- with an hesitating tone yes aunty.

She- Hmm.. Wat type of female you are looking for?

I with an courage

I- girl like you Aunty you are beautiful and hot.

She- Ho really did you like me??

I-Yes with courage.

She- Which part you like in me a lot??

I was staring her cleavage. With confidence I said your boobs aunty. She immediately kissed my lips tightly. I was stunned by her behavior. After 15min of break.

She-Ho really!! Do you wanna see them??

I got green signal I said yes aunty.Then she slowly started to open her blouse buttons She opened her blouse where she is not wearing any bra . Heaven was in front of me. Two ripe mangoes were their. She with a naughty voice

She- do you wanna taste them?

I- yes aunty.

She- come baby have them, squeeze them, taste them, bite and enjoy ajay.

I started to suck her nipples she started to moan. I was in cloud nine and started to enjoy.

As I was sucking her boobs she started to play with my hairs and pressing my head towards her.

She- ajay suck them hard baby enjoy ahhhhh ummma my darling.. Keep doing I need you u r my husband.. AhhhhHhhh hey ajay bite me bay ummmm hard dear.. Make me mother, ma ke me your bitch.. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .. It feels so good dear.. You are making me wet darling… I love you dear.. Waiting dear.. Make me your wife…

I- Aunty shwetha I was dying for this .. You are hot.. You taste superb.. Ummmmmmm……

then slowly I started to pull her Saree upwards aunty was enjoying and moaning heavily that made me even hard. She started to insert her hand in my shorts. And started to rub and hold my dick.

She- wow!! Ajay my honey your dick is so big. I want it dear.

Then she removed my shots and took my dick and started to masturbate.

She- baby let me suck your dick ..

I- take it dear its all yours.

Quickly she took my dick in her mouth.

She- it tastes yummy.. Uhhhhah… I love to suck dear.. But my husband never allows..

While fucking hes mouth I felt like coming..

I- Aunty plz leave me I feel like coming..

She- ummahhhh so early darling.. Plz control until you fuck me.

Then I controlled..

Slowly I inserted my hand in her panty I felt full of hairs..!!

I- wow!! aunty you are full wet aunty and You have a huge hairs.

She- yeah ajay I am horny darling come and satisfy ..

Then I inserted my two fingers into her pussy she started to moan

She- darling finger it dear I am enjoying it a lot please dont stop. Keep doing it. Ahhhh do it fast hard .. Ahhh .

She began moaning, “YESSSSSSS.. Fuck me hard dear.. Do it harddddd.. My husband dont stop.. It feels great… Keep doing you motherfucker… Ahhhhhhhh.. Make me your bitchhhhhh… You are my life…

Then we both become nude in few minutes.

She- come ajay enjoy me My baby ummmaaaaa ahhh……. Enjoy this aunty pussy.. Taste it darling…

She took my head near her thigh and told

She- plz lick my pussy dear. Ahhhhh… Fuck me through your toughe.

Then I started to taste her pussy. After 15min she came.I got up on her naked body and kissed her. I rubbed my cock on her vagina..

She- dont tease me darling please fuck me and make me complete.. Enjoy to the real dear… Give me your seedss sss… Fuck me to deep darling…

Then I made to her to sleep on bed. We both were on peak. She widened her two legs

I- shwethaaaaaa. Love you darling.. Ummmmma..

She- ajay fuck me darling you are. My husband enjoy me. Make me pregnant ahhhhhahh come darling ..

I- aunty my Swetha wife love you uffff and started to insert my dick in her pussy and started to fuck her.She was moaning heavy…. We both were in cloud nine….It was ultimate feeling..

After 15min we both came. That day till evening we fucked for another two times and enjoyed.

Till today we are in touch we are in secret relation.

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Satisfied My Hot Neighbor Aunt Swetha