Riya And Me Hot And Wild

This happened few months back in Delhi where I met riya in a house party organised by my friend. About me, I am samir, single, educated, young and well placed guy. Riya is a actually from UP but working in Delhi as assistant manager HR in one of the MNC. During the party I got introduced to riya and believe me she was decent and truly good looking. Since there were only few who were without partners, so riya and I break the ice and began to talk. I came to know that she lives with a friend in south delhi and works in Gurgaon. She was single too, had a recent breakup. I wont say she was a bomshell but yes she was an above average girl with nice looks. And yes her boobs were big and nicely shaped. She carried herself very well. We exchanged numbers and decided to meet regularly. We regularly chatted on whatsapp and slowly our conversations were personal.

I told her about sex life and she said she had it few times with her ex boy friend but it was ok. I also told her my experience with my ex. We had many things in common and we wanted to explore many things. She told me about her fantasies and how dirty she wanted to be. We had a sex chat frequently and after sometime we decided to meet. I invited her to my place since I live alone. I had prepared a dinner for her. She came at around 8 and I was mesmerized with her beauty. She was in a knee length skirt with showed her ample cleavage and bare legs.

I invited her inside and complimented how sexy she was looking. I got juice for both of us and we started drinking. I couldnt get off my eyes from her deep cleavage. She said what are you looking at, have not you seen before. I said that yes I have but not such deep and sexy cleavage as you have. She blushed and told me there is much to come. She got up and put her one leg on my thigh and said what do you think after she slowly drag up her skirt. I complemented her skin, her thighs and nicely toned legs and began kissing her thighs. I showered kisses on her leg and thighs. She said I want to be real dirty with you and cross all the limits. I was astonished to hear her dirty language when she said you are my dog and I am your bitch tonight. I took the foot of the same leg and began kissing her foot I sucked her toes and licked the foot.

She started moaning and calling my name. I picked her other foot and sucked her toes and licked her. I then licked her legs kissed her thighs all over. I made her stand up and I sat on the ground. My head was inside her skirt and I was licking her thighs, kissing all over her panty. She made me to lie on carpet and then she sat on me like that and began smothering her panty clad pussy on my face. She face-sit me for good time. I got up and kissed her cleavage and began pressing her boobs.

I put my head on her cleavage and was eating her boobs over her skirt. She said make me nude and eat me. I immediately helped her to get naked and within no time we were nude. She had big boobs and round sexy ass and she was clean and shaven. I could sense what she wanted and I immediately lie on the carpet. She came over and sat on my face ad I began eating her like anything. She grinded her pussy smeared it all over my face. She rubbed her pussy all over my face and I licked sucked and bite her pussy. I shoved my tongue deep inside her and I was licking all her corners of her pussy. Sometimes she didnt let me breath and I was also enjoying the same.

She kept saying eat your bitch whole night like this. I liked her pussy and asshole too. She gave her ass in my mouth too and I was licking and sucking both her holes. I told her to wait a bit. I went into kitchen and got an ice cream. She was standing. I went between her legs opened the ice cream and applied all over her pussy and asshole. I inserted ice cream into the pussy too. She was screaming with pleasure and was saying this is best what I am getting.

Again I lie on carpet and she came and sat on my face. I hungrily licked and sucked every inch of her bottom from asshole to pussy. She told me to open her mouth as wide as I can I did so and she literally pushed her pussy in my mouth and came hard. I drank all what was flowing though. I licked and sucked her so much that she came another time. There was no sign of exhaustion in her and she was ready within no time.

She told me to fuck her mouth while she lie down. I obliged and I sat on her chest and began fucking her mouth with my already hard dick. I got little bit up and put whole of my dick in her mouth. She raised her head a bit and began taking al of it. We were like animals eating each other. I took her to couch and made her lie there.

I stand on her head side and I began holding her head and fucking her mouth. I could sense she was more than happy and she was sucking me crazily. I fucked her all the corners of her mouth as hard as I could. I stroked my dick on her face and tongue many a times and she kept saying yeah baby just like that. Take my all holes, take my mouth. Fuck it like a dog fucking his bitch. I was about to cum and told her, she directed to come inside her mouth and I unloaded all in her mouth. She drank half and let half pour through her mouth on her face and neck. It was so good a scene just like in porn movies, which she told me that she watched porn a lot and wanted to do such things. She also said her ex boyfriend was not so much into orals though she is an oral girl. I kissed her face and licked her mouth licking every bit of my cum from her face and neck.

We smooched each other and exchanged saliva. It was 9:15 on the clock. She now was in doggy style and spread her ass as wide as possible and I knew what she wanted me to do. She informed me that she already has cleaned her holes. I wasted no time and began licking and concentrating on her asshole. I rimmed the hole well. I pushed my tongue deep in her asshole and tongue fucked her asshole. I got another dirty idea. I had a chocobar and I got that peeled it and inserted into the asshole of riya. She was moaning like a bitch in heat and yelled every sort of dirty words which she knew. It was already melting so I spread it all over her ass asshole pussy and pushed little into her asshole.

I licked and sucked every portion of it. I smooched her asshole and licked her pussy very well. She pushed her ass into my face and I buried my face in her bums. I was eating her hard and licking her well. She kept using dirtiest possible language and was moaning. We were enjoying a lot. She told me lets go 69 and in no time we were eating each other in 69. she began crazily sucking my dick and I was eating her asshole and pussy together. We ate each other very hard and sucked a lot. I smooched her pussy a lot and made it look red. I gave her love bites all over her pussy and she bite my dick and ate it well. After pretty good time, we again cummed in each others mouth and cleaned each other with our tongues.

I licked her mouth neck boobs and wherever the cum was. We were very tired and we decided to have dinner which I had prepared. I am a self made chef and had prepared a sumptuous meal for both of us. She sat on my dick while having dinner and we ate in each other arms nude and naked. She enjoyed the food and complimented me on my cooking skills. After we finished dinner and cleaning the kitchen, we started smooching right there in kitchen.

We were exploring our mouth and were eating each other. We exchanged saliva and sucked the tongue of each other. My dick was already hard while having dinner. I lifted her leg up and put on the kitchen table and I began fucking her pussy. I was pounding her hard and she kept saying fuck me like a bitch. Fuck it fuck it fuck it. Fuck me harder. I fucked her holding her boobs in one hand and holding her arm. I was ramming her pussy harder. I increased the speed of fucking. I turned her around and lifted same leg and put on my shoulder. I used my hands to stabilize her and I was fucking her hard. She kept moaning and yelling a lot.

I pounded and rammed her pussy and she kept saying o baby o baby o baby fuck ya , fuck your bitch. Common you dog fuck me harder. I kissed her lips and here and there and kept on fucking. I told her about me cumming. She stopped and went to bed and spread her legs. I inserted again into her pussy and fucked in missionary position. I continued till I came in her pussy.

Till morning I fucked her 5 times and used her pussy, asshole and mouth. In next story I will tell you in detail about our further adventures. We did all sorts of dirty and nasty acts. For comments, please feel free to write on / / if any girl, bhabi, married or unmarried female wanna have fun and pleasure in delhi, I shall be at your service.

Riya And Me Hot And Wild