Sex With Social-Network Friend

Hello Users, this is Jugnu, I am 27 yrs old and a huge fan of ISS. This is my first story and a real one. Anyone interested to have sex chat can email me on / /

I got a friend request on social networking site from a guy 29 yrs old, staying in Delhi. I accepted his friends request in a day or two because i like to make new friends. So we started chatting on regular basis. since both of us were working the only time we used to get to chat was at night. We used to chat till 2:00-4:00 am in morning. Slowly our chats turned into sex chats. He used to talk dirty and sexy with me, we used to send each other nude pics of ours, and keep on sending sexy jokes and sometimes role play also.

It was December and he was visiting his friend in Mumbai for Christmas. He told me he is flying down to Mumbai and wanna meet me before he leaves back to Delhi.. So we planed and I decided to visit him in his Hotel room where he is staying.

It was Saturday, i got up lil late that day, at around 11:00 am I took bath and wore the sexiest dress i had, It was a knee length formal skirt with slit in the side and white transparent top. To make it more sexy i skipped wearing my Bra that day.

I took a cab and reached his hotel. he was in his room. I went upstairs, and knocked the door, he opened the door I saw him in t shirt and 3/4 pants. he was very handsome. he was equally stunned to see me. I went in and he closed the door and hugged me from behind.

he said he was waiting for this moment and hugged me tightly. I quickly turned towards him and gave him a tight hug. we were standing like that for 5 mins, and then slowly his hand started caressing my back. he whispered that i was looking sexy in this outfit, and do not wish to leave me. i said “who wishes to?”.

Hearing this he tightened his grip around my waist and my boobs were now deeply crushing into his chest. he grabbed my butt and said i am gonna fulfill all my fantasies with you which we had during our chats. I was feeling the heat inside me burning and my ears were heated up. he started kissing me on my face, forehead, cheeks, ears and neck. that made me more horny and because of all his touching my nipples became tight and started protruding through my top. Seeing them he said u did not wear a bra? and i said yes just for you.

He grabbed my boobs and started pressing them. i was on seventh heaven. He removed his t-shirt and took me in his arms and made me sit on bed. He asked to remove his pants. I was just following his instructions. he was just in his boxers now and his penis was already making tent in his boxers.

Next he asked me to remove my skirt I did as he said. i was just in my white top and Panty. he came closer and started rubbing my pussy over panty. and said “Tonight I am gonna eat your pussy”

Next he grabbed me towards him and we kissed each other. sucking each others lips and eating each others tongue, our kiss lasted till 15 mins. he was rubbing my pussy over my panty and pressing my boos simultaneously, which was making me mad.we broke our kiss and he removed my panty in one stroke. next he asked me to remove my top and stand naked in front of him. He sat on the sofa nearby and i was standing stark naked in front of him, he took his cellphone and started clicking my pics. i was so horny by that time, that i did not mind him doing so, he was rubbing his penis over his boxer with one hand and clicking my pics with other. and i was giving him poses like a slut.

I took his phone from his hand switched it off and sat on his lap. took his hands and placed them over my boobs and gave him lap dance. after 15 mins he picked me up and dropped me on the bed and came over me, we was kissing me like mad, sucking my boobs like a hungry kid, bit my nipples and all i could do was moan, Ahhhhh, oooaaaaa, aaahhh, and bite my own lips, he slowly went down and made my whole body wet with his saliva, until he reach my pussy, he started licking my pussy with tongue and i had my first orgasm, he inserted his fingers inside and finger fucked me with his fingers. his fingers alone made me cum again. i begged him not to tease me more and asked him to fuck me.

He kept teasing me more and more and finally inserted his penis in my pussy, his 8 inch penis was so hard that i cried while he was ramming me. in next couple of mins pain was replaced by pleasure and i asked him to fuck me faster. hearing this he got wilder and increased his speed. it went about 10min and we both cummed together. he was tired till then and crashed over me. we slept for next half an hour naked in each others arms.

It was 6:00 pm till then, we got up took a bath together and ordered some food. we decided to go for late night movie show.

We had sex in movie theater as well and after coming back to his hotel room. he did not let me sleep the whole night and since next day was Sunday i spend the entire day with him giving him all the pleasures in the world all that we described in chats. Those will be part of my next stories. till then keep loving and fucking….. enjoy your life and do comment on my story and email me on / /…. waiting for another horny sex chat with you….

Sex With Social-Network Friend