My First Girlfriend Took Her Virginity

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I wont eat much of your brain and would come directly to the point.

This is my first story. My life has always been sex driven so I thought to share my incidents with ISS readers. Whatever stories Ill share here are absolutely true. However conversation might not be exactly the same. I wont mention the exact names of the people involved. I had always been with some or the other girl.

It started when I was doing my 11th and 12th, Year 2007-2009. There was a very shy girl, “Manali”, who use to board her school bus from the same bus stop as of mine. Before we passed out class 10th from the same school, she had never spoke to me. However, his elder brother was my senior and a very good friend of mine.

It started when, we started casual chat over Orkut. We were in different schools and to be in touch we use to chat over Orkut. From Orkut we switched over to SMS and phone calls. Our friends use to tell us, that we are in love but we never thought of each other.

As soon as I would return from my school, will wait for her message. Then we started meeting outside. His brother knew that we chat a lot, but was interested, as he trusted her a lot. Soon we started meeting outside, and finally decided that she would join the same tuition as of mine. And soon she joined the same maths tuition as of mine. Till that time, we had not proposed each other.

Emotions were budding, and then I asked her. And it was an obvious “YES”. While going tuition, we use to reach early, so that we can talk for long. Soon the talks got wilder and sexier, we started kissing and smooching.

Then it was our D-Day. Nothing was planned. I got her text:

Manali: “Kahan ho? Aaj kitne baje pahuchna hai?”

Me: “Wahi, 5 baje milte hain… Mummy and Papa shopping karne jaa rahe hain ussi time pe.”

Manali (teasing): “Toh fir tuition kyu? Hum wahin aa jaate hain.. :P”

Me: “Aa jaao.. but then I wont let you leave as a virgin…”

Manali: “dekhenge…”

We were just playing over messages. 4.30.. my parents left for their shopping, and they had couple of other places to visit as well. I left for my tuition, and was waiting for Manali to come. We use to meet at a local point, and from their we use to go together.

On our way,

Manali: “mann nahi hai jaane ka.. chalo naa tumhare yahan chalte hain.!”

Me (without wasting the opportunity): “lets go…”

We went to my apartment. As soon as we entered and closed the door, she hugged me from behind. I turned towards her, and took her in my arms. We started kissing. Without breaking the kiss, we went directly to my bedroom. I made her lie over the bed. I was on top of her, kissing. We kissed for about half an hour.

By this time, I had never seen her naked. I asked her to remove her top. But she hesitated. I went to her neck and kissed her there, after few minutes of foreplay, which I had seen in porn movies, she got up in full mood. I started pressing her boobs over her top. And then I slipped my hands inside of her top. She did not resist me. I took her top off. And soon my sex goddess was sitting next to me just in her bra. She was wearing a white bra.

I slipped my hand inside her bra and took her one the breast out of the pouch. I started sucking her nipples. Her smell was mind blowing. I could still remember her odour. This time, without me asking her, she unhooked her bra and took of her boobs. She was well shaped beauty. Before her, I had a just sexual relationship with a girl who was a bit fat and not beautiful. Ill tell my story with her in some other story.

Coming back to this incident. Now, Manali was topless, and I was sucking her boobs one by one. When I sucked left breast, I creased her right breast, and while sucking her right breast my hand would play with left one. I kept switching between the two balls. She was on cloud. She was moaning, her nipples were erect, and I was circling them with my tongue. She was liking it. She pressed my head deep inside her as she wanted more and more. Soon, she asked me to remove my shirt, but before I could take it off, she tore every single button of it, and removed it. I was lying on her. We both were topless. Her boobs were touching my chest while smooching her.

I went down, and unbuttoned her jeans. She asked me…

Manali: “kya kar rahe ho?”

Me: “Karna hai humko.!!”

Manali: “humko dar lag raha hai.. I am still a virgin.”

Me(lied): “Even I am a virgin.”

she allowed me.. and I removed her jeans, she was lying there only in her panty. I removed my pants and she gazed at my tool. My penis is of average size, 5′. But for her, it was her first time, when she was seeing a penis. She asked me, if she can touch it. I took her hand and make her hold my penis. I removed her panty. And before we could start to fuck, she said…

Manali: “hum porn mein dekhe hain, larkiyan chusti hain.! humko bhi mann hai tumhara muh mein lene ka…”

I had not expected that… she went down, took my penis in her mouth. And she started giving me a perfect blowjob. I was liking it, she was also teasing me, by touching my penis all over her cheek and breasts. And then, again sucked it.

Manali: “mere muh mein matt nikalna.. hum nahi piyenge yeh sab.”

Me: “Ok.. abhi bass lo usko muh mein…”

By the time, I could stop her, or tell her about my ejaculation, I cummed inside her mouth. She got pissed, but smiled. She drank it, and accepted to like it. She went to the washroom to clean her mouth, as this was her first time. She came back, and asked me, if Ill lick her or not? She was not shaved, and had lots of hair there. I said..

Me: “arrey yaar.. wahan ka baal hata leti toh araam hota naa..”

She got disappointed, seeing her in such a condition, I pulled her down and tried licking her. And even with unshaven pussy, I liked her… Soon she was all wet there. But I was liking licking her. I continued. I had knew about the G-Spot and all.. I was licking quite good. She was all wet. She was moaning “aur zorr se.. acche se chaato… bahut maza aa raha hai..” She was making all types of sound, pushing me inside. I was licked her about 15-20 mins, my complete face was covered with her juices. I still licked her.

Now, I came over her, she took my penis, in her hand, and asked me to put it inside.

Manali: “daalo… abhi jaldi se..”

Me: “dard hoga.. sambhal kar..”

As soon as I mentioned about the pain, she recovered her consciousness, and asked me to push it in. I tried, 3-4 times, but it was not going in. After some try, it went in. She cried…

Manali: “bahar niklo.. bahar niklo.. dard ho raha hai.” (I still remember her words)

blood came out over my penis. She was threatened with the pain, and did not wanted it anymore. After her pain subsided, I gave a retry.. This time, it did not pain her. and she was enjoying. I was in missionary position. I was giving her strokes. With every push, she moaned load. I kept stroking her. Meanwhile, I was sucking her breast and she was pushing my head deep in her body.

I kept stroking her. She made all types of sound… “Aaahhh… ahhh… aur karo… maza aa raha hai..” I was kissing her. After 5 mins of fucking, she screamed..

Manali: “mera nikalne wala hai..”

Me: “Mera bhi…”

Manali: “mere andar nikal do.. ek saath nikalenge..”

And I pushed deep inside her. I ejaculated, holding her tight, she also held me tight, and I could feel her juices over my thighs. I fell on her, and slept for half n hour naked.

When we got up, it was time to leave, she could barely walk. We dressed, her lips were deep red, as we had kissed too much and even harder.

She went back home. Her mother noticed her red lips and the way she was walking. Her mom asked her, she said, she had put lipstick and she had got cramps in her legs which went off, but the pain is still there.

Next day, I gave her a pill. And then we decided that well have planned sex, so that she do not need any pills. We had many sex encounters. We had enjoyed a lot.

In next stories, I will tell you about my apartment girl, then my college girlfriend and so on. I even had group sex, sex parties, swapped partners. Now, as I am single, I cant go for partner swapping, but there is a couple next to my door, once they had invited me to join them. These things will come up.

My First Girlfriend Took Her Virginity