Shivani Fucked In Front Of Her Husband Uday

Hey all… Myself Raj back with yet another new experience and yeah this time something new.

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Firstly wanna thank all the true/fake/despo/ladies and other profiles or people who dropped comments showed interest and then create negative environment.

Sorry guys,girls & ladies. These are my true experiences and I would not like any of my sentiments hurted. Appreciate you behave properly.

Anyways back to fun… Out of all mails received I got a mail from a Muslim couple from Hyderabad. They read my story and have approached me for threesome. This couple had something strange in demanding.

The guy uday wanted me to give his wife shivani age 28 to give full massage and also satisfy her. I was not clear with what they wanted to I called him up and met him nearby himayatnagar(hyderabad).

He gave me clarity and also shared few of their private pics. I already told him I am not perfect in massage but still he wanted me to give it to her.

As decided I reached there place near towlichowki and it was a small 1bhk place and little uncomfortable but I was there to do my job. I went in and could see shivani girl in traditional attire and face full of shyness and a healthy body with extra weight on tummy.

I just went further and kissed her directly before uday as it was part of our plan, she was shocked but responded well as she too knew for what I was there. We sat and talked for sometime then I said lets get started. Uday said shivani to change herself to towel as I will give her massage. She quickly went in and changed.

She came and lied on the floor with her thin bra and panty which could not cover her 10% of assets. She lied on her tummy. So her back was towards me. I removed my tshirt and got into undies. My cock didnt raise up but the moment I touched her it started moving. She was so soft and fair. Started with toes and then moving above. Her thighs were great with each touch her breathing was increasing and body was shivering a little.

My hands moved to her ass and I could feel the smell of her liquids flowing. I just sat on her ass with touching my cock and started massaging her back. Each movement was making environment sensuous. She was enjoying it. I opened her bra and was kissing her back with licking tongue and giving love bites.

She turned herself so that I can massage her from front and so now her huge boobs were visible with black nipple and lots of stuff in it. I just applied oil and started pressing them and circling round.
I was getting a bulge slowly as this is not the way I make love but still just to make happy I tried it.

As I was moving towards her pussy from front. She caught my tool and pulled it out. I was not ready for it. I just kept massaging her and she kept blowing me.

She then stood up pushed me down and took my cock in her mouth and started stroking it. She was an average to it.

Meanwhile uday was just watching. He said that he is not gonna join and its our time to enjoy. I was happy that I am gonna make love alone.

Shivani was done with blowjob and I cummed in her mouth. Now I was liking the love making. I made her lie down and opened her legs. Put my tongue into her hairy pussy making way to her clit. Licking all juices flowing down. She was shivering and moving her legs closer and also holding my cock very hard. At one stage I had to pinch her thigh to open her legs to get up. After 20 mins of licking I wanted to fuck her.

Uday handed me packet of condom and shivani wore it over my cock. I tried inserting into her pussy but it was tight as she was not fucked more it was hardly a year they got married and so I found difficult to enter.

I took the oil bottle and applied oil inside the pussy and a little on cock and after few trys I was able to move inn. With few motions I was riding her.She was lying down and I was riding on her with legs around my back. Uday was making our sex clip. I was sucking her at same time … Her oily boob were too attractive.

She had an orgasm soon and then asked me to ride in doggy style. I was riding her in doggy style and she was near udays cock. She just opened his zip and took his cock in mouth. It was a 4 inch cock and black in colour. With every movement the sucking was going more and more. I was about to cum and I did it inside her with condom.

She was still sucking udays dick. He undressed himself and started inserting in her pussy. It went in easily and he was really ramming her no mercifully . She was making loud moans and he collapsed in 5 mins.

She was looking sad but I went and kissed her and was turning her hot back. She tried to move to washroom and I joined her there. Applied soap all around and cleaned each other. Carried her in pink towel and myself nude to bedroom locked it and said her to wear saree. She wore a red one without bra. I whispered in her ears that I wanna have sex now in form of rape. Where she needs to oppose and I will try to fuck her. She found it interesting.

I took hold of her hand but she moved away and was not supporting. I was liking it.. I tried kissing her forcefully and then removing her costume. Until the saree it was going well bit then she just cooled off and then it was a normal sex session.

We had it for next 1 hour and then slept there itself. After I woke I found her lying on my chest with my dick in her hand. Door was locked and so I just made my self comfortable between her melons and sucked them pretty hard and tried to get all the stuff from inside.

She woke by pain but still kept me closer. We just kissed for sometime played with each other and went out. Uday slept over sofa and the dick still out. Shivani went woke him up and asked to sleep over bed. We moved to kitchen. While cooking we made love. From her night track to getting nude and having a fuck session it went great.

I got to know that even healthy ladies are fun to fuck and eat. I enjoyed my time.

It was time to leave. But something strange happened. Shivani called uday dropped my pants off and asked him to suck me. I was shocked and uday to. I was not gay nor he but what she ordered was shocking for both of us. She gave a straight reason that as uday wanted to see his wife fucked my other man she also made up her mind to see uday suck someones cock.

I was relaxed as it was he who has to suck me. Uday just closed his eyes took deep breath and moved his mouth towards my dick. It was not erect just lymp. He struggled to make it erect and then after 10 mins when nothing went on shivani took over the cock and sucked like a prostitute does.

She suck it properly & just cleaned my cock gave a nice saliva shower.I cummed in no time.

I then kissed her and pinched her boob for sometime while uday was sucking her pussy.

They had one fuck session and then I left the place.

I received a text from shivani appreciating my time and interest in fulfilling their threesome idea.

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Cya .. I am raj signing off for today.

Hope you like it. Waiting for your comments.

Shivani Fucked In Front Of Her Husband Uday