Mom Enjoyed By Swamiji

Hi this is Arun. I am from indore & I am now going to tell how my innocent mom got fucked by cunning swamiji.

My family consists of three members, myself, mom and dad. My dad works in abroad & he will come home once or twice in a year. My mom is conservative and give importance to traditional values. My mom is not much educated, she has done 5th standard. She is so much innocent & will believe in god so much. For example, if I fell ill, she will not doctor instead of doing that she will fasting in the name of god.

Coming to my mother physique, she is little bit plumpy, but has maintained good health. She always wear sarees & will tie saree below navel. She has a white tone skin, so the visual of her navel in white stomach will make anyone horny. During house hold works I have seen her navel so much time & I have masturbated thinking of her navel.

Coming to story, once I fell ill, I didnt get cured immediately after my mom did so much fasting & also visit to so many doctors. So once my neighbor told my mom to go and meet swamiji in mountain ashram. We had heard about him in so many ways, that he had made so many miracles, so my mom decided to take me there.

Next day I went to mountain ashram along with my mother. Once we entered ashram there was nobody inside. We went inside and found one disciple there & told him that we have come to meet swamiji. He took us inside one room & told us to wait there. We waited for 10 minutes & swamiji came.

As soon as swamiji saw my mom, his looks towards my mom changed. He has a good physique, may be around 40 to 45 age fellow. My mom explained about my illness asked for solution. By this time he had come to know that my mom is innocent & has a strong believe in god. He told to my mom to stand up, my mom stood up. He inspected her from top to bottom. Oh my god my moms pallu unknowingly has got sideways providing full access to her navel. Swamiji take good look at her navel & her big white boobs. Then he told her that that she has some problem in her body, thats why it has affected me. She asked how it will affect my son. He told since you are his mother & has given breast milk to your son, you have became a part in my health. So she asked solution.

He told she has to make decision for that, but it is not possible. Mom told that she will do whatever it may be for the sake of my health. Swamiji told that you have make some pooja with the man born on amavasya & has to sleep with him. My mom got shocked & he even told that I might get death, if that pooja doesnt happened in a week. She told the horoscope of my father, but he was not born on amavasya. Now my mom was in a shock that she has sleep with somebody other than my dad for sake of my health. Swamiji told that take your own time & make a wise decision.

We came to home mom thought about it so much meanwhile my illness got worse, so she decided to go in a swamiji way. So she went to ashram after three and told swamiji that she is ready to do whatever for my health purpose. So swamiji asked her, does she knows anybody who has born in amavasya. For that she told no. Swamiji told that he has born in amavasya, if she agrees he will do pooja along with her. Now I came to know about his cunningness to enjoy my mom. Since she is innocent she agree for that.He told her to come at night to perform pooja. So myself & mom came back to home. Mom got bathed and did some pooja at home & afterwards we went to ashram at around 9pm.

One of his disciple took us to one roon where swamiji was there already doing some pooja. Swamiji informed his disciple to take me another room. On his command he took me to another room & left my mom there only. That disciple took me to one room & locked me there. Since I was curious to see what will happen in another room, I checked out each and every windows and doors. In one of the door there was a keyhole, from there I can see what is happening in another room.

Swamiji told my mom to take her saree, mom hesitatingly took her saree & sat in front of swamiji. Swamiji took one pot water and poured on her. He told her to lie on ground. He took some honey and poured it to her navel, she shivered a bit. Swamiji got back above her and started to eat honey by licking her navel. Mom started to moan lightly. He licked honey completely & some more honey again to her navel & began to lick again. My mom may be started to enjoy, she was holding his head & pulling towards her stomach. He once again licked honey completely.

Now he put one insence stick in my mom navel. He inserted it deeply and told her that he will smooch her neck region & she has to keep that insence stick firmly so that it should not fall. My mom agreed to that & he began to smooch her around her neck and her boobs. He smooched her boobs for about 10 minutes, & she found that she was nearing to cum. He once again poured honey to her navel and started to lick. After fantasizing her he took her on bed & started to fuck her. He began to undress mom & himself. Once he was undressed I came his huge dick & I thought that my mom is to die, if she takes that huge dick in her.

He began to fuck her vigorously, my mom was shouting in pain. She was moaning heavily. He fucked her five times that night. My mom lost her senses completely with that beast attack.

In the morning swamiji told my mom that pooja has to continue for another six. Months & mom agreed to that. In this way swamiji enjoyed my mom daily.

Mom Enjoyed By Swamiji