Heavenly Moment With Best Friend

Hi My name is Misha. I Recently started visiting ISS and now have become addicted to them. This is my first attempt to submit a store so please pardon any mistakes.

About me I Am average looking girl, my stats are 36 28 38. I have Wheatish complexion and Little on heavier side. My friend is 6 feet tall, fair and with 8inches cock which I came to know later.

It was about when we both were working for same company. Everyone knew that we are best friends as we were always together.

He always had crush on me and he told this many times but I was never sure but had special soft corner for him. We fought one day for some reason and I didnt speak to him for a week almost. Then one day he came my office desk and ask me to come along and to avoid the scene went along with him. He took me to his house where he had planned a small surprise for me. He used to stay alone and I had been many times at his place so I was ok going there.After seeing the surprise I felt very happy and I hugged him. I normally used to hug but this time it was something different. I was hugging and crying. He tried to make me quite and but I didnt leave him. Slowly and slowly we didnt realize when that friendly hug turned passionate.

I was moving all my hand on his back. Clutching my shirt with my hand. He hugged me even tighter and he kissed me on my forehead nose cheeks and them my lips. It was a small kiss and then he looked into my eyes. Dont know what happened to me that I suddenly kept my lips on his and started biting his lips and he also reciprocated it. We were almost kissing for 10 mins. While Kissing we moved towards the couch. I was feeling so good. I was sucking his tongue, I so wanted to eat it. I was getting horny.

After that he kissed me on my neck. Neck is my most sensitive zone and I go mad if anyone plays with it. He sucked my neck and gave me so many love bites I kept playing with his back by putting my hand inside his tshirt. I was wearing a formal front button shirt. He made me lie of couch and kept kissing my neck and around portion. He took his right hand on my right boob and pressed them.What a feeling it was!!! He was pressing my boobs on one side and biting my neck on other. He then unbuttoned my shirt and spread it. I was lying in front of him in my beige color bra. He just kept staring at my boobs and touched my erect nipples from top of bra. He pinched both my nips.

He then took out my right boob and put his tongue and started licking it. I asked him to remove my bra but he didnt. Instead he took both my boobs out and sucking them. He sucked them and then unhooked my bra. I was lying completely topless. I took his tee out. He again hugged me. My boobs were pressig again his chest and he start rubbing and moving his chest up and down. I was enjoying every moment.

His erect dick was touching my navel.I so wanted to see his dick and feel it touch it and put in inside my pussy.

He again pushed me to bed n started sucking my boobs and took his right hand to my trousers. He touched and pressed my pussy from top and I moaned like mads.. It made him more horny and he unbuttoned my trousers and took his hand inside my panty too and he touched my upper portion of pussy and said its feeling puffy as I was high. I always get my bikini wax done so I was clean down. He was so happy to feel the clean pussy immediately he got up and took my trousers and panty down and stared at my pussy.

He gave a kiss on my pussy and said he wants to see my pussy so asked me to stretch my legs. I obeyed him as I was liking his eyes on my naked pussy. He played little with his fingers and said I have beautiful pussy lips and he wants to suck them. N without waiting for what I say he kept his lips and started sucking my pussy. I was feeling ecstatic.. I never wanted him to stop I was so horny that I was pushing his head deep inside my pussy. I cummed in his mouth.He said it tasted salty and he loved it.

I immediately unzipped him and took his trousers. He was standing in his breif and his little baby was having trouble staying inside brief. I took his brief down and my little love jumped out and stared at me. I played with it kissed it.( no oral as I dont like doing it) I asked him to put it inside me. I lied down he kept pillow below my butts.

He tried inserting it but it was paining.He said the hole is very tight. He kept trying slowly and finally it was in. He started giving slow jerks and then fasten his speed I started enjoying it.I kept moaning and asked him to be more wild..he said few lines in Hindi too which made me even wild.. Usne bola tuje nangi dekh ke bahut acha lagra hai aur teri chut usse bahut sexy hai. He said many other things in Hindi. I dont know why those words in Hindi were making me even more crazy.

It was first time for both of us and we came very fast.

After that we had sex many times in car home friends place.

Please do give your feedback about my story. Its my first attempt so need suggestions from all of you / /

Heavenly Moment With Best Friend