Through My Teacher To Her Daughter Part 2

That night I slept well. Who would not, after getting to fuck your favourite teacher in a totally unexpected way. And also, after her promising me her little daughter for me to enjoy. I had gone to sleep imagining the girls cunt, hidden safe, untouched and un-fucked till date, it’s shape it’s texture, it’s hole size etc. I was more curious about the shape of the daughter’s cunt. Would it be like her mother’s cunt ? Why not, when one can get facial resemblances, why not pussy resemblances of mother and daughter cunts ?

To compare it and to confirm I must get the teacher and the daughter together, that too nude, standing side by side for my close inspection. I knew my teacher would now agree, but to get the daughter to pose nude along with her mother, was the question before me.

I got up next morning fresh and with anticipation. As I was a young man my dick was in a rebellious mood, always raising it’s hood, refusing to bow down. In short, I could not wait till the afternoon as arranged by my teacher. I thought of going to her house early, but decided against it.

As there was time to waste before starting my adventure with my teacher’s daughter, I decide go near our family pond to see any woman or girls Is there. Going near the pond is an opportunity to watch women and girls in different stages of undress. You can see fully exposed breasts of various sizes and ages and also clear glimpse of cunts.

To my total surprise I saw the daughter of my teacher there taking bath. I went near the pond so that I could see her clearly. She saw me and blushed. I smiled at her, she too smiled, covering her boobs. I winked at her in a naughty way and I thought she liked it. I returned home.

Around two in the afternoon, went my teacher’s house which I found closed. I pressed the bell and waited with excitement, which was equally shared by my cock. After sometime the door was opened and my teacher appeared. I was surprised as I did not expect her.

My teacher welcomed me looking deep into my eyes. I immediately got an erection. Through the dhothi I was wearing, I think my bulging cock was visible. My beautiful teacher, who gave a beautiful fuck last evening, winked at me and with her eyes she indicated that her daughter was inside. I was happy, after all my idea of getting the girl was going to work out.

“He has gone out, will be back only late at night”. Teacher told me to let me know that her husband was not there.

“What is geetha doing “? I asked. Geetha was her daughter’s name.

“She is inside, studying I think”, she replied with a wink. Then she whispered in my ears,” go try your luck, she will like you. Have fun. But do it mildly, she is only a kid.”

Then she said loudly, “Geetha, Ettan( elder brother) has come”. Let me get some sleep. She went into her room.

I went into room of the daughter, where I saw at her table. But actually she was reading a book, not her study materials, I noticed.

“What is the book,” I asked her in low voice

She tried to hide the book but went near her and took it away. As she was keeping the book away from me I had to go very close to her to grab the book and I brushed against her, slightly feeling her boobs.

I felt her boobs soft but developing. She also felt me against her boobs and she blushed again. But there was no anger or outrage and I was encouraged.

“Mommy is sleeping, let me see your book”, I whispered in a low tone of conspiracy. She nodded. I flipped through the book. I was a love story in Malayalam, with some mild erotica. Good omen, I thought.

“You like love stories” ? I asked her

She smiled in agreement. I stooped down and said, “I too like love story, but I like sex story better. Have read any sex story “? I asked her

“Only one book”, she replied.

“May I give you some books, sex books ? “I asked. “But don’t tell anybody”’ I added.

She nodded again, smiling.

As I was a tall person, I asked her,” how tall are you” ?

“I do not know,” she said.

“Ok, let see,” I said. “Get up “, I asked her, holding her hand and helping her to get up.

Even though she was in tenth standard, she was about 5’5, I guessed.

“Do you have a measuring tape” ? I asked her

“No,” was the reply.

“Ok, no problem. You stand next to me”, I said and she did.

No ,that won’t work. You stand in front of me, I asked her. She did.

“Closer,” I said. She was hesitating. Don’t worry mummy is sleeping, I encouraged. She inched towards me, hearing that.

“No …closer” I said and held her closer almost embracing her in a warm hug. She too was getting excited by our height measuring experiment. Holding her close, my chest felt her boobs again, this time for a longer time. She was looking at me.

“Not that way, I will stand behind you, so that I can get your height,” I said and stood behind her. I held her close to me and my erect cock was very well felt by her buttocks. And I could see that she was smiling, as my cock was felt by her.

Taking that opportunity I pressed my dick against her fully and planted a kiss on her head, enveloping her with my hands. She did not resist. Her breathing tempo was increasing. I was careful not to press her breasts at this point but I lowered my hands above her waist and down almost to her groin.

Before my hand reached her groin, I made her face me again holding her still my embrace. Then I planted a kiss on her lips and send you are beautiful, I like you. She returned the kiss.At that point I slowly stated to press her boobs, both boobs with my both hands. It was great. A teenager’s blossoming boobs, well shaped gaining in size and mass.

“Do you like me ?”, I asked her as I caressed her boobs, looking at her eyes deeply.

“Hmm, “she nodded.” Mummy is there, “she cautioned.

“Do not worry, she is sleeping”, I said.

Then we sat on the cot with my hands still working on her boobs. I stated unbuttoning her blouse which she resisted, half heartedly, at first.

“Don’t worry at all, no one will know, I assured her. Then she stated unbuttoning her blouse for me.

“I want to see your beauty fully “I whispered in her ears, while I slipped my right hand to her thighs, over her skirt. She did not resist. As the last button too was undone, her beautiful budding boobs became visible to me, fully.

Wonderful sight, it was. A teenager, opening her blouse and offering her boobs to me. I was thrilled beyond words. May be I am the first person in her life to whom she showing her assets.

“I want to drink your boobs,’ I said and without waiting mouthed them one by one. I felt her nipples enlarging and I knew was enjoying the sensation of her beautiful breasts in my warm mouth. Her breathing was heavy now and I felt her body hot.

She was in a trance, with her eyes half closed as I played and sucked her boobs.

I slowly brought my right hand over her thighs and started feeling it, and later my hands stated circling he groin, pressing above her pussy area.

I made her recline on the bed and put my hand slowly under her skirt and stated feeling up her legs first then her soft thighs.

Her thighs were soft and silky and was now hot. I felt it for some time and very slowly reached her panty. I played my fingers over her panty, above the pussy and I could feel the soft pussy layers under my fingers.

She started moaning as my fingers played hide and seek over her virgin cunt. I did that deliberately, touching and missing her cilt, to increase the tempo step by step. And as I felt she was ready, I removed her panty, which was red in colour, I still remember.

Now her teenage virgin cunt was naked in front of me, inviting me to make a woman out of her.

“Beautiful.. Beautiful pussy you have,’ I whispered as my fingers stated playing with her naked fleshy cunt. I raised her skirt fully and made her thighs part widely for my action. She parted her thighs as I wanted I lower y head directly to her cunt.

She was surprised, it seemed, as she was new to this game of passion. I looked at her heavenly cunt and I could not believe my luck. Ony those who have enjoyed teen pussy can say the beauty of it. It is picture perfect, slender, silky and shiny with pubic hair making a shy appearance around it. It resembles a rose bud. A teen virgin pussy is a sight one should not miss.

My warm tongue began circling on her pussy slowly searching for the cute clit. I found it and lavished it with my kisses and licks and sucks. I dragged my lip up and down the cunt and my tongue pressed and massaged her clit.

Her moans became louder. I removed her dress completely making her nude fully for me to enjoy.

I slowly placed myself on top of her, with my cock placed directly above her tiny hole.

“You like it” ? I asked, enjoying the pleasure of lying on top of a nude teen age girl.

“Hmm,” she moaned

“Do you like my kissing your cunt, do you enjoy it “? I asked again

“I like it Ettaa.. “ she replied happily/

“May I put my cock inside you there in your hole ?”

“Yes, you can.. do it now” she consented

“Not now, I will give you the same pleasure with my mouth. I will drink all you juice.. I will take you heaven.”.i said

She smiled….and said “do it again and again.”.

“I will put mine in your mouth and fuck..ok “? I asked. I did not want to scare her away

“Ok, anything you like”.” But tell me how ?”

“Ok..good girl.. but my liquid will come in your mouth.. you can drink it”, I said

“Yes.. I will, for you.” She was happy

I made her raise her knees and part her thighs. I went down her again between her thighs placing my face on her divine pussy. My thirsty tongue stated it’s naughty play on the vaginal folds and the hidden clit. I did it expertly as I wanted her favours again in future. I took my own time.

She stated experience her spasms or waves as my mouth worked on her virgin cunt and it’s silky folds. She reached her orgasm at last while my face was resting on her fleshy pussy.

“Don’t you want to put it inside “? she asked after enjoying her secret sensations.

“Open your sweet mouth, let me fill it” , I asked her sitting on the cot.

She got up and came in front of me. I made her sit between my legs. She , for the first time in her life, opened her mouth for my penis to enter and discharge it’s load. It was evident that she was not experienced in blow job at all. I put my finger in my mouth and showed her the motions to follow. She nodded shyly and took my cock in her mouth,

It was a dream-come true for me. Putting my dick in a teenager’s mouth to fuck. She started move her mouth back and forth giving me the heavenly pleasure of entering the depths of a virgin girls mouth. My cock was in hurry to discharge my semen it to the girl but I wanted take time.

“Do you like my cock inside your mouth “? How do you feel it “I asked her

“I like it, Ettaa,” she replied. “May I eat it”…, she getting naughty

I asked to increase momentum slowly and learnt the art of sucking a cock in no time. May be instincts. I held her head in my hands as her mouth stated to take my cock in her mouth. She noticed my excitement and without my telling increased the tempo again and finally reached the crescendo. My cock discharged a large quantity of hot semen in her mouth. Being the first time, I she was surprised by the spray of semen and some semen drops were thrown on her face too.

I knew her mouth was full with my discharge and I asked to taste it. She completely swallowed it and smiled. “It’s a bit sour but good,” she said

I made her stand again and kissed her mouth and cunt to express my gratitude. Just a school girl, but a goddess who took me to heaven.

I made her sit on my lap, straddling me, with my cock, which was again erect, in touch with her cunt hole.

“I won’t fuck, but let me put my dick inside you,” I said

“Ok,” she was pleased

I applied some pressure ant my dick stated entering her cunt hole slowly, while she watched it with interest. I applied pressure again and my cock entered her pussy a bit deeper. With some mote try my cock half entered her little pussy.

As we were doing this my teacher slowly entered the room, with a broad smile on her face. With my cock still inside her cunt, the girl saw her mother and was a bit shocked.

“Don’t worry, I will not tell anyone,” my beloved teacher assured her daughter, stroking her hair. A smile of relief was seen on the daughter’s face and she made no attempt to disengage herself from me, as my cock was still inside her virgin cunt.My teacher sat next to me, looking at my cock and her daughter’s pussy, which were in a locked position.

With my right hand I hugged my sexy teacher, getting hold of left breast. Then the daughter knew and there was a bright smile of a special bond between the mother and the daughter.

Your daughter is sweet like you I told my teacher.

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Through My Teacher To Her Daughter Part 2