Everything Starts With A Cinema – Part 3

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It was the best day of my sex life and I just went second base with my lovely girlfriend. I was in the state of mesmerization. I would have never dreamt such a thing would happen to me. It was 2hrs into the movie and I had just completely soaked my Catherines boobs with my saliva and got back up to my seat again. I looked at her face right after and she had those cute and lusty eyes. That combined with those lovely lips of hers, she was my Aphrodite and I was her sex servant who was serving her.

So knowing the movies duration, I guessed we had like 30 to 40 mins in our hands to explore each other. I asked her “what do you want to do now? ” with a naughty smile. She wiped my wet lips with her hand and licked it and said “whatever you want with me, I am all yours today honey”. I was ecstatic at that moment, but I always had this thought in back of my mind that whatever be our intentions at that moment she actually wanted her virginity to be intact till marriage. At least thats what she had told me in our phone conversations.

I didnt know how far she was willing to go and I wanted to test her limits. So I questioned her “really!! ” with a surprised face. I guess she got my intentions, smiled and said these words ” dear, I was talking with my friends yesterday and many of my friends are not virgins. They told me that boys are like animals and they think about sex all the time.” . I was kind of offended but well she was right after all. We men always think with our dicks most of the time. She continued “they also said being virgin is not a big deal, but losing it to the person whom you really loved is the main thing and I decided that I want to lose mine with you.”

I was dumbstruck at that every moment. I didnt know if I could say the same if I was in her position. Then I said to her “baby, you know that we arent married yet, right! And moreover we fight a lot and breakup like at least once in a week. Someday it might happen that we may breakup for ever. I just wish you wont regret this decision. “. She became silent suddenly and started watching the movie. And there I was looking like a fucking idiot who just lost his opportunity to fuck his girlfriend all because he showed his good side for a minute.

While I was sitting there in my seat and cursing myself for my retarded speech, suddenly she held my left hand with a tight grip. And when I turned to see her face, her naughty smile was back on her face. Wow ! God really was merciful towards me today. I asked her “why this naughty face all of a sudden??” saying this I put my right hand on her cheeks softly. Then she replied “im enjoying this day and I dont want to spoil the fun. Lets to what ever we like with each other until the movie and I wont regret it. I promise!”. Hearing this I just let my dick takeover the steering wheel again .

I slowly parted her lips with my thumb and she gave me a soft bite to my thumb. I couldnt resist anymore, I grabbed the back of her head and locked her lips with mine with such lust that nothing was soft about that kiss. Our tongues were wrestling with each others while our lips shifted rapidly to takeover each others. She too put her hand on back of my head, holding my hair and pulling it whenever I bite her.

All this while my other hand reached my favorite place on earth, her lovely melons. This time I didnt bother to look around if someone was noticing us. I just lifted her t-shirt until I could reach her nipples. Let me tell you guys about her boobs, they werent perky but a smooth curved structure with her nipples in light almond color with a pinkish tint along with her fair complexion just made that into my real heaven.

And this time I didnt show any mercy to her boobs either. I was crushing them as my mood escalated. I would know that I hurt her a little whenever she pulled my hair harder. But that didnt stop me from do that. I was pinching and pulling those lovely nipples of hers.

Then she broke our kiss and whispered softly in my ear “honey, I have one more present for you.”. Saying this she went for her handbag that was lying in the seat next to her. All this while I still had my hand inside her t-shirt and holding her boobs. “this can wait for a while!!” saying this she pulled my hand out of her t-shirt and let it go. I was a little disappointed at that, after all I was like a little a child whose candy was taken away from him.

She pulled her handbag and put that in between us, on the seat handle. She opened it and took out a black bra. I guessed that was the one she was wearing until half an hour back. Showing the bra, she questioned “do you know what this is, right!”. “is that the bra you were wearing today, that is until the interval ?” I confirmed. She was blushing and said “you are right my darling.” and placed a cute kiss on my cheek.

And now I looked around to see if anyone was looking and then looked back to see that she was still searching for something inside her bag. “hold this. Where did that go!” saying this she handed the bra to me. That was the first time in my life I took interest towards a bra. I read the tag showing the size “34c”. Seeing this I got excited and put my right hand on her left boob and pressed it saying, “so this is what a 34c feels like huh!” and smiled naughtily. But she didnt reply anything and was intently searching in that bag. So I waited for her to find her thing and kept fondling with her boobs over her t-shirt.

And finally she exclaimed “here it is!” and took out a black cloth out. At first it looked like a normal piece of cloth that was rolled into a bunch. She gave that to me and looked away with a blush on her face. I was still puzzled and when I had spread those, that I understood what it was. Those were her panties, black in color with nets on the side. I felt a surge of shock when I understood what it was, and this made my pole to show its real form. I couldnt hold it in my pants anymore and was aching so badly.

While all this was happening inside my body my Aphrodite whispers in my ears “it is my panties that I was wearing until interval. Im not wearing anything under.”. Saying these words she took my left hand and placed it between her legs while spreading her legs a little.

My hand automatically knew its duty and started caressing her pussy over her jean. Her panties were still in my right hand and my hand felt a wet spot on the panties. I knew exactly what it was, and I smelled it. The smell was out of this world so lustful and lovely than anything I have ever smelled. I wanted to keep smelling it but then I realised that why I was wasting my time smelling a cloth when I had the real deal near me.

I went close to her ear and whispered “you smell so lovely down there!” and kissed her wet lips. While I was kissing her, I kept her panties on my lap and moved my right hand to her jeans. I slowly traced the pant zipper and slowly unzipped it. My blood was rushing through my veins so fast as if I had just run a mile.

To be continued …….

Everything Starts With A Cinema – Part 3