Hot Sex With A Bengali Girl Part 1

Hi everyone I am Mohit and and this is the first time I am submitting a story . I have been following ISS and enjoyed reading a lot of stories.

This is a real incident that happened with me when I was pursuing my studies in kolkata and so how it all began and I ended up loosing my virginity to the sexy girl. I used to live in a flat with my friend and one day I was sitting on my bed working on some presentation. Suddenly my friends and shows me ticket to a concert show that was to take place that day in a college….I was in no mood of going anywhere that day but my friend forced me and I went with him.

We reached and my friend got busy with his girlfriend and I was left alone…They asked me to come with them but I did not feel right disturbing them….So I told them to go and I would come in some time…..As my friend and his gf went I was standing there alone on the field and suddenly and suddenly I saw a group of boys and girls coming in…..Which is where I noticed aanchal (name changed) and I was like struck by her beauty…She is fair and had a very curvy figure……I was not able to take my eyes of her she was looking so beautiful.

This went on for around 5 mins when I saw her standing aside from her group talking to someone on the phone….I thought of approaching her but was scared….Then she kept her phone and was still standing there as soon she looked at me I got the signal and I went towards her stood by her side….She saw me said ‘hi and then both had a little chat…Then she took me to her group and now even I was enjoying the concert….After it all ended I dropped her at her home and left.

Since we had exchanged our numbers the very next day I texted her and we made plans of meeting again….And decided to go to hookah parlor the next day I would pick her up from after and my classes and we then we would go to the place….

So the next day after finishing my classes I picked her up and went to the hookah parlor…..Well I was very excited since the first day I saw her and wanted to make some advancements towards thats why I decided to go to my friends parlor……When we reached there we sat down and ordered a hookah and a few snacks…….As the hookah came we started to smoke and let me tell you the way she was taking the pipe and smoking it was making me hard down in my pants.

Since it was my friends place so we booked the private area where no one would disturb us……Then as we sitting there suddenly a wicked idea came in my mind…..And I asked her that lets play a game and she asked what game…..So I told her that its called passing the smoke where she would smoke the hookah and pass the smoke to me and I would blow it out…….To my surprise she got ready to play the game and it started…..At first I was a little scared to go near her but deep inside I wanted to kiss her rosy lips…..

Then I build up some courage and while passing the smoke placed a kiss on her lips…..She suddenly got back and said what was I trying to do…I said sorry and slipped back to my corner…..And to my surprise she suddenly came for planted a kiss.

Then we began kissing and our tongues were rolling and playing with each other……..That day she was wearing a tight tees and shorts…..I slowly then moved my hand towards her thighs and started caressing her……..She was making soft moans of ammm ammm aahhh….Which was driving me crazy…….

Then we broke the kiss and I started kiss on her neck and grabbed her boobs with my hand……She was completely enjoying it……She slowly moved her hands towards my jeans and started rubbing my cock from over the jeans…….I was going mad as cock wanted to be released from its chains.

As we sitting in the private area so we had no fear of anyone seeing us as it was all covered…….So I got her to sight on my lap and she started rubbing her ass over my cock……Holding her from behind I slid my hands in her tees and unhooked her bra and got hold of her boobs and started pressing them and pinching her nipples…..She was getting hot and wanted to suck her nipples…..I turned her towards and lifted her tee and saw her firm boobs and her nipples were erect…..I grabbed her boobs and started sucking her nipples one by one….And she was ohhh god ammm bite them…..And I bit her nipples and she was moaning loudly.

Then she got up and went low towards my jeans and released my cock….It was dripping with pre-cum she licked it from my cock and then slowly started sucking my cock and I was in heaven she sucked it like an expert and I was not able to hold myself for long and came in her mouth and she drank all my cum…

After drinking my cum she said its your turn and sat on the sofa I moved towards her lowered her jeans and could see her red panty dripping wet and smell of it made me go crazy… I removed her panty too and her clean shaved pussy…. I started touching her pink taco with my finger and she started pressing herself…

Then I placed my mouth near her and slowly inserted my tongue inside and left a soft moan…..I started rotating my tongue inside her and finger fuck her at same time……She was enjoying it so much held my head and pressed it against her pussy… After some time she came and I drank all her juices.

We both were exhausted and we dressed ourselves and sat there for sometime and she asked me that she wanted more…. So I said she would get it eventually but have to wait for sometime…. After that we paid the bill and left and I dropped her home…. She had got very horny and wanted me to fuck her soon…….To which we will get to in the next part.

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Hot Sex With A Bengali Girl Part 1