A Fine Afternoon With Friends Older Sister

This story starts from my childhood when I was studying 12th class,i had a very good friend named sweety in my class.This story is about her sister madhu and me.As I and sweety were very good friends I came into contact with with her sister madhu who too studied in the same school and was 2yrs older to us.Talking about her stats she was a damn sexy girl with sizes 34-30-32,averaged height,fair.

While studying in school me and madhu became good friends,we used to go out around city(not only two of us but with sweety accompanying us),we werent that close at that time.So our friendship started taking blossoms we used to chat late night,we phone call each other whenever we got time.And this continued for around 3-4yrs.We started having sex chats sex calls,we started intimating each other whenever we met.And then I came of to hyderabad to pursue my engineering and she too came here for her gate coaching whilw I was in my final year.

As I was living in hostel I decided to shift to a room so that we spend time with each other.Searching searching I finally found a room.One fine day we went for a movie yeh jawani hai deewani and that was the day we started getting physical,i booked two corner seat so that we get some privacy.While in the movie madhu started biting my ears slowly and smoothly which aroused me to a level where couldnt stop myself and I started kissing her lips as she too was in good sex mood she too started kissing me back tightly.Mean while I licked her on her neck chest lips ears which made her cross her level and took my hand and kept it on her sexy round big boobs,that moment took me to the cloud 9.

I started pressing her lovely boobs hard one after the another which made her go crazy and she opened the buttons of her top and took her boobs out and seeing those watermelons I couldnt stop myself.Like a hungry lion I grabbed those boobs with both my hands and started sucking them one by one.

I sucked them,licked them,bite them,massaged them,played with her nipples which became rock hard,pinched her nipples pulled them hard.Not withstanding the mood she kept her and on my tool which had already became a 6 inch hot rod which was trying to burst out of my pant to which she helped my rod to burst out,seeing which she immediately took it in her mouth very comfortably and man that feeling was the best in the world no other feeling can beat the feel of girl giving blowjob.

As the theatre was empty without any hesitation she came under my seat and gave me very hard and satisfying blowjob ever,continuing it for around 15min finally I ejaculated in her mouth which she later spited at the corner.Now it was my turn to explore her lovely pussy which I loved the most in her body it was cleanly shaved smelling sweet pussy which tempted me a lot.

I took the complete pussy in my mouth and sucked it very hard,sucked her pussy with my tongue I even bite her there,kept my tongue inside her vagina,gave her tongue fuck and she was moaning madly which made me go more mad I licked her pussy for around half and hour and she started leaving her liquid very badly.Getting the chance I climbed on her on her seat itself and she helped me directing my dick in sweet and sexy vagina and I fucked her like a mad dog for around 15min and she was moaning loudly which made me increase speed and ejaculated but outside her vagina and after this we kissed each other and sucked each others nipple till the movie ends.

This was how we came closer physically for the first time and the very next day we had another sex session in my room this quite freely comfortably and loudly.

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