Pramila Bhabhi Fuckfan Club Paying The Bills

What are the things you need to consider to call a woman, ‘A loyal Indian housewife?

The answer would be something like this. ‘She should have love only for her husband and no one else should attract her more than her husband. , ‘She should be with her husband through all thicks and thins of life., ‘Her main ambition in life is to take care of her house and her family and to make it flourish.

There was a woman, who used to fit in this description of ‘a loyal Indian housewife. Meet, Pramila Naik. She was a recently married woman living with her husband in a chawl. Her husband, Rajesh was earning money, just sufficient to feed themselves. The couple couldnt afford any luxuries on Rajeshs salary. One year since marriage, they moved to city from a village a couple of months ago, started living in one room apartment in a Chawl. Chawl is a large building divided into many separate tenements, offering cheap, basic accommodation. Pramila would usually spend her days doing household chores.

Waking up early, preparing breakfast and food for husbands tiffin. After he is gone, cleaning the house, washing clothes. Cooking food for the day, lunch and dinner. Taking a bath, quick lunch followed by a small nap. A chat with neighbors until her husband is back after which her job was to cater to her husbands needs until they finally went to sleep.

This was a routine Pramila followed everyday, for the last two months since she got shifted to this Chawl. Pramila was selfless, humble, kind hearted and compassionate. I know this because I have been her neighbor for a while now. I am college going student living with my parents. I am 21, an Adult,the point I want to stress on. My name is Vijay. Knowing all this, I still cant believe right now that I am in bed with Pramila, we both are naked and she has fallen asleep in my arms after having sex with me.

Earlier that morning,

“Are (Hey) Vijay, our neighbor Rajesh has asked you to pay his electricity bill, he didnt have time to do it himself, so he requested me. Can you do it?” my father said this to me, it was more of an order rather than a request.

“Yes father, I just have to do some work first. Later Ill take the bill from Pramila Bhabhi (that is what most of the people in the chawl used to call her for some reason) and do the job.” I could do nothing but agree to it.

“Damn, one day I am at home, thought I would roam around with my friends, and now my father hands me this job. Why cant Rajesh do it himself?” I was angry and irritated. I took a short walk in the nearby garden to cool myself down and returned. I was going to pretend to have forgotten and go home to have lunch. But my father was sitting in the hall reading newspaper. I had no other option to go collect the bill.

“Bhabhi! Pramila Bhabhi!” I called her before knocking the door. But the moment I pushed the door flew wide open. I looked around but there was no one in the hall. As I walked in, I could here someone singing, someone from the bedroom.

The electricity bill and the cheque was on the table but I was curious to find out who was singing. Their bedroom didnt have a door, but just a curtain. I pulled the curtain apart slightly to see that it was Pramila bhabhi who was singing. This was a bit unexpected in a good way as my eyes were fixed on her. Not because of her sweet voice, which she actually has, but because she was dancing to the tunes and simultaneously taking off her clothes. I never saw a strip show even on TV back then, but that one I saw live, was the best ever. Bhabhi was down to her pink bra and panty.

She went topless while she was facing towards the cupboard, away from me. She was search for clothes she wanted to wear. I was getting excited more and more with every moment that passed, hoping that she would turn and show me her melons. To be honest, I was always shy around Pramila, never looked into her eyes.

The reason for that was, whenever I looked at her my eyes would slide down staring at her boobs. Pramila had such huge breasts that her blouse couldnt conceal revealing a huge cleavage. But the underwear she was wearing wasnt attractive at all. Her panty was covering her butt cheeks entirely. At that moment, for once I thought of barging in and ripping off her underwear. But to my luck, I had to do no such thing as She herself removed her panty. As I was a Good boy, I chose to turn around and go pay the bill quietly.

But that wasnt me, I just pretended to be good around people. Instead I unzipped my pants and started enjoying the show. Adding to the fun, she now started searching for clothes in the lower shelf so she bent down spreading her butt and revealing her sweet pussy. I was masturbating really hard and rough so that I could cum before the show was over. But suddenly ‘Clang-ing-ing I knocked over a metallic vase making a loud noise.

In a state of panic I started to put on my pants, but my zipper was stuck. She finally came out wearing a white Petticoat. I was caught and fear grew on me. I started sweating thinking about the consequences. She was standing in front of me quietly, looking here and there. A minute later I realized that she was distracted because my dick was still out of my pants. You might be thinking that after this, I would have lost the excitation and arousal, but the truth is No. Pramila wasnt wearing anything underneath and her petticoat was transparent enough to show off her goods, that kept me really hard. Finally she focused on my eyes asking,

“What are you doing here?”

“Rajesh wanted me to pay your bills. I came collect them.” I answered nervously.

“Fine, then why are your pants unbuttoned. I didnt expect this from you. Do you think it is decent to watch a woman changing clothes. I will have to talked to your parents about this.” she said in a rude tone.

I was an adult that time, still I was scared of my parents, especially my father. So I panicked and tried to rectify the situation,

“No. Sorry. I was distracted. It wont happen again. Its just that you have a beautiful body.” I said all this in a rush while I was struggling with the zipper.

Finally I managed to put on my pants, still there was a big bump visible. She then pointed at the door and told me to leave. Bending my neck with shame, I whispered ‘sorry and walked towards the door. While I was holding the door, a thought came to my mind. “I have come this far, I should not give up, maybe if I push this situation a bit more.” I took a deep breath, closed the door and turned around. She was still standing there looking at me.

“Bhabhi, I am really sorry what happened today. You really have and attractive body, so even now that you are dressed I am still aroused. I cant go outside with a hard-on. So, if you could just let me…”

I didnt complete the sentence letting her imagination kick in and decide what to do. She thought for a while and then said,

“Okay fine, you can stroke yourself until you cum. I will stand here keeping my eyes closed till you are done.”

I didnt though she would agree to stay in the room, guess she is excited too. I then sat on the sofa with my pants down and started masturbating. Meanwhile she stood in front of me at a distance. Her eyes were shut but knowing that someone is staring at her made her feel embarrassed. By then I had gone into my mischievous mode so I wasnt stroking just pretending to do so.

“Whats taking you so long”, she asked after a couple of minutes of wait.

“Sorry Bhabhi. You have scared me too much for me to cum quickly. If you could just take off your clothes I would be done quickly.” I said in a low voice.

“What!” she shouted opening her eyes wide open,”I wouldnt do that ever.” She then realized that I was seeing through her petticoat and so she covered herself with her hands.

“Oh come-on Bhabhi, I have seen you naked already and you cant erase that. If you strip now, at least we can get over with this quickly.” I said stressing the importance of this.

She agreed to it without a word and unbuttoned her petticoat. Her skin was so soft and silky that the petticoat simply slid down exposing her body. She was blushing even more now. I could see her pussy dripping wet. Theres no stopping me now. I pushed the situation even further by asking her to let me touch her. She denied and came up with a counter option of her stroking me with her hand. I had sex just once before this so I knew that I wasnt going to last long if she starts stroking. I need to make a move now.

“I think you should use your mouth. That way I would cum sooner.” I said this looking at her. She was already on her knees holding my dick in her hand. But when she heard this she pushed herself away. It was clear from her expressions that she has never given a blowjob before. She then stood up to go put on her petticoat. I realized that the opportunity was slipping off my hands and I need to fix it quickly.

“If you arent willing to give a blowjob, then maybe you should let me fuck you.” It was stupidest line ever which I said out loud without thinking.

I was sure after that she was going to throw me out. But then she surprised me. She held my hand and took me to her bedroom. She then got on to her bed and lied facing down. Before putting her face in the pillow she looked at me. It was her sign for me to join in. I was happy now, that finally I was going to have sex with Pramila. Since the time I lost my virginity to a prostitute. I had targeted all the attractive mature women of the shawl and filled my fantasies with them. Pramila was one of them. I hastily took off my clothes and jumped in. I lied on her inserting my dick in. She used her hand to get it in. Grabbing the sheets I started fucking her.

It didnt took me long to get to the point of climax. Quickly I took out my dick and I came on her back. I really wanted to feel her lips but she wasnt willing. So I whispered ‘thank you in her ear and rolled out of the bed. But before I could get out she held my hand. Pramila wasnt satisfied yet so she pulled me in to cuddle until we were ready for round two.

“And that was the first time I had sex with Pramila Bhabhi. It was the best day of my life. Even though I lost virginity to a prostitute, I believe that Pramila was the woman I had sex for the first time. But that wasnt the only time. I thank you all for letting me share this story of mine at Pramila Bhabhi Fuckfan Club. Heres the photo of Pramila in bed after we had sex for the first time.” Saying this I showed the guys a photo in my phone. We were done for today and then the head of PBFC spoke.

“Thank you guys for making this session memorable. Over these years our beloved Pramila Bhabhi had many fuck buddies and those moments with her were the best times of our lives. But now she has moved to a different place. That is the reason I started this Club where all of us would meet once a week and share our memories, photos, videos and re-live those moments. This is for us to keep our love for Pramila alive until the time she chooses to return.”

Thank You.

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