Seducing Wifes Friend Part 1

Hello friends

My name is rakesh I am a big fan of Indian sex stories since long time, have been reading most of the stories. I am married have a lovely wife who is bit fat with big boobs 40 even having sex regular with her I am starving for sex every where I keep on looking for sex & also been lucky to have sex with many females.

Here I am narrating a story about my sex with my wife’s friend sangita who looks very sexy with beautiful figure & very bold in her outfit I always had an eye on her cleavages she has good breast very big ass whenever she use to be nearby me I always had a hard one I had many time seen her cleavages I use to never understand is she was purposely showing or was she like that, but it was always bad for me, I always had a erection, she always use to wear revealing dress like tight pant, loose tee, short skirt, tight fit dresses which show her big breast very sexy

As sangita was my wife’s friend but we were a family friend too as I was also close to her husband so it was quite often that we all use to meet at each other’s house for drinks & dinner also our house was nearby so it was regular meeting & party we all use to drink my wife & sangita would have 2 pegs of vodka & we men will have unlimited whiskey
Sangita has hosted a party & we had reached their house in the evening when we entered their house I got an erection seeing sangita with her sexy looking out fit she was wearing a half loose sleeve low neck dress with skirt the dress was sexy & she was looking beautiful we all started having our drink with light music on the background as the drink was catching up my eyes was grooming on sangita as I was just sitting opposite her, while talking her skirt was bit open by eyes caught on her legs I would see her thighs from the side as her legs were cross,

I got a immediate erection I don’t know if sangita noticed that I was seeing her thighs, she got up & brought some snacks while keeping the same on the table I saw her full breast with black bra when she bend , as I was seeing her breast our eyes met & she gave a very sexy smile I started realising that sangita too is aware of my action after some time it was like my dream come true sangita sat in such a position with her wide leg open I could see her pink panty I was getting out of control like that the whole party went with seeing her breast & panty I really enjoyed the party with whiskey, sexy girl showing her asset

When we reached home my wife was bit high she was undressing I could not control myself when she removed her dress I just started pressing her breast which is whitest & heavy I started sucking her brown nipple she was also getting hot I put my hand on her cunt & started rubbing it she was getting wild wanted me to suck & pull her nipple as strong as possible I removed her bra & started sucking & squeezing her nipple pushed her in the bed & went over her removed her panty & stared sucking her cunt she was getting wet I was liking her sperm I was licking like wild she was pulling my hair & forcing like she wanted something more in her cunt I was licking she was moaning she was getting crazy at this situation she would had any men’s cock in her cunt she was screaming fuck me please fuck me she was getting crazy

I started pressing her breast sucking her nipple but she wanted my cock in her cunt I was making her crazy she started shouting fuck me fast I need your cock I kept on sucking her breast she was pushing & begging for my cock I got up & inserted my cock when my cock entered her cunt I pushed it hard she started jerking her ass so that she can get full cock in her cunt I started stroking hard & harder she was screaming fuck hard & later enough she was sweating in ac with her nude body I licked in her cunt & got up we both slept naked in the bed it was almost 2 am again I had sex with her in the morning at 7 am when I got up but she was asleep I really don’t know she realised that I had inserted & had sex there was not much reaction from her side

I always wonder there are sometime in mid night too I had sex with my wife when she is sleeping she never react when I ask her in the morning she is not aware of such sex I wonder anyone in the world can have sex with her at that time I really want to try sometime with other man having sex with my wife at that situation as she is very conservative she will not accept any man to touch her body but I want to see her having sex with other man even though I have regular sex with her but best part of life is to see my wife panty when she sit or sleep in occurred position

I hope you all liked my first story please mail me with your comment as I am posting my second part of story of having sex with sangita mail me at / / any married man/women having a similar thought like me can send the mail will be in touch. My story title will be (by rakesh ……..)

Have fun enjoy life