Savita Bhabhi Episode 41

In a village called Pagampur, Ashok and Savita went for a village festival where they saw a big bonfire surrounded by lots of people and tents. Music was played. Girls covered just ¼th of the boobs and a transparent skirt whose lace is covering just their pussy line, were dancing.

Savita and Shobha were excited about the whole festival thing.

“Wow Ashok… I’ve seen these sorts of village celebrations in the movies but the real thing is much better.”

“Oh yes, I’ve been to lots of celebrations like this when I was little. The village Thakurs spare no expense at the yearly harvest festival.”

“And the dancers they have hired are really good, they are making the crowd go crazy.” said Savita, while she thought to herself “The Thakurs must have spent a lot of money to get such beautiful girls to dance at this festival. Reminds me of the scenes in movies when the villain makes the heroines dance to his tunes by keeping the hero hostage.”

Just then Kunal Uncle walks in and disturbs Savita’s naughty thought.

“So bahu are you enjoying our village’s humble festival?”

“It’s really excellent”, Sasurji.” said Savita to Kunal.

“Come and sit with us Uncleji.” said Ashok to Kunal.

Kunal sat in between Savita and Ashok, he put his hands on both their shoulders.

Savita thought “Sasurji can’t keep his hands off me for even a minute.”

Except he slipped his hand more in Savita’s blouse groping her boob which made Savita gasp “Sasurji sure is daring tonight. I’d better hide his hand with my pallu”, and covers his hand with her pallu.

“Good thinking bahu, now I can fondle you even more without the risk of anyone seeing anything.” Kunal pulls up her blouse beneath thepallu and pinches her nipples.

Ashok got distracted from a moment and asked “Did you say something Savvi?”

“No no Honey. Just enjoy the show” replied Savita.

Savita completely lost her concentration from the dance. She went into deep moaning mode “Aaah… umm… My sasurji is… Ahh…fondling my tits in public while my…Ahh… Ashok is right beside us. This is so naughty and turning me on…”

One of her breasts was naked as the blouse was pulled above the nipples and his fingers were still pinching and pulling on her nipples.

“Aahh…Uncle ji knows my weak spots so well” thought Savita.

Savita’s hand slipped under Kunal’s big kurta and held his cock which was erected while she thought “Two can play this game.”

After a while fully aroused Savita whispered into Kunal’s ears “aahhh..uncleji… this teasing is too much.”

“I agree… Let’s go off somewhere to fuck.”

“Ashok Honey, I’m feeling a bit tired so maybe I’ll head back home.” said Savita to Ashok.

“Aww… Can’t you wait? The festival will last a couple more hours.”

“Why don’t I take her home? I’ve seen this festival so many times, I’m already bored” said Kunal uncle.

Ashok agreed “Ok great, why don’t you give Savita a massage to relax! Savita told me about how much she enjoyed it on that trip you guys took!

“Excellent idea Ashok… I have some great massage oils in my room.”

Savita and Kunal left and Savita thought “He just gave me a demo of his excellent massage while groping my tits just a few minutes ago.”

Later that night when Ashok entered his room he was taken back from the pleasant aroma “Hmmm..Whats that pleasant smell Savvi?”

“That’s the aroma of the special massage oil sasurji used.”

She thought of how he used that oil “Thanks to the oil. Your cock is moving so smoothly between my tits.”-“Aahh… fuck yess… using the oil to loosen up my ass before you fuck it.” “You are so naughty sasurji!!”

Ashok bought her back to reality “you missed the festival though. Those dancers the Thakurs hired were really great na..?”

Savita thought “Hmmm… But I wonder whether the show is really over after everyone went home.”

“I wonder what it would be like if me and Shoba were the dancers for the Thakurs.” Savita wondered when Ashok had dozed.

Five Thakurs in village dressed in big turbans were sitting on the edge of two big king sized beds with a fire roaring between them. They were inside a big tent and all five Thakurs had whiskey and some ice in front of them. Two of them were in their forties and two in their thirties and one was just 18 years old.

There were talking to each other.

“Now that was a party to remember!”

“Haha… the fun isn’t over yet. Bring in the girls.”

A valet who wore a turban bowed and said “JeeHuzur!”

Other Thakurs continued talking “Isn’t this our nephew’s first time at our special after party?”

“Oh yes… He turned 18 just last month so his father allowed him to join us.”

Savita and Shobha open the tent and asked “May we come in thakurji?”

“Wow… These girls are hot!” – “Are they going to dance for us again?” said chote Thakur.

The first Thakur replied “Haha… my son is new at this, why don’t you sit with him and introduce yourself properly Savita?”

“Yes, Savita is more experienced at this.”

What is Savita experienced at?

How will she help chote Thakur?

And how will Shobha service all the Thakur’s alone?

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