Amazing Experience With My Neighbor

Hey guys this is Sagar from Mumbai!This is my first story in Indian sex stories .. This story is about me and my dream girl/women whatever you say . She was our neighbor she looked sex goddess .. Whenever I used to see her I would go to washroom and would do a hand job thinking of her thinking of fucking her putting off my hardcore penis in her wet pussy starting with her look , she was very attractive fair lady, 5.8 in height with a very sexy figure. Her figure was 36-28-36 at that time with which she could make any one fall for her. I loved to see hips when she walked and no doubt her boobs which were treat to watch and play with. She was naughty by nature.

We become good friends and started spending some time in the absent of our family member . Her husband almost 2-3 weeks in a month used to be out of town . She would hence feel very lonely and taking advantage of that I used to company her every time wherever she used to go and make her feel comfortable with me . She would ask to share everything from me and would share everything with me

One day when we went to market to buy some stuff it started raining heavily and we both became wet as were on my bike . So instead of standing in one place and let rain o we decided to go home . I was enjoying each and every second of the ride as whenever I used to apply brake she used to fall on me and her big boobs used to get rubbed with my back . I enjoyed it several times doing it intentionally . She also playing with me by putting her hand around my waist and intentionally touching my hardcore erected penis . We both got sexually aroused and knew something would happen today

Taking the first step as soon as we arrived our home she said to come her come and get fresh and stay there only as her daughter went to relative house and my parents were out of town so we decided to spend night in her house… I was getting unable to control myself by seeing her in that attire with her boobs being watchable to me and her navel fuck I was just in my own world and my cock already not able to control emotion she could sense it in my pant . She was giving naughty smile by seeing this . She then went inside to take bath and came after 5 mins with just small towel wrapped around which covered her boobs and pussy that is it !

I was mesmerized to see in her in that attire she said me she will change and come while she was changing she intentionally left half door open .. I went near door and started seeing her first of all when she removed towel I saw her sexy curvy back and her big assets her ass and when she turned I was in heaven when I saw her boobs and pussy she then wore and night wear with out wearing bra and pants and softly said why are u hiding come close to me and do what ever u want to me.. I simply without wasting my time ran to grab her from back and started kissing her passionately for 15 min with one of my hand playing with her boobs and other with her sexy ass !!

I was unable to control myself so with my hardcore penis rubbing her pants started getting wild with her !! She was running away from me playing with me making me wait longer but I ran to catch her and grabbed her from back took her in my arms and then kept her against wall and started inserting my penis in her hole !! I kept inserting my tool for 15 mins. Then we started passionately kissing each other.

After a break of 10 minutes we both were again charged up so I started licking her wet pussy she was making very erotic noises at time. After some time again I started fucking her pussy hole in 69 position and as soon as I was done with that I was just left with her ass

After taking my penis from her pussy I began inserting my hardcore penis inside her ass hole…she was enjoying it slowly and I kept it inside for 5 mins. She had a look into my eyes . I gave a naughty smile and kissed her lips. I again started banging her ass hole. It was very very painful for her but she too began having fun .I took my penis out and again inserted it in her wet pussy . This continued for about 25 mins. It was getting very late and hence we decided to have fun next time . I hugged and kissed her 5 minutes passionately pressing her big boobs . We both dressed each other

This continued again next day with more passion and we have this kind of encounters regularly when we get a chance

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