My Moms Best Friend

Hi readers this is Amit Singh. I am 25 and i love reading iss. I am going to share my sex experience with my neighbor aunty. This incident happened in Lucknow four months ago. In our neighborhood, came a new family consisting of a housewife, her husband and their two daughters and only son. Their children study in colleges and occasionally came home. Days passed, that woman in our neighborhood, have become a best friend of my mom. From my mom i came to know that her name is Manju and she is 45. She is whitish in complexion and bit fat. I secretly watch her face and expressions when she talk to my mom.

One day, my mom went to the market. It was just only me in a big house. I was lying on bed and working on my laptop when i heard a knock. It was my neighbor Manju. That was the first time i met her personally. She wore yellow salwar suit and smelt good. I welcomed her and made her a tea. I started to get comfortable with her. She was laughing and making cute expressions. I realized that i had a good chance to fuck her. Getting a matured lady for sex is a most beautiful thing in life.

Another day, same thing happened, my mom went to a shop to exchange her clothe she bought the other day. I was waiting for Manju aunty to come but before that i got a message from my mom which read ” Beta i am with your Dad. We are going to see Krati ( Krati is my sister and she study in a college ) Will not be home by another two days”. I was slightly disappointed as i too wanted to meet my sister. But the good thing was that i have had full chance to get closer to Manju aunty. That day went quite nicely. At the end, when she was about to go i said, “Aunty i am alone. My mom will not be here for another two days ” She said, ” Ok i will make dinner for you today “. I said, ” Ok”. She left.

At 9 :00 pm she came to me with a tiffin. She put her tiffin on the table and said, ” if you need more, just miss call me”. She was about to leave but i immediately stopped her. I said,” I need your help “. She said, ” Beta what help?” I said, ” I want to kiss you”. She got frightened and stepped back. I said to her, “No one will know about it.”. She said,” Shut up. Let me go”. I hugged her. Her boobs felt nice.

She made several attempts to push me away before she gave in. I kissed her neck and made contact with her eyes. I said, ” I can be your second husband if you want”. She jokingly said ,” My second hubby is 20 yr younger than me “. Saying this, she smiled. Just the way i wanted. I loved her expressions. I took Manju aunty to my bed as my bride. She said, “I am all yours Beta”. I took off her salwar suit and other undergarments. I was overwhelmed by her inner beauty. She was giving nice fragrance from her body. I got naked too in front of her. She was staring at my muscular body and my dick. She said, “Beta. I need you”.

I said, ” Aunty. I will satisfy your needs from now on”. She hugged me tight. She said, ” Beta i am your wife. “. I kissed her lips. I explored her tongue with mine. I was sucking her saliva. She hugged me tighter and told me to eat her. I moved my palm from her back to her silky thighs and then slightly upward to her ass. I was kissing and touching her body parts. I sniffed her neck and shoulders as she wore a nice perfume. I said to her, ” I love your body odour”. She blushed and hugged me tighter. I was laying on top of her. I whisphered close to her ear, ” I am gonna eat you”. She giggled. Her boobs were stiffer. I licked her boobs and nipples. She was touching my body parts and moaning.

I rolled my tongue around her nipple and sucked it. I sucked both of her nipples for hours. I had all her delicious milk from her. She was moaning and making sexier expressions. I licked sweat from her belly button and from all over her plumpy waist. She gently pushed my face onto her pussy. I could see juices coming out of her pussy. Her pussy smelt more of urine. i touched her pussy lips and kissed it. She said, “Beta put your tongue inside. Fuck me”. I didnt disappoint her as i was licking deep inside her pussy. I was moving my tongue in and out.

She said, “You are doing it so nicely. Ahhh. mmm..ahhhh”. Her plumpy thighs firmly surrounded my neck. I kept licking her pussy. I took my tongue slightly down to her shithole. I spread her ass cheeks apart and licked more of it. It tasted like a shit. She liked me exploring her dirty asshole. I got up and laid on top of her. I looked at her and said, ” Manju. I love you”. She hugged and said, ” Beta i love you too. Now fuck your aunty”. With her hand, she adjusted my dick and with a slight push it went straight to her womb.

I was moving my dick in and out of her pussy. I heard her moan and thumping noises. She said.” Beta. ahhh.. maaa. ahhhhh .. aaaahhh”. I could see her face got red with sweat all over her body. I increased my speed and her moan got louder. She scratched my back with her nails. She said, ” Beta. Ahhh.. aahhhhh.. aaaaahhh .. Cum in me”. I was shocked when i heard that. I pushed my dick back into her womb and released all my sperm.

We both got exhausted and slept like that. In the morning when i woke up, i saw an old married woman with sindoor on her forehead lying naked with me on my bed. She woke up and said, ” How are you, my second husband?” She kissed my lips.

Its my real experience with my neighbor. If you like my story or if you want to have sex, email me / /