Shocking Night With My Aunt At Jaipur Part 1

Hey guys I am rajat from jaipur rajasthan, my age is 19 yr and I am 5-11 formal football player with athletic body whoever want to contact me here is my / / I can satisfy you ladies as this sharma boy is there for you all the time you are not satisfied this is my first story so here it goes.

My dad is a doctor and his friends wife have severe problem of back pain so she visited jaipur for treatment, my dad asked me to pick her up from the airport so I picked her up and when she came out of the airport I was shocked it was a jaw dropping moment for me she was as white as milk and damn hot figure perfectly curved and her butt was awesome. She was hardly 29-30. She said me you are rajat I replied yes welcome to jaipur. She smiled and said thank you her smile was killer and I thought if fucking her all by that time but controlled then she bent forward to pick up her bag and her pallu dropped in front of me and that red saree was a magical one it showed me her cleavage and belly button my eyes all stick there and she caught me and said can u please help me to pick this bag up while adjusting her pallu I said ok and I put that bag at car

Then I dropped her by car at my home and my mom and dad welcomed her but I have some horny thoughts for her from the moment I saw her as fast as I reached home I went to washroom and masturbated.

Then while eating food my eyes was all on her her lips were so juicy like they are calling me but I managed to get my eyes away and concentrated on my food but while she was taking food her feet touched mine and I was excited by her love she said nothing in front of my mom dad but as I finished my food she said beta sorry for that feet I said oh no problem that was a soft one by that she said you are pretty hard huh? I said ya quite much she enquired me that dont you have any gf as you have good personality I said nope right now I am concentrating on my studies and football she replied oh you are quite ambitious boy I said yes quite much but then my mom came and said rajat you have to go tuition I was said as she was taking interest.

Then I went away and she went to doctor and my mom dad accompanied her after tiring day she went for a bath and mom allotted her my rooms bathroom and I didnt know that so I knocked the bathroom and asked who is there and she said rajt let bath please I said oh sorry sure you are guest here and I went away and sit in my bed and started solving physics and then she asked me for a towel loudly and I gave her but while she opened the bathroom gate little bit I saw her feet till knee completely waxed and chilled water was dropping down from it and it was like water is sliding over milk

I was continuously stalking her legs but the show was her she closed the door and she came out on towel and asked me to go out of the room and I agreed to her and went away and after some time she was wearing another saree and had dinner than my mom dad asked me to give her place at my room as the guest room ac is not working and my mind have some naughty thoughts for her I said ok no problem then my sexy aunty arrived in nighty oh my god her cleavage was clearly visible it was like sunny leone cleavage I just want to grab her boobs but some how I managed then she asked me where I have to sleep I said my bed is double bed for 2 peoples you sleep at this side I will on another she said ok.

And slept at other side I was excited that sexy lady like porn stars is sleeping with me and then that sexy night began she broke the ice by asking in which class you are I replied 12th she said oh you like body building ?

I said no actually my body is fit because of football by hearing this she accidentally said footballers have great stamina I was shocked by hearing this ac was at 18 so she asked me to bring one thin blanket for her I said ok I bought her one and she fall asleep I was bored and horny too I tried to wake her up and she asked what happened I said I dont have any more blanket and this ac is so chilled will you please share blanket she said of course rajat come close to me I was on heaven her smell of hairs is full on my mind and my hands are attracted towards her butt and somehow I asked her are you asleep she said no its hard to sleep at new place with her back towards me her back was whole nude so I asked I her can we play one game she said what? I said I will write something on your back you have to assume it she saud ok.

And it was a key to sexy night for me….I write raj on her back and she was unable to understand it and I said if u wont understand the word I will go down she said ok. I started my master plan and started to implying it by writing there she said its k I think I said no its a she said oh shit I lost I said so rules are rules I will write but little bit lower she said ok rajat as u like.

I went little bit down towards her bone at back shoulder and write shar she said its shat I said no you are again wrong I went towards her bra strip and said this is coming in between she said no problem I will understand write in top of it I was pissed but somehow I carried my plan

More of this I will tell you in another part . Message me girls and aunties at / / waiting for your responses