Testimony Of Hameeda Part 4

…I felt something on my boobs after a while so I opened my eyes and say that it was him, eating my boobs again. It was sensational. I face palmed.

-imad..oh! Can you not just leave me alone for a while?-

I asked him jokingly. Only I know hoe much I loved the way it felt.

-oh I know you love it honey. Come down with me if you want some food and drinks-

He again started eating my boobs. After a while, I slowly pushed him away to go downstairs. He took me in his arms and took me downstairs. I was still wearing my head cover.

He had some chocolates, oranges and milk. When I saw them I knew one thing. They were not just food. They were sexual stimulators as well.

Imad, what are you planning to do with these weird food stuff?-

He smiled and put me down. Now we were standing by the table.

-eat, drink and prepare for the next session. I cannot waste these two days, you know?-

His eyes were shining with lust. I was speechless. He rubbed my head.

-do not worry, I will not leave you to suffer-

He them kissed my forehead.

-let us eat, then have a nap, and once ready, have fun-

After the meals, we went back to his bedroom.

I laid there as soon as I was there. When he also tried to lay, I asked him,

-how often can you have sex?-

-hmm…i dunno, but I know that it does not take much time between two sessions if I can have sex as many times as my body asks for-

-can you have now?-

I was just asking. I thought he cannot do it that often. But his response was unexpected.

-of course I can. I usually do not let my cock cum too much so I am almost always ready-

-so why are you not touching me now?-

-because I guess you are not ready-

What a sympathetic man! I pulled him to me by his hand. He looked astonished.

-are you ready now, hameeda?-

-well…not exactly, but I will be, once you make me…come on, seduce me now-

I smiled at him as passionately as possible. That was enough.

-lemme massage you for a while-

I turned upwards and he started massaging my shoulders. He was good at it. I felt much relaxed soon.

He was normally massaging me all the way down to my ass cheeks. Then it started changing.

He rubbed his fingers against my ass. That was sensual. I was turning even hornier.

-aaah…that feels good…-

Then he massaged my thighs and calf muscles. Then he turned me upwards. I was closing my eyes.

He started massaging my breast. That sent shocks through my body, especially when he sucked, licked and bit my nipples.

Then, while he sucking my right nipple, I felt his middle and ring finger entering my pussy, and he started finger fucking it.

Within seconds, he was doing it very fast, so fast that I gradually lost my mind. I was screaming,


He was biting my nipples whenever he was finger fucking my pussy. He altered between my boobs as well as his hands which fucked my pussy. I came many times.

I had no idea how long he was doing it, but by the time he finished, it took me a while to sense the surrounding. I had almost passed out.

-oh my god…oh god…imad…what did you just do?-

I was struggling to have some breath. Though it wad damn sensational, that had taken much of my strength.

After I could gasp some air, I looked at him. He pulled me into sitting, pulling my both hands

-come on, let us move to the position-

I did not try to respond. He asked,

-are you alright?-

I nodded yes. Then he moved to the edge of the bed, and laying his legs on the bed, he placed his head on the floor.

-this is called waterfall position. You, sit on my cock with your legs on the mattress, and straddle. This is something you should do-

Something I should do? Good. I was done with Omar always laying over me and not asking me to do anything.

I readily did it and started straddling him. He kept saying,

-go faster! Make me cum…!-

I straddled as fast as possible. After a while, he said,

-now do it harder and slower. I am gonna cum!-

I slowly pulled up and fell down at once, and repeated.

After a while, I felt his juice inside me. Then he squeezed his cock and I fell on the bed, off of his cock. I was so tired and full of sweat all over me.

After a while, he came back with his hands washed, and laid behind me, cuddling me. He smelt my neck and said,

-mmh…you smell much better this way, you know?-

He kissed me several times on my neck, shoulders and upper back. I did not object. As he cuddled me and stopped moving, I closed my eyes…

felt like sleep is far away from me. I layer opened my eyes and looked at him. He appeared to be deep asleep. I was getting horny again because of his warmth.

I had some sexy thought. I wanted to explore him. I like to explore the man who explores me. I think that is a female desire but most men seem not to like that. When I explored Omar, he never seemed to like it, though he did not say anything to object me. So I doubted for a while.

Whatever happens, what have I left to lose? Let us try this.

So I tried hard to turn him upwards. He was not only big but also very heavy as well. It took me a while, but I succeeded anyway.

After that, I slowly laid on him, just like he slowly lays on me. I kissed his lips for a while. He never responded. If he was awake, he would have surely responded me because imad was such a horny man.

I kissed him down to his chest and licked on his nipples for a while, alternatively. I was not as good as him in sucking them and I was not confident enough to go on. Moreover, I really doubted if he would really like it.

After that, I stopped. I dried his nipples with the bed sheet, turned him aside, cuddled to him and fell asleep again. After a while, I took over my head cover and put it away and closed my eyes again…

Hope you guys enjoy it. Wait and look forward for part 5. Bye!