Testimony Of Hameeda Part 19

I was woken up by the usual sensation on my nipples. When I opened my eyes, I saw him, as usual, eating my boobs. I face palmed. He was licking, sucking, biting, pulling, pinching, rounding my nipples and groping my boobs as well.

-aaah…oh no, imad….you just cannot stop it…ahhh!-

He looked up at me and just continued doing it.

I looked at the time. It was 6pm then. Then I concentrated back to what he was doing. I held his head with my hands, as he was sucking my nipples gently. I was moaning, sometimes biting my lower lip.

The way he ate my boobs was always looking pretty greedy. I just loved it anyway. I smiled at him, as he made my nipples erect. I was massaging his head and moaning.

After a while, he took hold mo my hands and pressed them against the mattress, still eating my boobs. I let him do that, and waited till he stops eating my boobs.

After a while like that, he stopped eating my boobs, kissed me up to my mouth, cuddled me and we started French kissing each other, rolling on the mattress.

Sometimes, he broke the kiss to say something lovely so that he could turn me on using a different method.

-mmh…you smell amazing, my darling. There can be no perfume to exceed your smell…

-…why do I need to be in heaven in afterlife, when I am on it in this life?-

-mm? What does that mean?-

-your body is my heaven. That is what-

Then he started eating my neck. I started moaning, rubbing his back.

-ooh…aaah! Yeah imad…you seem so hungry, do not you, my darling?-

He kissed me down to my boobs and started eating them again.

-…yeah, I am so hungry…-

And he kept eating my boobs. I loved to get them eaten and imad knew exactly how I wanted it.

After a while, he kissed me down to my belly button and kissed, sucked and licked inside it. That was tickling.

-ah…imad, that tickles…ah!-

But he wasted no time to respond and kept eating my belly button…

…to be honest, if he literally ate me, none of my body would have been left by now, because he worked his mouth everywhere on my body, for the small time span I had intense sex with him…

…after a while, he started eating my pussy, especially eating my clit. I was struggling and screaming in pleasure.

After a while, he asked me,

-do you still wash inside your ass?-

-well…i do…-

I answered, puzzled. He looked happy. He said,

-good…so that I can eat that as well!-

Then he turned me downwards, and started squeezing and gently slapping my buttocks. A painful slap could have made a woman feel like a bitch, and mentally it hurts more than it physically does.

But his slaps were gentle. I loved it. It turned me on even more.

-you like that, do not you?-


Then he did the unthinkable. He pulled my buttocks apart and pressed his mouth into them and started eating my ass!

I never knew my ass could be used that sensationally. Sometimes he bit me in my ass and each time he did, I moaned out.

-ahhh…oh my god…imad, what are you doing?-

I face palmed, silently laughing. He is totally crazy this time, I thought.

After a while, he took his face outta there. I looked at him and saw him putting his middle and ring finger together into my ass and he put the palm of the same hand on on my buttocks and started moving his hand up and down, making some weird sound. I was moaning. It was a good feeling. I felt my buttocks moving up and down at his pace and he was pacing up as well.

After a while, he was finger fucking me at a pace higher than I could ever count. I my moaning was breaking at his pace.

-ah ah ah…-

After sometime, when he stopped it, I let loose a long moan.


That was all. He turner me upwards again and started finger fucking my pussy the same way. I tightly shut my eyes and ate my teeth to feel it.

-aaah…yeah imad…-

After a while, he stopped it and went away to get his hand washed, as I laid there.

After he came back, he held my head and took it towards his cock. I willingly took his cock in my mouth and he started moving my head up and down.

This time, he was pacing up this act as well. After a while, I felt like his enlarged cock was stuck in my throat so I made a sound like,


I could hardly breath. He soon took out his now max sized penis.

-ahhh…okay hameeda, get ready for the final showdown. Come on!-

He took my right hand and stood me up. He then gently pushed me to a wall, came to me and pressed himself against me, getting inside me alternatively.

-this is the ballet dancer position, or the get a keg up position.

Erotic move for quickies in tight quarters. Good option for outdoor sex. Allows me for easier penetration. You have control of thrusting, depth, and angle-

That sounded good. I smiled. He kept talking.

-now, here we stand facing one another. You raise your left leg up… wraps it around my buttocks or thigh…and pull me into you with her leg, at the pace I fuck you. Got it?-

I nodded my head and did he said. He started fucking.

It was good, as a woman, to be in control when having sex. Imad knew this pretty well. While I was pulling him, he was feeling my boobs and eating my neck and lips. I was moaning to turn him on.

After a while, I said,

-imad…my leg is tired now-

He took my left leg over his right elbow and with his right hand he held my left shoulder, and started penetrating me again. He was pacing up and I had come more than once. I was starting to feel it difficult to keep holding for my right leg. It was trying to bend.

-imad…my leg can no longer stand-

As soon as I said that, he he put my left leg down, took me in his arms and laid me on the bed. Then, he fucked me for some more times, hardly, and came inside me, and laid on the mattress by me.

We were both heavily breathing. We looked at each other and smiled widely, as we wrapped each other by our limbs and rested.

After a while, we stood up and went downstairs for dinner.

It was 7pm then