Bangalore Matured Aunty Fucked

Hello to my fellow ISS readers. I am Sanjay Gowda from Bangalore. I have been in the garden city for my entire life that is for 27 years. I am a kannadiga and love this beautiful city.This is a true story which I experienced this year and I hope all enjoy it. Send comments to my id / /

Let me introduce myself..

I am Sanjay Gowda. An engineering computer science graduate. Educated, honest, well spoken and friendly by nature. I am 6ft tall and weigh 75kgs. I have always been a fitness freak and I keep myself in top notch shape. And my tool is 7.5 inches with medium girth.

I have been with few girls in my life. But I was always attracted to women older than me like more than 30 years. This is my experience with a 36 year old woman. Lets call her name Angel. This experience happened in June.

Coming to the story….

I met Angel in a famous shopping mall in Bangalore.

It was Wednesday and I alone had come to watch a movie in Inox. I was standing in the queue to get the ticket and the movie was about to start in 2mins. From nowhere a lady comes and asks me to get single ticket for her to the same movie I was going to watch. I accepted and got two tickets. The ticket vendor gave 2 adjacent seats because I asked for 2 tickets.

I handed over her ticket and I went inside the theatre. She comes behind me and sits next to me. She thanked me for helping her. The movie started and there was no interaction between us. During the intermission she once again thanked me. Then I introduced myself. She then told her name is Angel and she stays in R.T. nagar. Then we started talking about our work and she told she is a home maker and got late getting ready and coming in this traffic by auto. Then I asked her to come with me so we can get some popcorn. By the time we came back the intermission was over. So we quietly watched the movie.

After the movie ended, I told her nice meeting you and went to food court which will be crowded all the time. I went to Subway got a sandwich and managed to get a seat. After few minutes Angel comes to me and tells no other seat is available. Again we started talking. Now we had lots of time to talk and now I could see her properly in bright lights. She was a beauty with a really awesome body. She had come casually with a tee n tight jeans and what an ASS she had. We talked about all the things from movies to famous hotels in Bangalore. After eating we both walked out of the mall. I helped her to get an auto. Since my house was closeby I just walked home.

But I couldn’t get her out of my mind. So after reaching home I logged into FB and searched for her. I could easily find her profile. But I dint send her friend request immediately. I waited till that night and then I sent her a request. After few seconds she accepted my request. Now I could see her profile completely. She was married and had 1 kid which I could make out. She had posted a few pics. After going through her pics I sent her a text telling nice pics. She thanked me and we started chatting. Just usual chit chat about getting to know each other without giving away too many personal and private info.

I asked her why she came to movie alone. She replied she doesn’t have many friends and most of them are home makers like herself and they don’t get time. She asked me the same question and I told mantri square is close to my house so sometimes when I get bored I just go to movie alone. And that time we made a friendly deal, whenever she wants to watch a movie and she has no friends free then she will call me. I gladly accepted the offer. I mean no sane person would turn down that offer right. That was the end of our conversation for that day.

We continued our chatting for few more days and we got to know each other better and she started trusting me more and more. She started opening up about her family, her in-laws and everything. Her husband works in Singapore and comes home once in 4 months during breaks. Her in-laws stay in the house below them and her son is 10 years old. Then she asked about my personal life and told I have no GFs as of now.

After few days we decided to meet in a CCD just for having coffee and to talk. She had come in a gorgeous red tee and dark blue skin tight jeans. I had to compliment about the way she looked. Then we started talking again chit chat about general stuff. But our chemistry was good today. She was very comfortable talking with me, laughing, making jokes and everything. Then she told she wanted to watch some movie and reminded of the deal we made.

We came to mantri square and bought tickets to an English movie. We got some popcorn and came inside the theatre. It was almost empty and saw just few couples sitting here and there. We sat on our seats and I joked about the other couples making out when the movie starts. She told there is nothing wrong with that and told everyone makes out now. The movie started and we were quiet for sometime. Then she told she was feeling cold so I jokingly asked you can pull back the seats and hug me and watch. To my surprise she agreed to it. I put my arms around her and kept her warm.

Now I could smell her hairs. It was mesmerising. Then I don’t know what came into my mind. I just kissed her forehead and she dint do anything. I took it as green signal and then I kissed her forehead again and again. Now she looks to me and asks will you keep kissing my forehead only or will start kissing my lips. Once she told that I couldn’t control and started kissing her. We both were like teenagers making out wildly.

Finally i started moving my hands towards her boobs. Oh god, her boobs were so soft. What a pair of soft but perfectly shaped boobs as people always imagine. I could feel her warmth and beats of her heart. I grabbed her breasts and cuddled with them like a small innocent baby. I caressed her breasts for some time. I started sucking it a lot, titillating and pinching it hard, biting her very hard nipples.

Then i started creeping my hand to downside of her body and straight away went to her naval. I licked it for some time until it was a time for a change and i started feeling her legs which were so. Within a fraction of second she began to lick me. She licked my face, kissed me passionately again, licked my ears and that was strange but amusing. She removed my shirt and licked and kissed at my bare chest.

We were completely hot and sweaty even in the AC theatre. It was time for intermission and we just cleaned up our act. We couldn’t wait for the movie to start again.

After the movie started we started making out again. This time I unbuckled her pants and put my left hand inside. Her panties were wet. I put my hand inside her panty and she had a thick bush. I started playing with her pussy and she was enjoying it.

Then I unbuckled my pants and took her hands and made her hold my cock. I could sense she was a bit nervous but I told her just relax and enjoy. Take deep breaths and live at the moment. She then started kissing me deeply again. She started stroking my cock and I was fingering her pussy. After sometime I cummed on her hands itself. We both kissed deeply. I cleaned the cum off her with tissues and we cleaned ourselves up.

The movie was almost over by then and we decided to just leave the theatre. We came out and we couldn’t believe what we did inside. We went to food court and got some grilled chicken. I told her I enjoyed her a lot and I hope she did too. She told she never experienced anything like that. I asked her maybe one day we can actually have sex. She told she will think about it and tell. We enjoyed the food and the time we spent together. I had come by car this time so I dropped her near her area and she took an auto from there.

That night I texted her and asked did she think about what I asked. She told she is ready but shy to tell it directly. I was very happy when she told yes. Then we decided when we should have sex and where. She told she is scared to come out to resorts or service apartments. So it was my house or her house. I told her when my parents go out of station I will definitely tell you, so you can come to my house. She told if her in-laws who stay below her house go out of station she will call me.

Meanwhile we continued to chat daily. Few weeks passed by when finally that day arrived. Her in-laws were going out of town the next day to visit their daughter and she told she will have the place free. This was the moment I was waiting for. The previous day she called me up and told come to her place by 10A.M . I got a good sleep that night. So morning I was fresh and fully energized. I went near her house by 10 as she had told. She told to come to first floor directly as no one was downstairs and also the maid had left the house.

I went up and rang the bell. She opened the door. She asked me to come inside immediately and closed the door right after. She was wearing a half saree and she was looking very sexy. She gave me cold orange juice as it was scorching summer. Then she asked did anyone see outside to which I told no one.

I then walked straight to her and planted a long kiss on her juicy lips. The kiss was so deep and passionate, our tongues brushing to each others, Now time was to proceed ahead. She took me inside her bedroom. We started kissing again for sometime and after few minutes I started biting her cheeks and neck..

Without wasting time I pulled her so close and kissed her, below the ear, around her armpit, below the neck and around the cleavage. After licking her upper part for such a very long time I moved to downward and licked her toes and kept on licking her legs for some time.

After ten minute, I removed her top and my hand moved to her bra and I didnt hesitate at all to unhook it. The color of her bra was pink and it was completely transparent and my eyes became mad to have a complete and very close look. It was so lovely and mature that I could feel I would cum just seeing it.

Finally I started moving my hands towards her boobs. I could feel her warmth and beats of her heart. I grabbed her breasts and started sucking it.. Then I started creeping my hand to downside of her body and straight away went to her naval. I licked it for some time until it was a time for a change and I started feeling her legs which were so soft.

Finally she sat over my dick with utmost pleasure and started licking my chest, my arms. Finally she unzipped me and took out my cock out and without wasting a moment she inserted inside her mouth. O my god. It was just like a heaven. This gave me marvellous pleasure. She was taking the whole penis in the mouth and placing her tongue on the tip of penis. She started licking and shagging it very slowly and passionately and my hands were still creeping around her boobs. Finally ten minute later I couldn’t control and I exploded my entire cum in her mouth and she swallowed the entire cum.

Now it was my turn. I could feel her panty was wet, now my hands moved towards her panty, she stopped me and came down and smooched harder. I removed panty, and it was clean shaved this time and pink and I moved my hand over it and started to stroke her pussy lips. I began stroking her pussy lips with my fingers and she trying to hide her moans by kissing me hardly.

We both started sweating and our bodies started to make slippery noises. She was holding my penis and giving strokes as she was unable to control herself. I pinched her nipples and made them hard. I started fingering her but her pussy lips started clenching. Then I told her to relax and breath. Then I started fingering her hardly and she started enjoying it.

She hold my penis tightly, and asked to come in 69 position, now we both were sucking each others My fingers started motioning fast as her pussy was flowing with juices. I brought my lips again there and started licking her pussy, I was biting also her pussy lips, tongue exploring and hitting the g spot. I was sucking up her vaginal juices as my fingers were playing with her pussy hole. I brought my other hand and with my finger tickled all around her wet asshole.

Now she started moaning a lot and begged me to insert my rod inside her. I spread her legs and I inserted my cock slowly. Meanwhile I sucked her boobs and kissed at her lips. Now she also started enjoying it. There was a very happy expression of pleasure on her face which I could clearly notice. By the time she also started enjoying. I increased my strokes harder and harder, and she moaned a lot and she was also biting my shoulders and I was sure that she had never enjoyed like this before..

After ten minutes, I shoot my whole hot cum deep in to her pussy. She squeezed her legs on me and caught me tight while I shot my cum deep in her pussy, I came with a loud shot and just after that she too with a huge orgasm holding me tight and biting my lips. I laid on top of her for sometime. That was just such an awesome experience for both of us. Do comment on my id / /