Arranged Marriage Part 5

Hello friends, this is a continuation of arranged marriage series of stories.

As for the very first time we were making love and then priya became unconscious. I removed my cock from her pussy and tried to make her conscious and after minutes she came to senses and hugged me, her eyes were full of tears and her body was very hot as she is having fever. I hugged her more tightly and in her ear told her.

Me- Sorry pihu i gave you a lot of pain.

Priya-No need for sorry dear. I am very happy now you gave me the pleasure i was waiting for years, now i am completely yours with tears still in her eyes. See what have you done. You had killed me and with tears still on her eyes she smiled and said you made me yours completely now what are you waiting for duffer fuck me and fill my pussy with your juices and again we started kissing and i started pumping her slowly, she was still having pain but the pleasure she was getting was taking both of us to a new level of happiness and excitation and soon in cant controlled and ejaculated and soon within seconds priya also finished. We were drenched in sweat and our heart was pounding hard.

Then i hold her face with my both hands and kissed her eyes drenched with tears and told her dont worry it was the last time you are getting any pain and from now on you will have only happiness and in return she kissed me more harder and gave a love bite on my cheeks.

Then we talked all night and nothing more happened. We dont know when we slept talking but that night was the best night of my life. In morning i woke up at 4 am due to cold and what i saw, we both were completely nude and priya was sleeping tightly hugging me. Her one leg was over my thighs and her hands holding me her head resting on my shoulder she was looking very beautiful. I covered both of us with blanket and slept.

At around 8 or 9 i waked up by priya she was still nude, sitting over my belly with legs on either side of me and trying to kiss me her hairs were coming on my face and she smooched me passionately for a very long time and laid over me and i again hugged her and slept she over me.

At around 3 she woke me up she was wearing black saree she kissed me and asked.

Priya- kya aj aapko office nai jana kya and gave a sexy smile.

Me- nai yar aj mood nahi hai and tried to hold her but she ran away smiling and laughing.

Then i completed my daily chores and was on table when she appeared with a cup of tea, We both sipped the tea from the same cup talking to each other. Then i asked her tumhare pas saree k alawa or kuch nahi hai kya and she said hai to bohot kuch par kya fayda kon hai dekhne wala and again started laughing and took the mug and left to kitchen. I followed her and hugged her from back and kissed her on neck and asked chalo aj shopping k liye chalte hain and she happily turned and like a kid started to told me things ye bhi lena hai wo bhi lena hai and all.

Then we left for shopping and reached a mall we did a lot of shopping i purchased sexy dresses and lingerie set for her and then we left for cafe coffee day and ordered and started talking. This time priya broke the ice and said

Priya-So how was the last night and she smiled and winked and we both started laughing. She said really it was best feeling of my life which i was waiting for and quickly she kissed me but no one saw us as it was evening and cafe was almost empty. Then we finished and started to come home in my car and in car priya got in mood and started to play with my little master and i got a iinstant hard on and she again started laughing and said dekho to kitni jaldi hai ise and kissed me on my chicks and again started playing with it. Then we reached home and i asked priya.

Me-to jan itti shoping ki hai try karke kab dikha rahi ho.

Priya-acha ji aisi bat hai lo khood hi pehna lo and gave me a naughty smile and i was like ki ye bandy hai kya itti sexy itti bold or maine dhyan nahi diya. Priya saw me thinking something and said kaha kho gaye and chalo khood hi kar loongi try par jo ye pehne hain inhe to ootarne me madad karo and she came near me undid her hairs, looked into my eyes, put her hands on my shoulders and started to kiss then i hold her and raised her in air and she folded her legs around my waist and we started kissing deeply passionately, this time both of us eyes were open and we were looking into each others eyes while kissing and were lost.

We sucked lips, we sucked tongue, we tasted saliva we just explored each and every part of each others mouth. I think it was more than 20 minutes and we were still kissing, feeling hot breadth of each other on our face it was just like heaven on earth.

Then i pressed priya against wall while she was in air and started to lick her neck ear lobes behind neck where her hairs just ends everywhere where my tongue can reach in this position while pihu was holding my head and was trying to pull it more harder and deeper and she was breathing heavily. Then i took her to bedroom and along with her just jumped to bed….

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