My Wifes Secret Desires – Part 2

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I dialled the number from which the text came and before the call could proceed, I heard the bathroom lock and immediately threw the phone back on the bed. “If I were to catch them, I had to catch them red-handed”. I plotted a plan and bid Kavitha goodbye, I had no intention to see her face but I had to act well in order to ensure that my plan turns out well.

The plan was simple; I will take my car and leave my house and will return back barefoot from the back door after parking my car some distance away. There is a window in my bedroom that opens on the backyard, I will than see what all happens in my bedroom from there. Watching his wife riding another man is the worst thing for a husband, but I had to do it to console my heart, somewhere it still felt that Kavitha was innocent and all I saw last night was a dream.

I tip-toed my way back into the backyard of the house and went straight to the window. Kavitha had just taken a bath and was in a towel that barely reached her upper thighs. She was milky white and the sight of her wet hair falling on her beautiful breasts over the towel was very inviting but I had to turn down the temptation. Though Kavitha is extremely beautiful and has a hour glass body, still I couldn’t forgive her for having sex behind my back. Thoughts were running thick and fast in my mind and Kavitha placed her right leg on the table and took moisturiser in her hands.

She ran her hands on her velvety skin applying the lotion on her legs. She caressed her legs, and I felt like she was taunting me, with every motion of her hand on her naked leg, I felt like the world was shouting that ‘have a look at your beautiful wife half naked, in only a little time, she will be blowing and sucking and doing all kinds of wild things to man whom you don’t even know.’ Her fingers ran on her thighs, moving the towel a little more up and giving me a slight view of her naked ass. Kavitha’s ass is heavenly, I have seen people staring at it from the back but right now I was more concerned about what was gonna happen in a while.

She completed moisturising her legs, and I wondered if any man ever enters from the backyard and peeps through the window at this time, he will have one hell of a show. Kavitha turned and I quickly moved a little down so that she doesn’t see me.

After a few seconds, I peeped back and what I saw, gave me an instant hard-on even though I was totally pissed at her. Kavitha had removed her towel completely and she was standing there, stark naked, right in front of my eyes and her big round boobs and those sweet nipples inviting me to suck them. She applied lotion on her stomach and boobs and tinkled a bit in the area where her love hole exists.

I was hoping her fingers were the only thing that reaches that part today. She completed dressing up wearing a very beautiful salwar suit, one that I love the most. I was waiting what was gonna happen next, will the man come? Will Kavitha do those things with him? Is she really cheating on me? Or maybe there is no man, my mind was fighting a battle with my heart.

With the question coming and going every second, the door bell rang. Here it is, the time I was waiting for, now I will finally know who that man was. Kavitha moved to the other hall to open the door. I couldn’t see the front door from the window and could only wait until someone comes in. It was taking her a awful lot of time or maybe it was my anticipation of finding out the truth, but whatever it was, each second felt like ages.

Finally I heard some footsteps coming towards the bedroom. There were two of them, so definitely there was another person with her. Kavitha entered first but I wasn’t interesting in looking at her, for once I was interested in who the other person was. She came in and the person who followed her made my face grimmer than it was before. It was Samir, our neighbour Sunaina’s 4 year old kid and he had a bag in his hand. Surely, Samir wasn’t the guy who was sexting my wife last night. Imagining a 4 year old doing it is both gross and inhuman. Kavitha kissed him on his cheeks and asked him if he needs anything.

While she was going through her “You are so cute, you are so adorable” routine with the kid, her phone beeped again. Now, the sound of a message notification on her phone was clearer than my boss’s voice to my ears and quickly my attention turned to her phone which I threw on the bed some time back.

While Kavitha was reading the message, I could see her facial expressions change, I could clearly see strain lines on her forehead and whatever it was written in the message; it clearly wasn’t what she planned. She replied and got a reply back instantly. I was looking at all this peeping from the window. She read the message and almost instantly looked up towards the window. It gave me less than a second to move down and though I did, I wasn’t sure if she saw me or not. I couldn’t take any more risk, so I hurriedly moved out from the back door, dint look back and headed back to the car. I don’t know if she came out and saw me or whether she saw me peeping through the window but one thing I surely knew was that the man who had been fucking my wife surely saw me. I don’t know how, but he did and he told that my wife as text. “This week is only getting worse with each passing second”, I thought as I turned my car on and started moving towards my office.

I don’t know how I drove or how much time had passed, or what I was thinking until a knock at the car window brought me back to life. I just looked around clueless about how I came there; the incidents of last two days were surely having an impact on me. I opened the car window and saw the same little girl with her dolls. I remembered that I told the little street kid about buying two dolls and though I wasn’t very eager to have a conversation with anyone at that time, her face and the anticipation on her face forced me to fulfil my promise.

“Which one will you have?” she quickly quizzed.

“Give me two of your favourites”.

“Ahh this red one and this green one, they are pretty beautiful both of them, my favourites, they love each other as well.”

“How can dolls love each other, they should have a lover boy too, shouldn’t they?”

“Now they don’t need anyone, they just need each other”.

I sensed that it was one of the weird logics that kids have and felt the best way out will be to just pay her. I took out a Rs 100 note and handed her. There was an instant glow on her face, I looked at her face and felt, “At least I could make someone happy”.I carried on with the journey, now I’ll have to deal with the questions fired by my boss.

“Sir, Singh sir has given these files and wants you to check the database once” the peon keeps a big pile of files on my table and left. I looked at the files and knowing that even in those letters and codes I will only see Kavitha making out with her lover, made me totally irritated.

As much as I want, I can’t get the thought of Kavitha having sex with a man and cheating on me out of my head and it keeps popping back in. Every time I close my eyes, I only visualise Kavitha keeping her one leg on the table and the man licking her feet to her thighs and reaching to her pussy.

“I can’t just sit and ruin my day, I’ll have to do something about it”.I wasn’t worried if Kavitha will ask me if I was there peeping through the window, rather I was more concerned about how her lover came to know that I was there at the exact same place.

I started thinking about where I went wrong in catching my wife red-handed.

“The backyard of our house faces a barren land with only two houses visible, one that of Mr. Kumar where his elderly parents live and the other of Ms. Sunaina. There is no way; any person could have seen me without being in at any of these houses.

Now, since Mr Kumar’s elderly parents are least interested in anything other than their fake teeth, The only house that remains is that of Ms. Sunaina. But, how can it be Mr. Samar, he has such a sex goddess as his own wife. Naa it can’t be him. But what if he is having an affair without the knowledge of his wife? What if I am not the only one whose marriage and life is getting ruined? What if, Ms. Sunaina is also suffering and she doesn’t even know about it?”

Within a few minutes my mind gave me a thousand reasons of believing that it was Ms. Sunaina’s husband Samar who has been making love to my wife in my absence. He greets my wife very cheerfully and even Kavitha laughs a lot when she is talking to him. Further, he hugs her even when I am present something which Kavitha won’t have entertained from some other man and, though I’ll want to disagree but Samar has a very athletic built too. I am sure he attracts a lot of attention when that shirt of his comes off. It had to be Samar, there was no other person who could possibly tell Kavitha about me peeping through the window or take her away from the shadows of my love. And, he even knows when I come and when I leave for office, Bang on, that motherfucker is Samar. Asshole, has been banging two of the hottest ladies in the town. I need to do something about it and I need to do it quick.

It was already 8:30 PM, an hour since I came back from office and neither me nor Kavitha has mentioned anything about the peeping incident. I was hoping against hope that she wouldn’t have seen me and in my mind I was planning to come up with something that can help me solve this puzzle in my life and the mystery in the wife’s life. Kavitha has been careful today, she is not using her phone much, at least not in front of me and is talking to me more, trying to let me know that she is involved. I am sure after Samar found out that I was peeping through the window in the morning and has told Kavitha to be careful.

Days passed without much activity. Occasionally, I would catch Kavitha off guard but I never asked much from her. I wondered if I had lost the hope of having my wife again for me, just for me. May be both me and Kavitha have digested the fact that she was cheating on me and it was a matter of time before either one of us would do something about it. We have not had sex for weeks now and I feel awkward knowing that someone else is also banging the same hole that I had been all this while. .

“Should we go for a movie or to a club, it has been quite boring”, surprisingly Kavitha asked to go out. I wanted to say no, but somehow, her sad face made me say yes, I still loved her, regardless of how she has treated me for the past month. She went inside the bathroom to get ready. I was putting my shirt back on when the LED on her blackberry lit up. She has been keeping her phone on silent ever since that day when I last saw her texts and I have never tried to do it again. I don’t know why but something forced me to do it now, the husband in me couldn’t ignore it and so I checked the texts again. It was the same number and Kavitha hasn’t deleted the last few messages, though she had deleted the previous once.

“Ask him to take you out for a movie” – Unknown Number

“ He won’t agree, anyways I don’t feel like going out” – Kavitha

“Do, it. I will do the same here. I can’t be without you right now” – Unknown Number

“Are you of your mind? I think he already has an idea about it. It’s very risky” – Kavitha

“What’s the fun in it if it’s not risky, it’s getting quite risky here too, but I manage” –Unknown Number

“Lol, yeah right. He has agreed. Meet you at the theatre, will have some fun ;) : “ – Kavitha

“I will be waiting to get my hand on your boobs then LOL : “ – Unknown Number

WTF? It was all planned. Kavitha is not just playing with his heart, she has been playing with my soul too. I dint want to call him and end it, rather it was my chance to catch them or may be spoil their plans. One more thing that I came to know was that Sunaina dint know about it as well.

“What a shame, such great body, so beautiful and still your husband decides to cheat on you” I feel sorry for her as I feel for myself.

“Helloooo, What a pleasant surprise !!” Samar made sure that it looked very dramatic as he shakes my hand. I would have preferred to get my hands across his neck but I had to control myself at that point.

“You look dead gorgeous” and he leans forward and hugs Kavitha. Kavitha gives a big smile and says “Thank You, Samar.” Offcourse, Kavitha was looking dead gorfeous to him and to everyone else, she was wearing a very tight fitted dress and her low neckline was showing ample cleavage. Nevertheless, Sunaina was looking absolutely stunning as well. In her red dress, her ass was drawing all the attention and she looked beautiful as always.

“Hello Ronit”

“Hii Sunaina, you are looking stunning as well” I just told that to make Samar feel that he is not the only one eyeing other’s wives.

“Ohh thank you, but I guess your lovely wife is grabbing all the attention tonight” as Sunaina gives Kavitha a womanly embrace. I sensed a lot of sarcasm in her words, it felt that even she has grown suspicious of Samar and Kavitha”

I made sure we get four seats together so that I can keep a check on the two cheaters. As soon as we got into the theatre, Samar took the corner seat, Kavitha was next to follow, but I pushed my way in and took the seat next to him,

“The ladies can sit together, if they want” I tried to defend.

Kavitha and Sunaina looked at each other, “Ahh offcourse, we would love to” and Sunaina occupied the seat next to me followed by Kavitha. I was giggling inside. Finally, I have achieved something, I made sure Kavitha and Samar couldn’t enjoy together while watching the movie. The movie surely had a lot of kissing and bed scenes, something they were looking forward to. Every time a sex scene came, I looked towards Samar and my heart felt the satisfaction.

“If I wouldn’t have done it, he would have been pressing my wife’s boobs right now, this motherfucker”

That night I knew that it will happen again, I saw Kavitha pressing her boobs, rubbing her clit and often doing it quite wildly. May be because they couldn’t do it in the theatre hall, they were doing it now, but I was happy, I was happy because I could at least do something to stop them. Now I had a plan and I knew what I wanted to do next.

Next day in office, I kept waiting for lunch time and when the clock tickled past 1:00 Pm, I ran to my boss’s office and asked him for a leave because my wife just called and she wasn’t feeling too well. He would have never let me leave, if I told him that I was feeling unwell but saying that my wife was feeling unwell did the trick.

I drove the car calmly, waved to the girl with the dolls on my way back and parked my car at a distance from my house again. But this time I wasn’t going to move into my house through the backyard, instead I rang the doorbell, not of my house, of Samar’s house. As expected Sunaina came in and opened the door, she looks gorgeous every time you see her. She was a little surprised to see me there

“Ronit, Hii..!! I dint expect you. Please come on in.”

I followed her to the hall. She was wearing her red night suit and her hair were wet, guess she just had a bath. Her hair falling on her dress had made the nighty a little wet too. I could see her back while she was walking, I guessed she wasn’t wearing anything inside as I couldn’t see any bra straps. We sat and she offered me tea which I politely refused.

“Ahh, Samar isn’t home yet, if you were here to see him……” Sunaina tried to know why I was there at her house and that too unannounced.

“No actually I am here to see you, I wanted to talk something in private” I interrupted before she could finish.

Sunaina was a little unsure about what was coming and she quizzed,”In private? Ahh about what?”

Me: “Ahh actually Sunaina, I know you and Kavitha spend a lot of time together”

Sunaina: “Ahh not a lot but yeah we give each other company whenever required”

Me: “I don’t know how to put this up and I don’t even know if I should share it or not but me and Kavitha, we have not been having a great married life for some time now”

Sunaina: “Ahh well I see, you want me to talk to her about it?”

Me: “No, No, actually I wanted to inquire something, ahh I don’t know how to put it in words, well, ahh is Kavitha seeing someone else too?”

Sunaina was blank, she couldn’t answer, I was almost in tears. I never expected to tell anyone about my wife cheating on me. It was both embarrassing and very disrespectful.

Sunaina guessed my emotions and tried to console me.

Sunaina: “No, I think you are mistaken here, maybe there is a misunderstanding. I have never seen Kavitha with any other guy. Have you talked to her about it?”

“No, I couldn’t gather the courage, we have been such a great couple and I love her so much, I don’t know what went wrong” I don’t know how, my heart was speaking out and depicting the pain that I had kept inside me for so long. I couldn’t control myself and tears rolled down my cheeks, I haven’t cried for years and now I was crying in front of a woman.

Sunaina came and sat next to me and tried to console me. She kept saying that it is probably my misunderstanding and I should talk to Kavitha about it. Seeing that this wasn’t helping, she held my hands and kept my face on her shoulders. I was weeping and kept saying that I love kavitha very much. I could smell the fragrance off Sunaiana’s body. I don’t know what happened but her body odours made me lose my mind and started kissing her neck. She realised what I was doing and moved my head off her shoulder.

We were looking at each other for a couple of seconds and then we started kissing, our lips met and they were inseparable. We kissed like mad for a few seconds until we realised what was happening and we both let each other go. It felt so embarrassing that I kept apologising and moved out of her house.

“What a blunder I have made there” I thought as I came back to my car, not knowing where I was heading to. I came straight to the bar and ordered a beer. I sat there clueless, knowing that I have ruined my relation with probably the only companion I will have in this tough time and I couldn’t even tell her about her husband being the guy with whom Kavitha is having an affair. I made a total mess out there. I sipped in the beer and the feeling of guilt died off.

“But why did she kiss me? She could have backed off right at the start but she didn’t, I am sure she has some idea about her husband’s infidelity as well, she just didn’t mention it.” Its amazing how a beer bottle can actually get your mind working. I reached home at my usual time making sure that I spend enough time eating outside and at the bar so that Kavitha doesn’t know that I took a half day at the office, that off course believing that Sunaina wouldn’t have told her about my visit at her house in the afternoon.

I went straight to the bed after dinner, probably I had too much in my mind to think about, but I couldn’t sleep. Every time I closed my eyes, a movie would play in the mind where Kavitha is making love to Samar and me and Sunaina are watching, not knowing what to do and then the two cheaters would look at our sorry faces and laugh, the laugh of being victorious, laughing on our misery. I stood up to have a glass of water, Kavitha to my surprise was sleeping, I thought she would be glued to her phone with her hand inside her nighty and pleasuring herself.

Just as I returned to my bed, I heard the beep sound in the phone and I guessed that now is the time Kavitha will start her sexting session. I was tired of all this drama and misery, so I took Kavitha’s cell anticipating another love message from the unknown number, but to my surprise there weren’t any text messages in her phone, I quickly turned to my phone and surprisingly it was my phone that had a message notification.

“Who would text me at this hour?” I thought, as I looked for the details.

The screen displayed, “1 new message from Sunaina” and it was 1:30 AM. A drop of sweat ran down my forehead. After, what had happened in the afternoon, I was a bit afraid to look at what the message might hold, but still I opened it.

Sunaina: “Are you there?”

Me: “Yeah, look I am sorry for what happened in the afternoon. I regret my actions and it just happened in the moment”. I tried to make amends straight away.

Sunaina: “It’s okay. I understand, you were not the only one who lost his control. Anyways, if you are not busy I wanted to discuss something with you”

I thought this was the opportunity to tell Sunaina about what has been going in my mind about her husband and my wife

Me: “Actually, even I have to discuss something with you, it is regarding Samar”

I knew it was probably foolish to be so quick especially when I failed miserably last time, but I couldn’t wait, not anymore.

Sunaina: “About Samar? What about him?”

I could feel the shock in her words.

Me: “I think Samar and Kavitha are having an affair”

I wondered how it was so easy to type this in text while it was so difficult to actually say the words in person. Now I knew why many people propose over text messages these days.

Sunaina: “What the hell, do you even know what you are saying?”

I expected this. I would have reacted the same way if I was her.

Me:” I have proof and strong reasons to believe that. I think we should meet and discuss it. It is important for our lives”

I wasn’t really sure she was going to agree for a meet especially after the kissing incident.

Sunaina: “Samir is having a holiday tomorrow and I don’t want to discuss such issues in front of him”

As expected this, I typed, “ It’s okay, we will do it when you have time” and before I could send, I received another message.

Sunaina: “Let’s meet outside. Park View Restaurant 3 Pm tomorrow?”

Me: “Ok. I will be there.”