Fucked Married Bombshell Part 4

Hi guys, this is Jack, sorry for delaying this part and thanks for your replies on / / comments, do keep commenting. This is my fourth part, so those who wanna know the previous part can read my stories – Fucked Married Bombshell Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3. I am Jack, 23 from Mumbai, height 5’10 with good looks and muscular built, and the angel of my story is Vishaka (name changed), age 35 with assets 34-28-36, married, hot, Bombshell.

After our erotic love session, we slept in each other arms, our bodies were hot and inseparable and room was filled with fragment of our love juices. The moment I sensed something on my dick, I got up, it was Vishaka licking my tool which was erect due to morning erection. I wished her good morning and she saw me smiling and wished me back and started sucking like a lollipop. I was caressing her hair and moaning in pleasure. She was the best in blowjob, perfectly licking tip, then sucking whole shaft, pressing balls, it was my first morning pleasure I was getting and her sucking sound, can’t express in words. After sucking for around 10 minutes I loaded my juices in her mouth and she gulped down every single drop of my cum and thanked me for the morning milkshake. She got up and was heading towards bathroom, I saw her nude body from back, her nude ass were glowing due to sun rays, she caught me with that and said lets have fun and smiled wickedly.

I jumped over from the bed, went beside her and spanked her ass. She moaned Aahhh!!! and turned around biting her lips. She was looking the perfect bitch that morning, hairs open, boobs hanging and lust in eyes, came towards me and kissed. I was kissing and spanking her ass. She started smooching wildly and was pressing my butt, which made me more hornier for her. She took me in bathroom while kissing, licking my neck with that perfect slut look told me to fuck her ass.

“Fuck my virgin ass, Jack.’’ with her pleading tone she requested. I turned her around, gave a small peck on her weak point towards her back neck, kissing to her waistline and moving to her ass, started licking her mound and gave a bite on her ass cheek for which she moaned. I inserted my tongue in her asshole for which she started shivering, moaning like a little girl in a pain. With her eyes closed, she was enjoying every stroke of my tongue on her asshole. I bent her a little so that I can lubricate her hole more, her intoxicating smell was making me wild & my shaft hard while licking. She started moaning wildly as it was something new level of pleasure for her and simultaneously was fingering her wet pussy. She started panting and asked me to insert deep. I licked her hole deeply for which she started cumming and asked me to fuck quick, as the pleasure was unbearable.

I took out oil bottle from her bathroom shelf and lubricated my shaft and also poured on her ass for more lubrication. I placed my dick on her hole and she looked back to me, with mixed feeling of lust and fear of upcoming fun. I slowly inserted my dick in her ass for which started screaming. Only half of my dick was in and she started pleading to remove it back, her ass was really tight and warm as I can feel it on my dick. “I can’t take it Jack, its paining.’’ As I wanted to fuck her ass, I told her to relax, but she was pleading, tears were rolling down to her cheeks, same was my condition as it was too tight and something new to me too. I pushed my dick fully for which she screamed like hell “Aahhh’’.

Once in, I gave her time to relax and feel my rod. After that I started fucking her slowly in rhythm, which she started enjoying with soft moan, ‘’Ohh yaa, ‘’Aahhh’’ was waiting to get that pleasure Jack.’’ I said pleasure is all mine dear and started ramming her, for which she also got wild and started moving her ass with my fucking rhythm. She pulled her ass cheeks wide and asked me to fuck deep. I was shocked with her sudden wildness as few minutes back, she was pleading but now she was behaving like hungry tigress.

I started fucking her asshole deeply as it was getting harder with every stroke. I saw her biting her lips and screaming, “Fuck this is so good, fuck me like a slut Jack.’’ I was like charged with her bold conversation and wild attitude. I was like, ‘’Ohh yaa Vishaka, Fuck !!, ‘’You are so tight.’’ “Take it baby”. With every stroke, we were getting hot and wild, pain & pleasure was on its high peak as our both wish of anal fucking was getting fulfilled. She came again as I sensed her legs got weak with flowing juices. Ramming her ass for around 15 mins, I was also on the verge of cumming.

I laid on her back, grabbed her boobs and started fucking her deeply, I started licking her ear lobes while fucking for which she was like on cloud 9. I was about to shoot and told her, she said she want me to cum in as she wanted to feel my hot cum in her ass. With a loud moan I cummed in her ass. Satisfaction was there on both faces and we ended up lying on bathroom floor, smiling and sticking around.

I got up and started the shower. She got all wet with shower and  was trying to get up but was in pain, I took her in my arms and made her stand, she pushed me to the wall and started licking my chest, she came around to my nipples and started sucking and pulling like a newborn child. I was enjoying every erotic moment of her at a time surprised also for her sudden wildness after so painful pleasure, coming towards lips, started smooching me. She still had the hunger and I wondered how her husband was neglecting this divine sex goddess as she was like she wanted more, I pulled her close and started licking her lips, she asked me to suck her tongue, with passionately I obey her and started sucking her tongue which I guess turned her on, definitely I was. She placed one leg above on commode and pulled me closed and placed my dick towards her pussy and whispered, “Make this a memorable one for me Jack.’’ ‘’Make me your slave, there’s one more hole thirsty for you.’’

The cold shower was just for namesake, she was more hot and wild than before in it. I pushed my dick at a one stroke and she just hugged me tightly and gave a bite on shoulder. We were fucking in standing position.

Water droplets on her body, her wet hair and her rhythm cooperating with my every stroke, can’t explain in words. I already came twice so it was her who started having multiple orgasm which I had never experienced with any of my women. She just grabbed my waist with one leg and standing on other started riding as if she was fucking me. I was restless as I was having the best experience of my life. Merely fucking for like half an hour I was about to shed my juices whereas she already had so much.

I told her I am about cum, Listening to that, she just went down and started deep throating herself like a hungry girl. I didn’t manage to hold up for her wild act and cummed in her mouth which ended our session. After that we got clean ourselves each other’s body in shower and headed towards the main room. It was already late afternoon which we didn’t realised. We kissed, dressed up and I left for the day as her husband was about to arrive in evening.

After that we had many session, still having in discreet manner. Next story will be on how we had risked and had fun in present of his husband. Based on your replies and comments will post ASAP.

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