Madhuri Auntys Sex Dairies Episode 1

So spring break was on and I was happy that I was going back to my parents place from my horrible hostel for a month. I had not planned anything previously about this vacation. I always loved surprises and I was aware there had to something going on inside my dad’s head about this vacation. But fate had some other surprise for me.

I reached home by 9:00 am in the morning. Rubbing my eyelids I opened the door of the cab and there she was standing. A tall lady about 5.9, long dark hair with a fair complexion and athletic body structure wearing a green saree was watering plants at the neighboring house. For ten good seconds I had forgotten my tiredness from the jetlag and my luggage in the cab. She was divine, like some roman princess in Indian saree. She noticed me staring at her. Her expression changed as she left the garden and went inside. Damn she was something else. I quickly regained my senses and started helping the driver with my luggage.

Back that day I couldn’t concentrate on anything my parents said about my home coming and studies. I need to talk to her I said to myself. So I took a bath and changed and waited outside my gate. My dad left for his office at 10:00 and there was nobody at my home except mom. So I thought of enquiring mom about our new neighbors. Due to some family differences between him and his siblings madhuris hubby left kerala and started living here on rent basis. Her husband was working as a store manager at an electronics store. They were newly married and had a little baby about 4 months old. Damn I thought she doesn’t even look like a mom.

After a while I left my home and started to peek inside madhuris house to see what she was doing. I wanted to talk to her but I cudnt gather enough courage to say something. I stalked her whenever she was at my sight she seemed to notice me but she didnt make a move.

This went on for three days. On the fourth day as I was slowly trying to figure out where she was inside her house she suddenly stood infront of me. I had a minor heart attack then. I started to apologise and whine like a little girl and asked not to tell my parents about my unusual behaviour.

Seeing my helplessness she took me inside her home and offered me a glass of water. After I calmed down a bit she asked me about myself and what I was doing outside her house for three days. I thought maybe I should not tell the truth so I said I was just wondering if I cud pluck a few mangoes from her garden . She seemed to believe me . But as our convo was getting good we both heard her baby cry.

She went inside her bedroom and took her baby in her arms and started to calm her baby down . But he didnt seem to stop. He seems hungry she said can you wait in the hall as I need to feed the baby she said. I nodded and left . She was wearing a cream colored saree exposing just the right amount of her slim navel with a white blouse covering her perfectly round and firm breasts. I couldnt help but wonder how lucky her hubby was to have madhuri as his wife. After a while she came to the drawing room and sat beside me. We started talking about each others likes and dislikes. We shared very little in common and started arguing like children. We laughed on each other. It was like we knew each other for many years.

Suddenly she was feeling uncomfortable and was breathing heavily. I asked what was happening to her but she seemed to be in so much pain that she could barely answer me. After a while she lifted her head. Her eyes were teary as her face turned red. Can you help me dev she asked in a very low and painful voice. Yes sure anything just tell me. She took my hand and took me to her kitchen, I slowly followed wondering what has happened to her. She sat down on a chair and again started to breathe ,slowly but heavily. I switched on the table fan and started rubbing her palms. At that time I noticed something odd. You see due to the swift breeze from the table fan her sarees pallu slightly shifted a bit exposing one full breast of her covered in blouse. Her blouse was dripping wet.

Firstly I thought that must have happened due to sweat. But I was wrong.

She noticed me staring at her wet boob and held me up by my collar and said please save me from this fucking pain please please please. I said but I dont know how. She pushed me aside and removed her sarees pallu and started to open her blouse hooks one by one. I shouted wait what are you doing, you shouldn’t do this in front of me.

She stopped unhooking her third hook and stared at me angrily. Why what is wrong huh? I know you like staring at my assets without me noticing. But I always knew what you were up to. But I kept quiet and thought that someday maybe you would gather some guts and speak to me directly. And now that I wish to get naked before you as on my will you dont wanna open your eyes and see. You men are such cowards. Go away and leave me with my misery. She shouted slowly and painfully. But you seem to be in some sort of prblem and I cant imagine having fun with a lady who is in trouble I said rubbing my hand on her shoulders.

The blouse was getting wetter wetter and wetter each moment. I thought the baby finished drinking milk but now I see theres a lpt of milk left in my breasts. I need you to empty my breasts dev for the love of god she cried as she said these words. I took a second to think and then brought a big bowl on the dining table. I lifted her and made her sit on the dining table then slowly with my shaky hands I tried to unhook her blouse one by one.I was amazed by the fact that although she wasnt wearing a bra how perfectly her tits were holding up inside her blouse.

As I unhooked the last button of her blouse I looked up at her lovely face. She looked so sweet and innocent that moment. I said everything is gonna be fine. She and I looked at each others eyes as I removed her blouse exposing her full soft big round breasts with pink long nipples dripping milk. I must admit I already had an semi hard on when I gazed her smooth navel but now my hard on was at its maximum. It was very clearly visible as I was only wearing jockey shorts .

I brought the bowl near her tits and pressed her left boob a little. A sharp jet of milk hit my face as she shouted not like this you idiot. She said its paining a lot while hand expressing. I need you to suck and empty me. I was like wait what, will that be right. She slapped me hard on my cheek and shouted just do as I say. Then I made her lay on her side on the dining table I sat on the chair and put her left nipple in my mouth.

Now slowly suck it like a baby dont rush just ease your way through. I was on the ninth cloud and my erection was on tenth. My lips were sucking her tender nipples and warm sweet tasty milk was flowing in my mouth. I never liked drinking milk but madhuris milk was the most tastiest milk that I had ever tasted in my life. As I was sucking madhuri she started moaning. Good dev you are a good boy you suck good I think you should empty my right breast now. I took her head in my arms and shifted to other side as I laid her down we stared each other. I kept sucking her delicious warm milk from her squishy white breasts as we gazed each other. I couldn’t handle the heat so I started removing my boxers to get naked. She smiled as she saw my giant light house inside my shorts. You helped me now Ill help you dev. Take me to my bedroom; I will help you with your dick.

First lemme finish drinking your milk madhuri I said with milk still inside my mouth. Do you like my milk dev she asked. Yes madhuri I love you and I love your body I love your breasts I love your navel I love your hips I love your lips…… She kept a finger on my lips. I know what you love about me now I want you to show how much you love me take me to paradise dev fuck me like this was your last day on earth let’s make love baby…. And that was my green signal. I quickly finished emptying her breasts as I started fondling her left breast. She began to roll her hands all over my head shoulders. I removed my shorts completely freeing my serpent. She exclaimed wow that’s awesome.

I lifted her on my arms and took her to her bedroom kissing. Then I took the baby to the hall and bolted the bedroom door. There she laid my toman princess ready to get ravished. I literally tore her saree which was covering the lower half of her body. Now I was on my t shirt and she was on her pink panties. Firstly I need to calm your beast baby she said as she pressed my 6″ dick hard with her soft hands. She made me stand on her bed as she kneeled down and started sucking me badly. Oh that feeling to be inside a hot naked woman’s mouth as she sucks your cock like a popsicle cannot be described in words.

She then spit on my dick naughtily and began rubbing it in between her milky soft breasts. As she was stroking my cock between her breasts milk started to flow out from her light pink nipples. That very sight made me so horny that I totally started to fuck her breasts. Madhuri your breasts are…..So firm na she laughed meekly as she said. Your dick is getting huge and red do you want me to slow down. No I need to cum on your heavenly tits madhuri I said stroking hard between her melons. Baby heaven is yet to come but you may cum on me baby she kissed the tip of my dick as she said and started rubbing my dick even faster with her breasts. Even the milk flow started to increase gradually too. Madhuri rub me faster. Oh dev cum on my tits now come on shoot your load on my milk jugs. Ah madhuri oh madhuri …. Oh fuck I cannot control madhuri …… I am cumming am cumming madhuri.

I came as she kept rubbing me with her milky breasts and shot load on her face lips eyes her boobs everywhere and I kept on shooting. Cum on me dev ah ah come on baby shoot that warm cum on my face she yelled as she closed her eyes. I couldnt stop cumming as I was cumming non-stop never had I ever shot so much load. She so was fully drenched by my load that she took my dick in her own hands and pointed to other direction away from her bed. Baby I am going to cum dev oh ah…. Aa aaaah aaaah ummm oooohh…..She moaned loudley as she spilled all her cum on her bed and I was cumming across her bed. She needed get rid of those panties.

She smiled as we both finished spilling our load. She kissed my tip of the dick again and went inside the bathroom I followed her but she bolted the door. I heard the shower been turned on and guessed she might been cleaning herself. I said hey even I need to clean myself babe. She said its bad manners to see women bath dev and started laughing naughtily. I was exhausted but the very thought of madhuri washing herself was again pursuing my dick for another hard on.

In a matter of seconds I was ready to battle again.Madhuri hey babe……Can I please come in now baby. Please. No she said. But why babe I asked while my dick poking the door and hurting me. Because your dick is a beast and it will kill my pussy if I opened that door she said. No baby I wont hurt you anytime I swear Ill go easy on you now please open the door am hungry I said. You lair you emptied both my breasts then how could you be so hungry. Ill not open the fucking door she said. I had nothing going on in my brain that moment, so I said ok I’ll make love to you now cmon out I am leaving.

She at once opened the door and all wet and naked she came running towards me and started to kiss me here and there on my lips and my face. Damn she was kissing as she was possessed by a witch. I was playing with you baby I dont want you leave ever she said and again kissed again. I took hold of her hair and looked into her eyes and said now I will play with you madhuri. She smirked and snarled grrrr like a tigress as I tied her hands behind her back with her wet blouse. Umm dev babu seems to be in a playful mood haha she smiled playfully as I pushed her on to the bed.

I came down her slowly slowly gazing her teasing her and as soon as I saw her pussy I was famished. It really was heaven. Fully shaven pinkish love hole fully wet with her juices. Its smell was so sweet and soft and yet so strong. I didnt wait further and started kissing her pussy lips. She held her two legs tight across my shouldera as I started to lick and bite and suck her pussy.

She started moaning so loudly that I feared and stopped. My hubby never did this to me its my first time she said. Do you want me to go slow I asked? No she said just continue what you were doing. And I started to suck her pussy again. I started fondling her breasts as I sucked her.

Sometimes as I pinched her nipples she used to strangle her legs hard and moan even louder. She was jumping all over the bed. Oooohhhh deeeevv mmhhh oooo aaaaah ouch mmhhh I think its happening again. I started to multiply my paced even more as soon as I heard it and then suddenly I stoped she looked at me astonishingly and again I started ravishing her pussy like a madman.

I stopped and again I sucked. Madhuri started squirting all her love juices on my face. She was on fire and wouldnt stop cumming. Her juices were salty and juicy I licked every bit of it. Her face turned red as I saw cumming. Now I lifted her in my arms like a child and stood up against the wall. What are you doing dev she asked tiredly. I am taking us to heaven I said as I slipped my tip of my dick inside her pussy. She shouted so hard that she woke the baby up who was sleeping in the next room. I left her as she ran naked to collect her baby. The baby did not take time to go to sleep again.

As soon as she saw the baby she ran towards the bedroom and started kissing me again I was turned on again and as we kissed I slipped my whole dick inside her again and she took a deep breath. I fondled her breasts with one hand hips with other and kissed her madly as I started inserting in and out my full manhood inside her. Her pussy needed a bit more lubrication so I spilled some milk from her breasts onto my hand rubbed inside her pussy and over my dick.

Then I again took her to the bed turned her over to her back and started doggy fucking her and spanking her ass. Damn I turned her white ass red. My dick was going in smooth inside her my dick was fully covered with her fluids now. I thought of changing positions so I asked if she would wanna go on top. She nodded and I laid down and she came up. Now dev babu I’ll fuck you she said and started stroking her hips up and down up and down. Her pace was good. She also swayed her hips from this side to that side. As she humped her breasts were the most sexy to look at. They were jumping like big tennis balls. Oh that was an amazing sight.

I wanted to hold her breasts but she would not let me. I asked her that I wanted to change positions she nodded yet again and I took hold of her neck with one hand and her ass on the other I took her straight against her wall and started fucking her. As I fucked I also kissed her round melons and took them whole inside my mouth and sucked her milk out. I continued to fuck her in that position she was getting breathless some times but she said it was ok.

After a lot of kissing and sucking and fucking madhuri against the wall I felt like I was about to spill my load. So I stopped and asked if I should cum inside her or not. She smiled and said cum inside me I wanna feel your load against the deep walls of my pussy. I started ramming her hard and faster and faster. I felt like I was a race horse and I cannot be stopped from winning this. I pushed and pushed. She too started pushing against me.

I threw her on to the bed and yes I did cum inside her and so did she. Our love juices mixed inside her and that was the most amazing moment. I love you dev she said as she hugged me. I hugged her back as I heard the sound of her gate opening. (to be continued)