Confessions Before I Die Part 1

It was the month of November 2013 and i get call from unknown Number! I received the call and was greeted with a warm female voice! Pleasantries were exchanged and i asked the reason for call, the lady on the other end was on my list from a popular social networking site! She said that her husband wanted to do business with me and wanted to introduce me to him! About me,Well my name is Mr.S from a city down south of india! Im in my late 20s!

After the introduction and purpose of the call we decided to meet and talk business! after initial discussion we decided to meet the rest of the people and come to an understanding on payment and other contract formalities! Readers might wonder why i am giving all this information! This is just not another wham-bham story! Its real life incidents about my life so got to be in detail to understand the following incidents! I had meeting with three people and all things were sorted! It all started when the word spread out about my deal with these three people lets name them Mr. V and Mr. K and the third person is not important!

Few Days after the word got out about my business deal i got a request from a female on the social networking site! Lets call her Miss. C ,After a thorough checkup of the profile i accepted the request! And started General conversation for few days! Days went by and one fine day got a message if we could meet for coffee! I was single then and dint see any harm in meeting Miss. C.

We decided to meet at a coffee shop in the evening and she came along with one of her friend! Lets call Her Miss. P! After the exchange of pleasantries i was told the Miss C is Mr. Ks Separated Spouse! I was in a dilemma as to why she had not revealed this information earlier! She told me she was hesitant because i might think otherwise of her! She told me that she wanted to caution me not to do business with Mr. K as he is not a reliable person and duped many people! She asked me if i was able to recover my money from her separated husband! i told her that i had recovered every penny from the business deal and she was surprised and Happy that i dint get duped!

After this coffee meet we three started to hang out often! One day she called and asked if i wanted to grab a drink with her! I asked her where shall we go for a drink! She asked me if i was ok to chill at her place! I was more than happy! She asked to bring along a bottle of vodka! I reached on agreed time and she greeted me with a warm welcome! I settled down on a bean bag and she served the drinks! I had no idea what was to follow! She said that she wanted to change into her PJs so that she can be comfortable!

We were down by 3 drinks each and she suggested we move to balcony as she loved sitting there and sip her drinks! once in balcony topics changed and we were discussing something intense and dint realise while standing in the small balcony we we so close that i could feel her breath on me! There was our moment and we looked in to each others eyes, as if our eyes spoke to each other and befor i could realise we we in each others arms and we started pecking to test waters and soon were locked in passionate kiss! To be honest, she is best kisser i have ever met and our tongues we exploring the length and breadth of our mouths! Now both my hands were exploring her tight ass, She was in her mid 30s and mother of a teenage daughter and her the most amazing ass that i could have felt!

My Hand already in her PJs Trying to get past her panties and her heavy breathing and the cold breeze was making my penis give a full fledged Salute to her beauty! I dint realize but she had already loosened my belt and opened the button of my jeans and there i felt immense pleasure a man can get when a woman warms hands give you a hand job! Moon was shining and i felt, was top of it!

She broke the kiss and looked at my penis and was down there in a flash and started sucking it like a candy! I leaned on to the balcony wall and as the cold breeze hit my face she was working her magic down there! She knew how to please a mans penis and was spot on with the job! My penis enjoyed the best 10-15 minutes out there in the balcony!

She looked up and i told her lets continues on the bedroom! picked her up and was like a circus feat for me as i kissed and walked together! Once in bedroom switched on the A/C and was kissed like there is no tomorrow! while kissing we removed the remaining clothes and i spared a moment to enjoy the beauty that i was about to enjoy and cherish for a long time to come!

My hands had mind of their own , instantly went ahead and cupped those 34B sized breast! i was kneading them as if i would drain all the milk out! She felt the pain and was enjoying it as the moans were louder than i could have imagined! My mouth dint need any invitation and was sucking the dark brown nipples like a hungry baby! wanted to dedicated my whole life sucking them but my mouth was craving for another delicious treat! I was down there for the prized possession of hers which was gleaming in its all glory with dripping juices of her Vagina!

I put my tongue to absolute hard labor and tasted the sweet juices that i could not even taste from a Fruit juice can! She said she can no longer wait and wanted to feel my penis as far s it can reach deep down her vagina! I followed her orders like a soldier and pushed my penies as deep as i could reach and kept ramming her vagina until last ounce of my stamina! Her Moans were louder than a Opera Singer, we both had cummed together and felt a pleasure as if we had conquered Mt.Everest. It was half past 12 and we dozed for a small nap while still lying naked and spooning! i woke up to a power cut and found my way to the balcony, there she was sitting and sipping vodka!

She had already put a bed in the balcony and i wanted another round of lovemaking session and it was just Magical under the light of moon and cool breeze!

As its is a real life experience i am writing every possible detail i remember, Hope the readers will be patient with me! Will be continuing the remaining experience in next part! Feel Free to write at / / , This is just the begining of my experience with Miss. C and her friend Miss P. so come back!