Love Affair With Friends Mother – Part 1

Hello ISS readers. I am Rishi Arora sharing this unique fictional experience. So the strange thing happened as one of the readers of my previous stories approached me and requested me if I can write a fictional story involving his mother. He even went ahead and shared her mother’s pictures and details with me. I found the request weird but anyhow I am going ahead with writing a fictional story. Hope it will help you all achieve the desired result.

So this story dates 3 years back, when I was in Bangalore for my job. I originally belongs from Delhi, but wanted a break from my usual life of living with family hence I taken up the transfer with-in my company to Bangalore. I was working for one of the world’s best consulting firm and there were people of so many nationalities working together. There I met a guy called Kanishk, who was from Sri Lanka. He was in my team and we hit of quite early. He helped me finding my accommodation in the same society he was renting his apartment.

We hung out and partied a lot together. I got to know that he belongs to a rich family of Sri Lanka who made a fortune in Hospitality industry. But he wanted to be independent hence working alone. He was planning to visit his home back in outskirts of Colombo and invited me if I wanna accompany him. I was more than happy for the fact that he invited me. Since the office was to remain shut for the Christmas and new year, there was no reason left to deny him.

So he booked our tickets and we headed for Colombo on 24th December. I was excited as I lover beaches and was all set for some good times. We reached Colombo and I was amazed to see a Land Rover waiting for us at the airport to take us to Kanishk’s house. I was impressed with the luxury being showered and at same time noticed Kanishk’s discomfort as he never likes to show off.

The house was like a resort. Grand entrance and big driveway towards the house building. There were like 10 cars parked along the driveway, I gave the impressive look to Kanishk’s and he replied with a polite but uncomfortable smile. A team of servants took our bags as we entered and a lady looking like in her mid 30’s welcomed us. It was evident she has spent huge sums on her make-up, perfumes, hair and cloths. I was confused who she was and was not sure how to greet her.

Then Kanishk hugged her and introduced her as his mother, Sheila. I was amazed and greeted her and thanked her for having me over. She said don’t be we are more than happy to have you here.

Sheila was around 5’2”, a bit on fatter side, but smartly dressed to hold her body well. I was impressed by her politeness and sense of style then and there. I was guided towards the guest room on the first floor and there were 2 other bedrooms there. Kanishk’s room was on second floor. I was just settling down and was unpacking my backpack. It was humid in Colombo and my shirt was all wet. I taken it off and was in my pants doing the unpacking. I heard a knock on my door, it was Sheila.

Sheila: Hi Rishi, you are u to unpacking already.

Me: Oh yes, its so sweaty I was looking to change my T-shirt.

Sheila: if you are going to the beach, you need no T-shirt, you can carry off well without one.

Me: (amazed) oh Thanks, but I do feel the need of one, I am getting chubby.

Sheila: Are you crazy?? You look great.

Me: (loss of words) Thanks ma’am.

Sheila: I just came to tell you that my room is right opposite yours so if you need anything please let me know.

Me: Sure ma’am.

Sheila: Please don’t call me ma’am, you don’t work for me. Call me Sheila.

Me: It will be little weird for me as you are Kanishk’s mother.

Sheila: Think me as your friend not your friend’s mother, if that will help. (She laughed)

Me: (Joining the laughter) If you stresses on that, I will call you Sheila.

Sheila: (came closer to me, touching my right shoulder) that’s like it. (And she left to her room)

I was looking at her leave my room. I was somehow got attracted to her. She was nothing of my type as I like slim and tall women and she was short and voluptuous, but her style and fragrance have got me. I somehow shrugged these thoughts from my head as she was my friend’s mother and moreover my host. I continued with my unpacking and went for a shower.

The room was great and big enough for 2 people. I was changing in my room after the shower and heard something or someone at the door. I was nude. I covered myself around the waist with the towel and went to look. There was no-one and then I saw Sheila coming out from her room. She was in her swimsuit and looking delicious. She looked at me and smiled.

Sheila: would you like to join me at the poolside.

Me: You guys have pool?

Sheila: I guess you haven’t seen the whole house yet, come I’ll give you the tour.

Me: oh let me wear something Sheila, there is nothing beneath the towel.

Sheila: I am sure there will be something worth watching there. (she winked and laughed)

Me: (I ignored the wink) oh you have to see and then decide.

Sheila: oh really Mr. Arora? We’ll see.

Me: give me 2 mins, I put something on.

I got into a short n without sleev tshirts and followed her and she showed me the whole house and last stop at the pool. It was a big 24 feet long pool and a hot water Jacuzzi on one end. I was impressed with the luxury the family had in store.

She put on her sunscream in front of me. I was looking at her with excitement and lust too. The way she softly touching her thighs, arms, legs, neck etc it was making me hard. She noticed me looking at her.

Sheila: So Mr. Arora, where are your eyes stuck at.

Me: (I was embarrassed, but I need to cover up) Well, when a beautiful woman sensuously touching her body in front of you, you have to admire.

Sheila: very well put it Rishi, now would you mind helping me by putting some of the cream on my back.

Me: Sure.. (I took the cream from her and started applying on her back. Almost whole of her back was exposed through her swimsuit. I applied the cream gently and then applied a bit of pressure.)

Sheila: Looks like someone hiding some good massage tricks there.

Me: well people say I am good at it.

Sheila: People or girls?

Me: not just girls, let’s say females.

Sheila: interesting, we’ll see to that as well.

Me: anytime you want ma’am. Where is Kanishk?

Sheila: He went to see his friends back in Colombo, He came to your room before leaving but I guess you were in shower that time.

Me: oh may be. And where is your husband Sheila?

Sheila: Oh he is on a business trip to Barbados. He is always travelling.

Me: I am dying to checkout the beaches here, how far are they from your house.

Sheila: Just 10 minutes’ walk ahead on the road. (She pointed me the direction), I’ll take you there tomorrow, enjoy the pool today.

Me: as you say ma’am.

She pinched my butt. I looked at her in amazement.

Sheila: the more you say me “ma’am” more you gonna get this pinching.

Me: Yea right, I can pinch too, so beware next time.

Sheila: So you gonna pinch my ass?

Me: If you pinch me, I’ll pinch you back ma’am.

She threw me in the pool and started laughing. I came out of the pool and run to catch her. She was trying to get away but I held her and squeezed her from behind. I could feel her boobs. They seems firm and suckable. I suddenly got a hardon. I was sure she would have felt it. I quickly threw her in the pool as well and came right behind her.

She started splashing water at me and me too. I started coming towards her to catch her. She was running and dived to be away from me. As she dived, my extended hand touched her ass. It was nice ass she had. My dick got really hard. I cornered her on one side of the pool.

Me: Now where you gonna run Sheila. You gonna get pinched a lot now.

Sheila: oh yea, lemme see your imagination and guts now.

I pinched her arm, she started laughing.

Sheila: oh poor you, you choose the arm. How boring.

Me: Where you wanna get pinched then?

Sheila: wherever you want to pinch me.

Me: Why don’t you tell me ma’am? (I was sure she can see my hard on)

Hearing this she suddenly came forward and held my dick in her hand and squeezed it.

Sheila: Oh its so hard already, you lusty mind.

I held her hand over my dick to free it, but she had firm grip so I gave in.

Me: well all your acts have made it hard Sheila, looks like it can use some rubbing.

She started rubbing it to and fro. I held as ass and squeezing it. She was looking in my eyes and me too. She put her hand inside my shorts and was rubbing my dick holding it in her bare hands. I came close to her and kissed her lips. We were kissing with full passion and sucking each other lips while she continued rubbing my dick vigorously.

Me: Won’t your servants see?

Sheila: No-one is going to come here without my permission.

And we continued our kiss. My hands were squeezing her boobs now. She was leaving moans in my mouth. I was loving her boobs. They were size 38 and very firm. Her hand tricks were great. I removed her swim suit from one of her shoulders and kissing her neck vigorously. She was moaning and still stroking my dick hard. She removed my shorts and underwear completely and asked me to come out of the pool and sit on the edge. I did. She took my dick in her mouth and started sucking on it. Oh I was on cloud nine.

The sun was setting and a gorgeous mature lady in the pool giving me an amazing blow job. I was about to cum. I held her head and started stroking in same position and in no time spurted out my cum in her mouth.

I kept stroking and she gulped it all down. She let my dick go and licked my balls before pulling me back in the pool. She held me and asked if I liked it?

Me: oh I loved it Sheila, you are the best host ever. We need to complete what we have started.

Sheila: Not here, wear your clothes and come to my room.

Saying that she fixed her swim suit and left to her room. I wore my shorts and headed for her room. She pulled me in and was stark naked. Her nipples were of dark brown color and big. I took them in my hands and squeezed them both. She let out a loud moan, aaahhh be gentle Rishi, oohh. I started sucking her lips and put a finger in her pussy. It was clean and had little hairs. I bit her lips. She pushed me away.

Sheila: be gentle you animal.

Me: oh Sheila, you’ll be thrashed tonight.

She came running towards me and threw me on the bed and came over me. She said lets both me animal then. My dick was already hard by then. She made me naked in no time. I came over her and started eating her nipples and finger fucking her pussy. She was maoning loud, aaaahh, ohhhh you dog, aaaahh amaaaaa… I bit her nipples a lot. Then I came to her pussy and licked it like a dog. I was looking in her eyes and licking with my whole tongue out.

She had mixed feeling of pleasure, fear and pain on her face. I bit her pussy lips too. She held my hair and pushed my head on her pussy and locked with her thighs. I sucked her pussy off and she squirted with loud cry… oooohhh drink it youuu doggg, aaaahh aaahhh.

After that I held my dick in my hand and hit her pussy with it and suddenly pushed it whole inside her. She got surprised. I held her in missionary position and started fucking her. We were kissing again and I was fucking her gently. Her hands were all over my hair and she was so high with the passion and pleasure. I increased the speed and she was moaning in my mouth. There no other high than giving sexual pleasure to a woman.

She locked her legs around my waist strongly and came. I kept ramming her in same position for 5 mins.

Then I released her and she came over me. She took it in and started riding me. She was expert at it. She was moving her ass so well. I was moaning this time. Ooohh yeeessss, you are fucking amazing Sheila. Ohh keep fucking me…

I was slapping her ass alongside. We both were sweating immensely. Finally I near the climax and released all the cum inside her. She too came at the same time. She fell on me.It was amazing start of an amazing holiday. Please leave your feedback at / /

Rest to continue…