Lust Overcomes Shyness Part 1

Hello everyone :) I will be honest, I have been a regular visitor of this Indian sex stories site since last 5 years or more maybe. By the way my age is 20 :). So, a very loyal reader lol :d. Not wasting much time, I leave this to you whether you consider my story to be real or fantasy. :) ignore my mistakes :) a bit long story

My college is in another city which is not very far away from my own city, may be 40 to 45 minutes.

So I used to travel by the bus, like every guy I always wished for some cute and talkative girl to sit by my side in the bus :p but it never really happened as I always used to get late to catch my bus :p so only boys or mans seat are usually empty :p. Well I still remember the date 20th march 2016 as usual I was late and I didnt even get a seat sit down. I cursed myself lol

Moreover the bus was bit crowded so I had to stand all the way :/. As soon as the bus was going to leave the bus stop. A girl just about my age or a year elder came running to catch the bus. The same way I used to come lol. Standing near the door I opened the door for her.The bus was moving slowly so I lend out my hand towards her to get her in the bus. I am a bit shy to the new girls I meet or see lol but I dont know why I leaned out my hand towards her without even thinking. Anyways I pulled her inside the bus and asked her to move in front as it would have been difficult to open and close the door again and again lol.

The bus started I hadnt seen her properly but here now she was standing in front of me. The bus being crowded there was no space between me and her and I was trying my best of not touching her body as I am not a pervert though inside my heart I wished for that :p. Till now I hadnt seen her properly and then there was a sudden push due to the unexpected brake by the bus and due to that our bodies got too close my lips near her neck and my dick brushed against her ass, that gave me a hard on.

I immediately separated myself from her she turned back and I said sorry in a very convincing way and she just said its okay but as soon as I saw her face I realized what a beauty she was, very cute bubbly cheeks and very deep eyes and that image got struck in my mind and at that time her voice was so seductive that I couldnt forget that voice. I just saw her neck again she had goosebumps. I was able to make out that the touching might have turned her on too :p but I just gave up on this thought as I m a beard supporter and I have heard indian women usually dont like the beard thing :/ and I still own a bit heavy beard lol..

Well we reached our destination, now I got down and just move far away from the bus just to see her in a way she doesnt notice me staring at her and there she got down. Fuck she was hot,her shape of the lips was very sexy, she had decent pair of boobs and a very maintained booty( I love booties) I was so busy noticing her that even she saw me doing that, and I ran away from there lol. All those scenes were in my mind throughout whole day from brushing with her ass to getting my lips on her neck to her beauty. I was in love a love full of lust not in a bad way but I admired her body her voice her attitude everything.. The next day I got the seat and was listening to the songs and suddenly someone came and sat beside me.

As soon as I saw the person I was shocked the same girl. She saw me and gave a smile and I was so shocked I couldnt smile her back lol and turned my face away, everything started running in my mind again and I remembered she saw me looking at her day before lol. I felt bad that I ignored her smile and I myself started a convo and introduced myself, she was a bubbly girl who loved talking though she told she was shy but still felt comfortable talking with me so we exchanged our no. And decided to travel together in the bus. That night I texted her on whatsapp and she said she was waiting for my message as she knew how much interested I was in talking with her.

The conversation was going good and she was a open minded girl lol so I deliberately asked about the 1st days incident and said sorry to her for which she replied its okay but I know you enjoyed it as she said she saw me looking at her and even I pointed her out that I know even she was aroused as she had goosebumps after my lips touched her neck. Then I turned our conversation towards sexual fantasies and realized we had a lot in common lol.

As we had a holiday next day I was bit sad as I wont be able to meet her tomorrow but understanding what I really meant she said she can meet me in my dance academy. Oh I forgot to tell about myself I am a decent looking guy standing near 5.6 ft tall with a fit body as I dance so usually it helps in remaining fit and not boasting I have good tool more than 8 inches long and usually due to my height people can’t even imagine about that lol. Anyways next day we fixed the time and met. I deliberately gave her the timings in which only we both would be there :d.

She came revealing her curves in spaghetti and yoga pants. Looking hot way more hot. So we just started of with classes as we were doing salsa so we were supposed to be close to each other and touch and lift,

To be honest I was enjoying it was more than lustful touching with each other than dancing. I was hard and suddenly while lifting my foot got slipped and we fell down she was on top of me. I looked in to her deep eyes. I could see the approval of kissing her.

She brought her face closer towards mine and it ended up into a very intense kiss. Kissing each other madly I bit her lip very hard and she responded it with same.. We broke our kiss catching back our breath. I lifted her up and pinned her against the wall and started kissing

I kissed her neck and then softly licked her lips and then moving onto earlobes I licked then passionately. She was enjoying it as her moans were becoming seductive.. I whispered in her ears let me love you fully. I guess it turned her on more. I pressed her boobs over her dress. I had kissed a few girls earlier but never pressed their boobs it was for the 1st time. They felt so soft and I was circling over her nipples over her dress, her breathing was increasing and she had already closed her eyes.

She asked me to undress her and believe me undressing a girl who is turned on is a unbelievable. I knew we both had less time as we were supposed to go home too but none of us were worried.

I started removing her clothes and as soon as her skin was becoming naked I was kissing her skin. I licked her navel even fingered her navel she was soft more than soft I guess. I kissed her stomach and then moved towards her boobs I was seeing them for the 1st time and kissed them turn by turn and licked the nipples she was moaning with a very slow and seductive voice. I bit her nipples and she pulled my hairs as she had kept her hands on my head.

I sucked her boobs like a baby circling my tongue around her nipples. Now it was time for the lovely booty.

I removed her yoga pants and the scene I saw was godly she had a shaved her pussy and her legs were beautiful and sexy. She undressed me. And was surprised to see what surprise I had for her she said she expected my dick to be small but it was bigger than she could think. We started smooching again and hugged while smooching our naked bodies touching each other.

I grabbed her ass and started pressing it while kissing and on the other hand my dick touching her lovely pussy. I made her lay down and started kissing her thighs and gave bites. And moved down kissing her legs and again moved up kissing her lips legs armpits navel.

Now it was time for her pussy to get the love. I inserted a finger it was very tight and wet and hot. I could make out she was virgin. I started fingering and kissing over her pussy. She started moaning loud and asked me to do it fast. I replaced my finger with my tongue and started lick and tongue fucking her. She was about to cum. She held my head tightly and came over my mouth.

To be continued…

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