Priya And Adith Priyas Narration

Hello readers, thanks for your response to the previous narration and sex story. (

Priya and me read all your mails. It was fun and intimidating at the same time. Priya is with me while I write this, but she wants to narrate her experience, so I am off and I don’t want to hear about her excitement. Many of you wrote asking for some good time with me, I sincerely say that I am happy with my husband and not interested. Have fun reading Priya’s narration. Take care.

Hi ISS readers, I am Priya. I hope I don’t need any introduction, as most of you might know me. I will be sharing my experience with Adith. I wanted to be with Adith for long hours so I made up this situation. It might sound cinematic but it was worthwhile for me.

I was having good time with Adith but the time was mostly limited to few hours, I wanted to share a long time with him and was planning for it. I went to my native for summer so did Nirupama’s family. I usually take a break for close to two months and it’s the same with Nirupama. Since I was planning to keep Adith with me for longer time, I cut short my vacation and was back to the city in a month. I called Adith and told him that I was back and asked him to join me. He was on vacation with his family.

I pushed him to come back and be with me so we can have a good time. Adith cooked a story of college work and was ready to be back in the city. His sudden college work raised a doubt in Nirupama and she called me. I just told her that I was in the city and nothing more. She understood my plan and didn’t say anything. I was super excited.

First, no restriction of time, second, he and I can be together all night.

The Day

I made prior arrangements of picking up adith when he reached. I picked him up and took him to my home. He was not surprised at all. I locked the door as we entered my home, I could see the frustration in adith, and we started kissing.

The kisses were deep and we did not take many breaks. Our tongues were busy in each other’s mouth. It was long since we had a good time and I was expecting lot of frustrations to be taken out.

We kissed for a long time; never did I need to keep count of time as we had all the time in the world. His hands were all over my body. Adith’s fingers made it to my breasts and I moaned. My moan made his grip tighter on my breasts. He played with my breasts while we continued to kiss. I took him off my lips and kissed his face.

He was getting hard; I ran my fingers over his frontal and unzipped him. He bent forward and we again had a deep kiss. He let his tongue out and moved down the throat to my cleavage. I got a body chill when he did that.

Adith was licking my cleavage and pinching my nipples. I started to moan quite heavily. I put my fingers inside adith’s boxer and reached for his penis and started stroking it.

I was getting restless and wanted his penis inside me, but I was enjoying the oral and didn’t want to give in. My pussy was getting wetter by time. I pushed him on the sofa and undressed myself slowly. His eyes were rolling all over my body and I was enjoying it.

I took off my clothes more slowly and teased him. I saw him stroking his penis; I stood in my bra and panty. As adith came forward, I held his hands behind him and pulled him towards me and kissed him.

I asked him to go nude and he did oblige. He sat down on his knees and I went towards him and asked him to lick my pussy. I moaned as his tongue played.

I asked him to remove my panty with his teeth and he managed to do it a little and I helped him to remove it off me. He kissed and licked my thighs. I couldn’t have asked for more, me being nude and having sex with an amateur in my living room. Adith stroked his tongue deeper into my pussy and I was moaning loudly.

I took his hand and directed his fingers to play with my breasts. He pinched and squeezed my nipples and breasts while going strong on my pussy. I hardly let him have oxygen breaks while he was licking my pussy. I held his head tightly towards my pussy and never let him loose. I could feel his need for air whenever he pressed my breasts harder.

Adith was enjoying it as well. I let out a heavy orgasm all over his face. He was smiling and I enjoyed it too. I sat on the floor and asked adith to suck my breasts. He wiped his face and jumped on my breasts with kisses and occasional bites.

I stroked his penis while he sucked on my breasts. I told him to let me know before he reached orgasm. I masturbated him while he played with my assets. He signaled his orgasm and I asked him to let it out on my breasts.

After a couple of strokes, adith released a good load of cum on my breasts and moaned loudly. His moan made me burst out laughing. I pulled out the last drop of cum off his penis onto my breasts. We lay on the floor and hugged, kissed and laughed at each other. Both of our fingers were running up and down each other’s body as we lay in each other arms.

I kissed him and got up to leave to the washroom. Adith joined me in. We washed each other and I took a hot shower. I prepared breakfast while he got fresh. After food I went for a nap, as I was tired. When I woke up I saw adith was fast asleep. I didn’t bother to wake him up and let him rest as I was planning a long night. I went by doing my routine work for the day. Adith woke in the evening.

We had the dinner I cooked. Adith helped me wash the dishes, which was sweet of him. We shared dirty jokes while we did the dishes. After work I went to my room to change into nightdress. Since we were the only people in the house I did not bother to lock my room door.

Adith walked in while I was changing and held me from behind and kissed my neck. (I get stimulated when I am kissed in the neck) I stood still and let adith do what he wanted and I was enjoying it as well. I noticed him getting ready for a session and I politely denied. I could see he getting upset, but I was not a mood to have sex. I changed in front of him and kissed him goodnight.

I too was feeling bored of no action and was staring at the ceiling, I purposely did not have sex that night as I felt we might have an over dose of sex. I wanted him to come to me with full force and the only way I could achieve it was to limit our intimacy. I had a couple of fantasies to fulfill and I wanted adith to enjoy as well. I had a good night’s sleep and woke up fresh. I woke up adith and we finished our morning routine and breakfast.

During midday, I made up that I was busy in kitchen, but I was getting ready to execute my fantasy. I always wanted to dominate in bed, execute the act of mistress.

I decided to play it with adith.

After our dinner, I was watching TV and adith sat next to me and touched my breasts and came to kiss me. I pushed him away and it hurt his ego big time. He forcefully tired to kiss me. I switched off the TV and went to my bedroom and as expected he followed me. As soon as he entered the room, I pushed him on the bed and locked the door.

I told him that there won’t be any action tonight but we will be watching a movie. I could see him getting disappointed. I had selected a very good female dominant movie before hand.

We started watching the movie in my laptop, as the movie started, adith was shocked and looked at me curiously, I said this is what we would be executing.

His eyes brightened and I smiled and walked out and locked myself in the next room and went to sleep. I knew he would be super charged after watching the movie, but I wanted to delay the action as much as possible so it would build more excitement in both of us.

The next morning was a routine day. I got myself busy with household work and adith’s eyes were always on me. He asked me to get intimate but I avoided. I only allowed kisses and occasional breast squeeze with clothes on. And this went for a couple of days. I saw frustration building in him.

On the day, after dinner adith was watching TV and I went to my room. I wanted to get intimate with him as it had been days. It felt very irritating as I had him around me all the time but couldn’t make love. I decided to take all frustration out.

I took off all my dress and wore a sexy black back-less corset. The corset sat exactly on my hip exposing my legs. I wore a black panty to match it and tied up my hair. I applied a very basic makeup and sported bright red lipstick.

I looked in the mirror and for a second looked like a mistress straight from porn movies. I peeked on him through my door and called him in and hid behind the door. As he walked in the room I shut the door and locked it.

Adith turned around and saw me standing and fell on the floor in surprise. His eyes were widely open and covered his mouth with his hand.

He looked at me many times from top to bottom. I walked to him and said, will you sit here all night just looking at me or would like to fuck me. He immediately got up and started to undress. I stopped him and told him to go topless. I saw his penis totally erect and wanting to get out of his boxer

Will continue….