From Gentle To Rough Part 2

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In last part I told you about the girl I whom I fucked gently and passionately. This is a continuation of same the sex story.

We never got a chance to have sex again due to busy schedule. 2-3 months later, she told me that she is getting transferred to Pune. I was heartbroken as I wanted to have more sessions with her. She said that the date has been fixed and she will take a leave so that we can have one last fuck.

After 2-3 chats, I brought the topic of bdsm and how I wanted to experience that. Thanks to 50 shades of grey, she agreed to it. I have never read 50 shades of grey but was into bdsm when I was 17-18, just never got a chance to try it. She was into soft bdsm and after a little persuasion she agreed with two rules – no oral and no anal.

The d-day came and she came to my room in the evening, I was waiting for her wearing jeans, t shirt and shoes. She came in t-shirt, jeans and sandles. I closed the door and took her hand and said that safe word is “Ginger”. She said ok and tried to say something else but I put my hand on her mouth and took her to bed.

I sat on chair and ordered her to come to me by crawling. She crawled slowly and held my legs once she came and started to rub them. I grabbed her hair and pulled her towards me gently.

She thought I was going to kiss her but got her face on my thighs and gently rubbed her ass. I spanked her ass lightly while she licked my cock from jeans.

I stood up and removed her t-shirt and asked her to remove the bra while I took off her jeans. She was now in panties which were black. I got her in my thighs in spanking position, her stomach and boobs on my thighs while her ass was on one side and face on other. I said “You liked to be spanked, don’t you”. She said “ummm, maybe”.

I slapped her very hard on left cheek and said “Yes or No. Slave”. She said “owwww, No”. I said “You are getting it slave” With that I started spanking her with my bare hands while she screamed after first few spanks.

I took a break and pulled her panties. She was pleading “Stop, please you will tear them off”. I paid no heed and tore them off partially and took the few remaining bits. She said

“Please stop spanking now”.

I said “This is the beginning. You know how to make me stop(Safe word)”. She thought of saying the safe word but stopped. I started spanking again and didn’t stopped until my hand started to hurt.

Then I ordered her to bring the table tennis racket which was of my roommate. She was happy spanking has stopped and brought the paddle. I ordered her to get in same position and took paddle from her.

Then the real spanking started with the racket/paddle. She was screaming and I stuffed her t shirt partially in her mouth to prevent her from screaming. I spanked until her ass was red like apple. She was rubbing her ass when I was finished and got teary eyes. She was standing and rubbing her ass.

I had the opportunity and tied her hands with the duppatta she left from some time back. She was a bit shocked but didn’t said anything. I then threw her on bed and started to bite her thighs and then slowly rubbing her pussy. She was wet, she liked the spanking but not much. I put my two finger in her and fucked her very fast with the fingers.

She was close to cumming and said “Dont stop, I am gonna cum”. I stopped and took of my clothes and shoes. My dick was hard and erect. She thought I will fuck her and she got happy. I turned her over and put my dick in her hands. She felt it and tried to give me a handjob while being in that position.

I pulled her by the hair while she tried to rub me. This time I pulled her hair very hard like it would hurt a lot and bit her neck like I wanted to leave a sharp mark. She screamed lightly “Aaahhh”.

I turned her over and twisted her nipples ignoring her begging to stop. I pinched the nipples and pulled them as far as I can. I rubbed her again and got her close to orgasm but didnt let her cum and stopped when I thought she was gonna cum.

I left her on the bed and got some ice cubes from the fridge. I put one cube in her mouth and grabbed one and rubbed on her nipples. Alternating between both, she was moaning in pleasure and I moved the ice cube to her vagina and rubbed it over there for few minutes. Her breathing was getting heavy and she was moaning.

I stopped and rubbed my dick from semi erect to erect. I then put a condom over my cock and started to fuck her. She was enjoying it and tried to kiss me, I instead put my hand on her mouth and continued to fuck her. I got her in doggy style and started to fuck her while pulling her hair and was going very fast and rough.

I then made her lie down and put one foot on her face and my dick in her pussy.

Then I started to fuck her and pulled her hair while my foot didnt allow her head to move a bit. She started to bite the pillow and I continued like this for few minutes. She had tears in her eyes and I slapped her lightly.

She got a bit more teary eyed and closed her eyes. I then got her in reverse cowgirl and then she fucked me while I pulled her hair and she came in just few seconds. I

could see that she squirted a bit. I ordered her not to stop and continue fucking herself. She said ok and asked me to please leave her hair. I said ok and started to rub her while she bounced on my cock.

I got off and while her legs on bed I pushed rest of her body on the floor and fucked her like that while her face rubbed the floor with each thrust. I then stopped for a second and reversed her and rubbed her pussy. I said now “enjoy the pain dear” while looking into her eyes and turned her again.

I grabbed her tied hands and pulled them while fucking her. Her face got few inches above the ground with each thrust. She was hitting the ground after each thrust. I stopped fucking her and pushed her to the ground.

She was looking all sweaty and tired. I got down and started to rub her. I stopped when she was close to cumming.

I then asked her to close her mouth. I pulled the condom off my dick and started to jerk off. I came in few minutes all over her boobs and a bit on her face. I got up and while she was lying down I pulled her from hair and she got up and followed me to bathroom. I took a mug of water and poured all over her face and boobs, to drain off the cum.

Then I rubbed her again and stopped when she was close to cumming. She said “Please I want to cum so baad, please rub a little more”.

I ordered her to follow me back to room where there were clothes pin waiting for her. I put one on each nipple and she just whimpered “Fuck Fuck, please finger me”. Her voice was now breaking up and she said “ Hurry the fuck up, I can’t handle it”.

I got her in reverse spanking position and got the paddle, now I rubbed her to point of cumming and stop and started to hit her boobs with paddle. That was the breaking point when she lost it and started abusing me and started to rub herself on my pillow. I grabbed her and pulled away and said “Bitch, you know the safe word. Show me that you cannot endure the pain”. She stopped and just murmured to herself.

Now, I put one finger in her and started to fuck and said “Don’t you dare cum until I order you to do so”. She just nodded and her face showed she was trying to control it. I pulled my fingers out and pinched and slapped her pussy. She was squirming and was so close to cumming.

I then took off the clothespin off her nipples and with that she begged “Please please I will suck your cock, untie me. I want to cum”. I slapped her and said nothing. She just laid there squirming. I said “I have more for you, Do you want more?” She said “Please no no”. She paused and shouted “GINGER”.

With that I untied her hands and immediately started to finger fuck her. She rubbed while I was finger fucking her. She came in few seconds and looked so tired. I got up and kissed her forehead and then her lips. She laid there motionless and fell asleep. I masturbated in the bathroom and came back and slept by her side.

Next morning I woke up before her and she woke up after few seconds. She then said “I wont forget this and I am not gonna do it again. It was too much but I enjoyed it” Then she went to freshen up and then she left.

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