Takeoff To Heaven With A Co-passenger

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This is my first story here and please bear with me for any mistakes here. My name is fs (lets keep that short), male 25 years, having an average height , fair and working in a reputed it company and still a virgin.Yes, I am an engineer :p. Well, this story is a fantasy which I often do when I masturbate. Coming down to the story, its about a flight journey and the angel here is Swati.

Due to my job requirements, I often have to attend conferences in various cities. It was in the month of October 2016 I had to go on a trip to Delhi for a meeting. As I was completing the boarding formalities, a girl happened to bump me with her luggage.Of course, it was by mistake as I know I am not that handsome. The girl apologized immediately and I, being a gentleman respected that. We exchanged smiles and it was that time that something had clicked inside me.

It was a late night flight and it was half filled with passengers. As the flight took off the lights dimmed out and the ambient light filled the cabin. The flight was mid-air when someone went to use the loo. After some time while coming back, I happened to see the co passengers face and it was the same girl who had bumped into me.

We exchanged smiles again and this time we introduced ourselves. Her name was Swati and she was an architect who was on an assignment. We both were equally bored so we discussed our job life, regular life etc etc. As the conversation went further, I got to know she drinks on which our equation striked a new chord and we became closer.We discussed various pubs which I can head out in Delhi.

While talking it just slipped from my mouth that, I find it hard when the I see the Delhi girls to which she blushed. Later I apologized and she was quite interested in the topic and from thereon, the sexual topics started. I said that I gain a boner when I even see a lipkiss to which she asked me about my virginity and I said I am a virgin. When I reverted the question to her, she said she was 19 years old when she lost her virginity to her classmate. She started narrating her story and that had brought an instant boner in me.

As I became a bit uncomfortable she saw my boner and blushed again. As it was late night all the fellow passengers had dosed off, I gained some confidence and placed my hand on her thigh. She was unmoved and was casually chatting. Our discussions grew bolder and I could sense that she was feeling horny seeing my bulge. And it happened so spontaneously that I planted a kiss on her cheeks. She laughed at my immatureness and in return planted a kiss on my lips. Her lips were so soft that I sucked all the juices out of it and we continued this for 10 min till be became breathless.

After we broke the kiss, I could see the lust in her eyes which were glowing fiery red in the ambient light. We covered ourselves with the blanket and she slid her hands inside my pants , massaging my tool which was all wet. I too ceased the opportunity and started caressing her 34b boobs over her bra to which she whispered an “ahhhhh”.This sound actually acts a turn-on all the boys and I started sliding my hand inside her bra and started feeling them. They were so soft just like a milk pudding ready to be eaten but I placed my movements step by step.

I started giving light massaging to her nipples, she became more vigorous in stroking my dick. I was feeling as if I have conquered the heaven and my angel is guiding me there.

After the foreplay, I started inserting my hand into her most precious area, yes….Its the pussy. She was already releasing her juices and when my fingers reached her tunnel, she gave a strong whisper and kissed me deeply.

We started stroking each other for another 10 minutes.

By this time, she was onto me and 1 hand of mine inside her pussy , fingering it and another was gently massaging her nipples and our lips, still connected. The evil inside her was more aroused by then and she started to lean on my side to hid under the blanket and took my tool inside the mouth. It was the best moment in my life I have ever had.The warmness of her saliva, the stroking of my dick, the soft pussy in my fingers , seemed like I am on the 7th sky. I could hardly control my moans when I realized I had I had just cum inside her mouth. She gulped the juices like a slut and gave a wicked smile.

Now, it was my turn for treating my queen. I knelt down a bit for the perfect posture and started fingering her more vigorously. Her moans were increasing, making me insert my tongue into her beautiful tunnel. Initially, I just touched her pussy lips for the slight sensation.

After this, I inserted my tongue fully inside her and started eating it like a mad dog. Ohh god, it was tasting so gooooood. She began thrusting herself into my face and I continued licking her. She erupted in joy and gave away her awesome juices and I obliged her in sucking all of them without wasting a drop.

We were about to start the final phase when there was a beep in the cabin and we sensed that the flight was descending towards our destination. We were so involved in out foreplay that we could hardly imagine the time that was passing. We exchanged our numbers and bade goodbye with a soft smooch.

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