Turned The Driver Gay Part IV

The night was warm and cozy sleeping in his arms, they were big and warm, it was cold outside and we were sleeping nude under our blankets, I wake up to a warm sensation and a cold feet and see he is sucking my dick with the blanket on the floor, he told me it was erect and he did not want to waste my erection, after saying this he went down again to suck my cock, I could see he was erect also, I told him let’s not waste this too and asked him to give it to me, we got down in a 69 position and started to suck each other.

I deep throated him and he mourned with my dick still in his mouth, he was hard as a rock, morning woodies are famous for being really hard, I took 1 of my fingers and put it in his ass, it was still nice and slippery from the previous nights fuck and it went in nice and clean, he mourned, I got up and asked him to get a condom,

I put it on my dick and asked him to make it wet, he obliged me with a smile on his face, he sucked it for a minute, I bend him over and let him have it, gave it to him deep and hard, my dick was also hard from the morning blood rush, I asked him to sit on it, he told me he liked that position a lot and came and sat on my dick, it slid in clearly and I was humping him for a good 10 mins.

I told him I was going to cum, he told me he wanted to taste cum for the very first time and I should cum in his mouth, I bring out my dick and take the condom off and shake it till I start to cum, he puts my dick in his mouth and I let it go, his mouth around my coming dick is feeling so good, it was like doing a warm cake or a freshly baked pie,

Spurts and spurts of cum 1 after the another fill his mouth, I am drained dry and I bring out my dick from his mouth, he is hesitant to swallow it, I tell him to kiss me with the cum still in his mouth, he is surprised but takes my lead as he has liked each and everything we have done so far, he kisses me and we exchange saliva and cum for a minute or so.

We break off the kiss with cum in his mouth and I tell him to swallow it, he does so and tells me that it was the wildest thing that he has ever done, I smile back and I tell him that the cum and the kiss was a very good idea and he was a very good kisser, we look at the watch and it is around 11:30, we had 2 hours to get ready and have our breakfast and head off to the site, so we decide again to take a shower together to save time and water, but

I ended up giving him a blowjob in the shower as he had not cum and I drank all of his cum as a thank you for what he has done earlier in the morning. We get out and get dressed, I help him tie his turban and he gets ready in a giffy, I m also ready and we head to the restaurant more as a couple than a driver and boss, we r now like friends, joking and teasing each other at an instant, I liked what was happening between us.

We have our hearts content as we know lunch will be very late and head out, we reach the site and I sit in the front of the car and keep on teasing him by fondling him and he gets erect, I go to that extent to take it out and start to lick it, he protests and tells me that he has to concentrate on the road so I need to stop this distraction, we have the entire night for it, I agree and let him off, I tuck it in and plant a nice huge kiss on his cheeks, he halts the car and kisses my lips passionately.

We reach the site and I got to work and he slept in the car, I came to the car for something and noticed him watching a porn clip on his mobile, I ask him what it was and he said he got excited and wanted to let off, I told him to hold it I have a surprise for him. I wrap up work around 4:30 in the afternoon and got into the car, he tells me he was so horny that he masturbated in the bushes when he went to pee, he tells me that I have made him wild, he has never been like this,

I tell him to drive for about 25 kms and take the unpaved road, he does as he is told and once on the unpaved road we go for another 8 kms and I tell him to park in the parking provided, I took him to a secluded scenic place where we can enjoy the view of the mountains. I tell him to bring the bag in the back of the car which I had put before we left for the site. He goes to the back and gets the bag and smiles, there is a bottle of vodka and some chips and cold drink, we stroll leisurely to the picnic area, it’s on the edge of the valley

And all once can see across is a snow covered valley surrounded with mountains, this place is not in the guide books and not mentioned as a public spot, it is isolated and I read about it in a travel book, I am glad it is 1 of those places which is undiscovered, I take some glasses out and make 2 pegs and top them with sprite, open some snacks and hand him a glass and sit down beside him and enjoy the beauty of nature, it is dusk and the mountains and the valley appear so beautiful.

I plant a kiss on Sonu’s cheeks, he smiles at me and kisses me back, we r sitting arms in arms with each other, there is no1 for miles and the approach road is such that you can see any1 approaching without being seen yourself, I ask Sonu if he was game for a secession outside in the open, he hesitated I assured him there was no1 here, he agrees to it and I bring out my dick and tell him to hold it, I open his pants, he is still hesitant but I wanted to try it once in the open and see how adventurous we could get in our ways,

I bring out his dick, take the bottle of vodka and pour some on his dick and start to suck it. I tell him this 1 is a real cocktail, it was a cheap 1 but I said it ne which ways. He gets hard, it is getting cold as the evening is progressing, I get down on my knees and I unbuckle his jeans and pull them away, we r on this wooden bench and it is okay as we r above the ground which is wet and damp, I am sucking him and he is mourning, I tell him to mourn as loudly as he can as no1 was around for miles and we can have this pleasure, he said something in Punjabi and I did not understand it but it was I am sure pertaining to something leading to sex. He gets up and pushes me down on the bench.

He proceeds to open my pants and throw them away and tells me to bend over pulls a condom from his jeans pocket on the ground and puts it on his dick, takes some spit in his hand and puts it on my asshole, and applies some to his dick and gently pushes his cock in, it is cold and my ass goes numb, but his humping action is amazing, he picks up the bottle of vodka and pours some on his dick when it is in my ass and starts to hump it, the fiction warms me up and

I am loving his outside hump I am getting, it is scary with the fear of some1 coming but that adds to the excitement, my dick is hard as a rock and is oozing precum, he then turns me over and goes to attack my ass from the front, I can see his face, he has his eyes closed and has a feeling of ultimate pleasure on his face.

He then opens his eyes and smiles at me and thanks me for showing him a really good time, and then begins to attack my ass, he is really horny today because I sense a change in his humping style, he is more aggressive and strokes are more hard, I am loving this hardcore humping, he is humping me there for a good 15 mins in all positions and

I have ended up like a bitch now under him in a doggie style, he is going at it uninterrupted and mourning loudly, he tells me he is going to cum and I tell him to cum in my ass, he gives 6-7 hard strokes and shouts at the top of his voice and cums in my ass, I can sense spurts and spurts of cum hitting the inside of the condom and he has a smile worth a million dollars on his face.

I bend him down towards me and kiss him, his breath is smelling of vodka and I am mesmerized by it, he passionately kisses me and we lock lip for 2 mins, he is still in my ass and has gone limp, he brings out his dick from my ass and turns me over and swallows my dick in his mouth, he gives me a hard blowjob, biting and nibbling my dick, I now tell him that I was going to cum, he speeds up his motion and

I erupt in his warm mouth, I start to go soft in his mouth and he brings me out and swallows my cum completely, shows me that he has done it by saying the doctor wala aahhhhhhhhhhh, I laugh and tell him I believe him and he does not have to get it checked, we laugh at this and get back into our clothes and sit there arms in arm on that bench until it becomes dark, I look at my watch it is only 5:40 and it is getting pitch dark.

We find our way to the car and get in, and head to the hotel, I sit close to him and snuggle up to him and fall asleep on his shoulder, he wakes me up and we have reached the hotel, he has driven so nicely that not once has my sleep been broken, he tells me to head to the room and he will bring the bags and be there. I enter the room and it is warm and cozy, our clothes are wet, I take them off and get into the blanket,

Sonu enters the room and puts my bag away and asks me if I wanted to eat something, he was hungry and was going to town side for some food, I tell him he can order anything he wants here only and does not need to go out, he insists and goes away, I tell him to come and wake me and we can do dinner together. I check my watch it is around 8:30, he tells me that he will be back by around 10.

He gives me a good bye kiss and heads out, I catch a shut eye again as I am sore from all the aggressive humping that I got from Sonu, I go off to sleep and am woken up by the turning of the key on the door, he smiles at me as he enters the door, bends down and kisses my forehead. He tells me it is 11:30 and he met an old friend and took a little more time. He tells me he was really hungry as he only had a sandwich when he was with his friend,

I woke up and freshened up and we headed to the restaurant for some well deserved dinner, I was refreshed after that nap and Sonu looked refreshed from his stroll in the city and his meeting with his friend.

I could sense he had something going on, he had some kind of a smirk on his face like something was going to happen between tonight and tomorrow morning, we had our dinner and had a regular conversation and the dinner ended and we head to our room, I propose a shower together before we call it a night, I tell him it was tiring today and we would refresh ourselves with a nice shower, we head to the shower and this time nothing happens, we just hug and kiss each other and wash each other up and head out to the room again all refreshed.

He tells me that he had something in mind and if I was okay with it will be a lot of fun, I told him I sensed something of a plan and asked me to tell what it was, and he tells me that he was really turned on by the 3some movie that I had shown him a day earlier and wanted to try something on those lines,

I ask him who was the 3rd person he wants to get involved as it can be dangerous for my reputation and people can suspect at the hotel that there is something wrong, he tells me that his friend who he just met was mentioning of being horny and he would ask him if he was interested, he assured me that it was perfectly fine and he is a relative as well as a friend and I believe him as I found him to be genuine and a very good man by heart and mind also.

I agree hesitatingly and his face lights up, he calls his friend and tells him the story, his friend agrees and he smiles at me, I ask him when does all this needs to happen, he tells me tonight, I tell him wasn’t it enough for today, he tells me that there r only 2 nights that we will be together and I realize that after day after tomorrow I will lose him, might be forever…..To be continued…..Comments and Suggestions will be appreciated, E-mail still remains the same / /, all comments will be answered.