Turned The Driver Gay Part II

After that night of experimenting with the drivers curiosity, the next day turned out to be very hectic and the day ended at around 11 pm, I get out of the office and see Sonu waiting for me like a faithful charioteer waiting for his master to board the chariot and whisk him away, well u understand, I step out of the office and he gets the car promptly as it has snowed and is bone chilling cold outside. The car provides nice warmth as the heater is on, I sit in the front with

Sonu and we talk generally, he remarks that he liked what happened the previous night and wants to try more if I did not mind it, I said all in good time and we reach the hotel and he heads to his room to freshen up. I also fresh up and ask the waiter for some glasses and ice and some snacks to have with the drinks, also I tell the waiter to bring our food to the room in an hour, it is around 11:30 in the night and Sonu comes to the room all fresh and in a good cheerful and chirpy mood as if a lot is going to happen tonight also.

I tell him what I have done and he gives me a smile and settles down on the sofa, I tell him the plan for the next day and tell him we have to visit a site that too late in the afternoon and we need not get up early and get ready for the office, as it was late any which ways it was a relief to the both of us. We start our drinks and end in an hour’s time, by this time the dinner has also been served, we have a quick bite and I tell him that I was going to take a shower, take off my clothes and put on my towel and head to the bathroom.

While closing the bathroom door I jokingly remark to Sonu that he can join me for a hot shower if he wants to and it will be a lot of fun bathing together, it was just a remark, I go inside and get the shower going and hang my towel on the rack and step into the shower, I do not know when the bathroom door opened and Sonu stepped in, he knocks on the shower door and is butt naked and his dick is semi erect, he is nice and clean, trimmed in the right places, I let him in the shower and he gives me a hug and our dicks touch, he gets hard in the hug and I can feel him. He immediately bends down in the shower and starts to suck my dick.

He is a quick learner and the lessons yesterday have proven to be effective, no teeth and no hurt, he is sucking me perfectly and gracefully, the hot shower water is making me even more hard and hot, I catch hold of his now loose hair face fuck him, he comes out for a breath of air and goes back at it again, he is sucking me for 10 mins and then gets up and whispers in my ear that he wants to suck and bang my ass today if

I would allow it, he tell me that he wants to do it bareback to which I refuse, he looked disappointed and I tell him to get a condom, he tells me that he already has 1 out on the counter, he steps out of the shower and gets the condom, he steps back in and he already has it on and I exclaim that he has learnt fast and is not an expert in putting on a condom, he bends me down in the shower and licks my ass, and is probing deep, he tell me that he wants to insert his cock inside me now and that we should close the shower so he can see more clearly, his hairs are dripping wet by now and looking so sexy, water droplets on his beard are looking like pearls adorning a crown,

I ask him if it was okay to kiss him, he said he was uncomfortable, I did not push it and told him to gently push his dick in my ass, I told him to be gentle and not the rough types that the sardars are famous for, he places his fat thick dick on my ass hole and gives it a push, he is much thicker than any1 else I have had before and he goes in about 2 inches, it is painful.

I ask him to stop, he was very obedient and stopped each time I told him to, my ass walls adjusted to his girth till the whole cock was inside me, I then told him to take 50% cock out and push it back in, he does as he is told, my ass is well lubricated now and it is much easier for him to do his to and fro movement, he tell me that it is like an oven inside my ass and is tighter than anything that he has had in his past fucking with girls,

He is now making hard bang moves and the water on my ass is creating a funny noise but it is pleasurable, he now brings out his entire cock from my ass and then pushes it back in, it pains at the starting but then subsides he does that 5-6 times, he too is excited and his cock is standing like a rock and I can see veins popping out of the condom, he exclaims himself that he has never been this hard before in his life, he then puts it back in my ass and is now humping me with his full might.

He is grunting in between in Punjabi and I cannot understand what it is but it is building the excitement, and he increases his speed, he bites me on my shoulders and kisses me all over my backside, his beard is tickling me and it is a feeling of heaven, he starting to hump me with even greater speed, I ask him was he ready to cum, he said in 2-3 minutes, as I have said in my earlier stories I again say it, sardars have a huge libido and have the strength to go on all night, he humps me for another 2-3 minutes and tells me that he is about to cum,

I tell him to take it out of my ass and cum all over me as a cum shower, he removes his dick from my ass and then sprays me all over with his cum, jets and jets of thick birth fluid flies all over me and the shower panel, he is grunting and shaking his dick at the same time and letting it drain dry, after the last drops have drained out, I take his now semi erect dick in my mouth and lick it dry, he smiles and gives me another hug.

Picks me up and gives me a blowjob and asks me to cum all over him and his body, I do as I am told and let it fly all over, some land on his beard and belly and the rest falls all over, we both are drenched in each other’s cum and the shower is also smelling of man smell, we then get the shower going and give each other a nice rub down with the shower gel and he washes his hair, they are long and erotic and I help him clean himself,

He returns the favor by rubbing me down with the shower gel, I notice that he is now semi hard again and he tells me the same that this shower together was a good idea but he is getting hard again, I tell him to clean up and head to the bedroom for another secession, What happened in the bedroom till late night is another story catch the next episode of the continuation of this story and my 5 days and nights spent with the driver and exploring his curiosity. Feedbacks will be appreciated and all mails will be replied. / / is the mail Id, pls let me know your thoughts.