My First Gay Experience Part V

Hello to all the readers of ISS. My name is sunny and I am 26 male now here to submit my real stories in my gay life. I am cool chubby person with fat this, cute belly, sexy plump chest and red nipples. I have nice ass. This incident happened when I was in class 12 and my age was 18. I am not that good in studies when I was in class 12. I used to fail in subjects and I was a poor student. So my parents decided to send me to tuition.

I found a tuition near my house. My tuition master is a nice guy and he is very sweet. He used to tell me that “I am not week in studies but if I concentrate little and relax i will be the best student”. He used to motivate me in every time. He used to give extra time for me and used to teach me very well. My tuition master liked me very much and he also used to drop me to my home on his bike.

One fine day we both were chatting and talking about sex. I don’t know anything about sex at that time. He used to tell me about cocks, by showing his cock and balls. When I first saw them I was shocked, it was 6 inch un erect cock with lots of hairs. That was the first time I saw a cock. I liked little bit. Next day we started chatting again after all the students have gone about sex. This time he told in depth about sex about men’s penis, about shagging. I asked my master what is shagging and Why people shag. He smiled and told me “Don’t worry I will teach you”. As usual he dropped me home and went.

It was weekends and no one will be in tuition. My master called me and said I will give you special classes as I am week in mathematics. So I went to his house. No one was there in tuition. My master told me “Today I will teach you new things” He got nice magazines of girls pictures and boys pictures. All naked pictures. He told me about girls and guys. It was first time my cock started leaking and it was wet. I also looked at my master lungi, I saw that something is inside his lungi it was a very big. when I asked him he said it’s my erect cock.

He showed his cock my god I was shocked to see such big cock with hairs around and it was wet. My master undress himself and was shaking his cock, he told that this is how men shag. After some time he hold me in his arms and tried to kiss me and pressed my nipples and he was trying to take my cock and undress me.  I felt ashamed and I felt something wrong is going on. I went home on that day. I didn’t come for tuitions for 3 days. After three days I went to tuition. My master smiled at me, I told him that next week I have monthly test and we need to prepare.

My master gave more attention to me and thought me very well. Other students were jealous of me. They used to ask master “Y you are giving more attention to that guy”. My master told them that I am special for him. I felt nice. On that night I had to stay in my masters home because my parents went to tirupathi since no one there in my house my parents told my master to stay with me so that I can prepare well for my test. On that day I and my master had dinner together and I was reading for some time. It was 12 o clock and we went to bed. As usual my master wear lungi and sleep and I wear shorts.

I slept with my master because I can’t sleep alone. I am scared. My master again started his play. We were discussing about sex and again my master was holding my cock and he took my hand and start pressing against his cock. I felt nice this time. I said him that this is wrong a guy and guy never do like this. He said I am teaching something new and he said me that I will enjoy.

He started his play and this time extreme. He undressed his lungi and underwear. He also told me to undress and I did. I saw his long 8 inch tool it was like clock tower. He took my cock and started to suck them. I felt very nice and I felt I was in heaven. He did it very slowly. He made my cock bigger and this time my cock was also fully erected. He told me that today I will teach you how to shag. He kissed me on my chest and started to suck my nipples. He was biting them I was feeling pain as well as pleasure.

I started to moan “mmmm mmmmm “, “ah” ahhh” aaaahhhhh”. He inserted his cock between my thighs and he took my cock and inserted between his thighs and he was fucking me I felt so nice that I started to his him and started licking his mush and lips. I was very horny and started to moan more “aaaahhhhhh”. mmm.  Then he started to shake my cock and for the first time in my life sperms came out. He also started to shake and lots of sperms came out. I was so tired and I slept on his arms nakedly. Morning I got up and I was thinking what I have done, I exposed my cock with guy this is wrong and I started crying.

My master said me that there is nothing wrong. Sex is pleasure of life the more you enjoy the more u will become intelligent. The more people will attract you. He told me that he is gay and enjoying sex with guys. Slowly I started having fun with him and he used to suck my cock and shag for me. I used to suck his cock and shag his big cock. I love big cocks. He also used to give me good coaching and for the first time I got good marks in test. I was very happy.

I told my master about this and also kissed him. From that day onward I became his boyfriend. I used to go to his house on weekends and have sex. This was my first gay life experience. I am still gay in my life and I will be gay forever. I am looking for long term relationship with guys so please guys feel free to mail me at [email protected]