Hi ISS readers, I think all you know me. For the new readers, at first I introduce myself. I am Moni, late 40 and 5’-7”. I was born in a middle class Bangladeshi Muslim family and serving in a public organization. My whole life is lustful indeed. As I gained some practical experience about sex at my childhood, I became a sex-maniac and whenever I got chance I tried to fuck any aged girls or women with many tricks without applying force or at least to peep the uncovered boobs and pussies from hidden places when they change attires.

I always find the chance to touch teats and breasts of sleeping girls or women. I think always believe “sex is one kind of art”. So I want to share the real stories of those incidents of my life with yours. I assure you that every tale will give you a full satisfaction.

Dear readers, the conversations of the story obviously were in ‘Bangla’, some places I have used ‘Bangla’ as happened and translated into ‘English’, otherwise I have tried to use translated English.

In my student life, I rarely travelled. After my graduation once I had to visit Dhaka for attending an interview board for a job. That time the “Zamuna Bridge” was not constructed and the busses used ferry boat to across the river Zamuna. Giant ferry boats were running through ‘Aricha Ghat’ to ‘Nagarbari Ghat’. As the current of the river flows towards Nagarbari to Aricha, so the ferry boats took 3 hours to reach Aricha from Nagarbari, otherwise it took 5 hours to back.

I had no wish to stay at Dhaka, so after the interview I bought a ticket of “Shaymoly Paribahan” bus headed Sirajganj and the bus started at 3 PM from “Gabtoli Bus Terminal”, my destination was Shahjadpur. Within two hours the bus reached Aricha Ghat. I might went in nap and woke up with some odd sound of gathering and noticed that our bus was standing motionless behind a long queue of hundreds of vehicles including bus, truck, car, microbus, minibus, coaster etc.

Some peoples are around us, who are very curious and can gather information promptly. So within few minutes I came to know that one of the ferries stuck with the sunken strip of sandy land rising out of the river bed and no ferry can passing through. So the long queue of the vehicles is waiting for the clearance. They also informed that the 2.5 kilometer queue wouldn’t be cleared before five or six hours. I found the driver of our bus and asked him about the situation and he also informed me the same.

I became disappointed and thought how I would spend that long time. The environment was so hot that it was impossible to sit inside the bus. So I noted the number of the bus and talking my luggage I walked forward and within half an hour I reached near the ghat. I decided to spend the time other than the bus and when the jam will clear I had to arrange that I could be informed. Standing under a roadside tree I was thinking.

Meanwhile some adolescent boys around 9 years to 14 years surrounded me and requested “sir, malish lagbo, rest loiben” (sir, want a massage, take a rest)? I looked at them, they were staring eagerly for a reply. I got a way for taking rest. I asked “rest kothay neoa jabe re? Ar tora sobai mile ki ekjonke malish korbi naki” (where I could take rest? And will you all together massage one person)? One of them laughed and replied “na sir, jare apni posondo korben heii apnare jaygamoto loya jaibo ar malish korbo, kare loiben sir” (no sir, whom you will choose only he will take you the resting place and massage you, whom will you choose sir)?

The boy, who talked to me, was very cute with medium health, fair complexioned and about 10 years old with lustrous eyes. My devil brain started working and began to poke me to satisfy my carnal desire with the boy, he seemed intelligent and courageous. Moreover I knew that the ‘Malish Boys’ participated in the sexual game for earning some extra amount of money. So I began to crave for fucking the boy. So I pointed at him and told “thik acey, tui thak, bakira ja” (okay, you stay, others leave now). The boy became very glad and the expression of happiness was seen into his laughing with exhibition of his teeth. When the other boys left the place and disappeared then I called the boy near me and asked his name. He told his name was “Babu”. That’s a nice name.

Babu guided me and we reached a newly constructed building, which was used for temporary resting places. Babu talked to the manager and I understood that Babu was a broker of the rest house. The rest house was containing small rooms for resting but their arrangement was good. Though the room was only 8×6 feet but each room had a fan and a window at the head of the bed. They rented the room hourly basis, five taka per hour. I asked Babu about his payment and he told me that I have to pay him five taka per hour. I laughed. How cheap the child labors in our country! I told him that if he could make me happy I would give some tips.

I told Babu to close and bolted the door. I asked Babu about the massaging accessories. He showed me his bag and there were pure mustard oil, towel, napkin, comb, hand mirror etc inside. I changed my dress and wore only a lungi, I kept my upper body bared for massaging. I lain on the bed on my chest and asked Babu to start massaging from my head side. I had some devil intention and I already decided to fuck the boy by blackmailing. Babu wore a shirt and a cheap thin small size lungi. I asked him to remove the shirt as it was dirty.

Babu removed the shirt and got up the bed and sat at my head. He poured some mustered oil on my head and began to massage nicely. He was driving his fingers combing my hairs and gave some light pull and it was giving me relaxation. I felt drowsiness but I tried to keep me awaking. So I told him to massage my shoulder muscle. He had to squat on his knees for easiness to massage. Sufficient light entered through the window and Babu’s lungi was thin, so his lungi became transparent (see through) from my side for the enough light from the opposite and I clearly saw his penis hanging like a pendulum and the balls.

Babus limp penis was circumcised and about 3” long and one inch in diameter. I made my plan and gradually advanced. First I carefully inserted my hand inside Babu’s lungi beyond his knowledge and sway his limp penis by touching the head. He soon sat down and grabbing my hand with some astonishment asked “eida ki koren sir, amar lojja kore” (what are you doing this sir, I feel shy)? I laughed and told “lojja kiser, ar keuto to amader dekhse na, tor jinishta besh sundor, de ektu nari” (why shaming, nobody is looking us, your tool is very nice, let me touch). I stretched my hand to hold his penis and he again impeded me and told that he is shying.

I then expressed angriness and told him that I have decided to give him some tips, if he would be non-cooperated then I have to drive him away without massaging. Then he realized the situation and acquiesced my proposal. He lifted his waist and I yanked the knot of the lungi and removed that from his body, he then became fully nude. I asked him to restart massaging my shoulder. He began to massage and I grabbed his hairless limp penis and titillated at the tip of the penis and the penis gradually became erected. I caressed his soft balls and softly pressed the seed of the balls. Meanwhile his penis erected to its full rigidity and became hard like an iron rod, it was tingling.

I caressed its tip with my thumb and grabbed tightly and pressed, I moved my hand forwards and backwards for few minutes. Then I told him to move forwards and flabbergasting him I took his penis into my mouth and began to suck. I couldn’t see his face but I guessed he became fully confused for that. I caressed his penis tip with my tongue and caressed his balls with my hand. I sucked his tiny nice hard-erected penis for few minutes. Then I suck his hairless nice balls and he was then got immense pleasure because the seed of the balls was moving upwards. I also licked his nice ass cheek. I did it with the intention that later on he would not refuse to suck my penis.

Then I asked him to massage my from my tow to lower back. My legs were covered with lungi, so I dragged and rolled the lungi till my thighs and asked him to massage. Babu massaged my legs from toe to knee, his touch aroused me and my 7” long and 1.5” diameter penis erected hard but it couldn’t get upright because I was lying on my chest. I kept my penis bended heading towards my toe, so it became its full size and stretched towards my knees. I wanted to see what Babu would do after seeing my erected penis.

I asked Babu to rolled my lungi upwards till my bum and massage nicely my thighs up and down. He dragged my lungi upwards and kept rolling at my bum, I was sure he could see my erected fat penis through my thighs because the bed sheet was white and there was enough light inside the room. He was massaging my thighs and I told him to massage inner side also. He inserted his hand in between my thighs and his hand was rubbing with my penis, he was so clever and expressed nothing. Then I applied the last trick and called him to massage my bum.

Without hesitation he uncovered my bum and poured some oil and began to massage. I asked him to massage my each buttock nicely and inside the crack that rubbed my asshole. I told him to pour enough mustered oil inside the crack and applied it nicely. He poured enough oil and rubbed with his hand and when he put his finger on the orifice of my asshole I told him to applied pressure and he did so, his narrow finger easily inserted into my asshole. Then I told him to make some movement in and out, he did so and it made me crazy for fucking.

I then told him to remove the lungi from my waist, I lifted my waist and untied the lungi knot, he dragged out from my legs. Then I told him to bestride on my thighs and massage my whole back. First he hesitated but then he softly bestrode on my thighs and applied oil on my whole back and began to massage. He sat upward my knees, so he had to stoop forward while massaged at my upper back and that time his penis touched my bum. His penis again became plump so I took my right hand on my bum and again I began to handle his penis and soon it erected like a small piece of iron bar.

I held it headed towards the crack of my buttocks and when he was stooping forward his penis head was rubbing my crack. I rubbed his penis with my bum crack and my asshole. Babu asked me “ke korn sir, lojja pai” (what are doing sir, I am ashamed). I told him “chup, kotha bolbi na, ja korcis kor” (hush, don’t talk, continue your job). Then I told him to massage only near my shoulder. For that he had to lean on my body and his penis was searching ample space and at that position I placed his penis head at the orifice of my asshole and released his penis. Then I grabbed his bum and yanked forward, his thin penis easily inserted into my asshole.

Babu became so enthralled that he stopped his massaging but I told him to massage again, he was totally confused about my libidinous act. Flabbergasting him I began to move his waist forwards and backwards and his penis was moving in and out through my asshole. I then alluded him to do so, he was so bewildered that without hesitation he began to fuck my asshole like an adult, I think he was familiar with that job. I parted my legs wider and pulled my both buttock both ways to give him easy access to fuck me. Resting his knees on the bed and grabbing my shoulder he was fucking my asshole. I also enjoyed that, the narrow hard penis was moving into my asshole.

After few minutes suddenly he began to moan and speeded up the movement of his waist and within few seconds he moaned aah aaah aaah aaah aaah and tried to shove his penis at the dippiest portion of my asshole and I felt some spasms of his penis, I became astonished and thought that he might be ejected, but it was not unbelievable. He then pulled out his penis from my asshole and being tired lay on my back. I let him to lie there for few minutes. Then he got up and again began to massage. This time I asked him “kire, kemon laglo, moja peyecis na” (hi, how did you feel, did you not enjoy)? He nodded his head positively and smiled in shame.

I then told him “toke to moja dilam, tahole tui ekhon amake ektu moja korte de, na ki bolis, dibi to” (I gave you pleasure, so now you would give me some pleasure, what do you say, will you agree)? He nodded his head affirmatively and then I rolled my body and lain on my back. My stiffed hard penis sprung upwards and began to jerk for its rigidity. I told him to do whatever I did with him. It was my trick to blackmail him and he had nothing to say without doing what I did with him. So he grabbed my penis and began to press and move his hand upwards and downwards. Pre-cum was oozing from my penis tip and the penis tip became slick, he spread the pre-cum at the whole penis tip and began to rub.

After few minutes I alluded him to suck my penis and he took my penis into his mouth and sucked nicely with surrounded his tongue encircled my penis head and he sucked it like a lollipop. Then the time appeared and I was craving much for inserting my penis into Babu’s asshole. I told him to squat on the bed and told him to spread his buttocks by pulling both ways. He did so and I could see his nice tiny asshole, I set my penis head with the orifice of his asshole which I lubricated with the mustard oil. Setting the penis head with the hole I grabbed his waist and pushed forward, but he moved forward with my push and my penis could not be inserted.

I again tried to insert but failed and then the few attempt failed as he kept closing his asshole tightly. I asked him to loosened his asshole but he told me that he became afraid to take my thick and large penis into his asshole that he must get pain. I assured him that if he would get pain I would not fuck him. Then he trusted me and loosened his asshole but I couldn’t even insert my penis. Then I set him at the edge of the bed by laid him on his chest and kept his upper body from waist on the bed and his lower body hanged from the bed edge. Then I told him to spread his buttock by pulling both ways, he did so.

I pressed my penis and let drip some drop of pre-cum on the orifice of Babu’s asshole and applied gently with my penis head, the place became seriously slick. Then I set my penis head at the asshole and told Babu to bring the tendency for passing air through his asshole, for a moment he did so and his asshole loosened and I shoved my penis head with a sudden jolt. Then my penis head locked into the asshole at my penis’s swelled neck. I asked him that is he got pain or not, he nodded his head negatively. Then I took a long breath and applied pressure from my waist and my penis gradually inserted into his asshole. Babu became groan uh uh uh ish ish ish ish ish, it’s hurting oh oh oh uh uh uh aaaaah iiisssshhh, but I didn’t care about his groaning and inserted my penis till its base into his asshole.

Then I began to move my penis forwards and backwards through his asshole. His asshole grasped my penis tightly and I was gaining serious pleasure from there. I felt smother than a girl’s pussy from his asshole. Grabbing his shoulder I was fucking and he was crying in pain but I didn’t care about that. After few minutes his crying lessened and once it stopped within 10 minutes. Then I rolled his body to lay him on his back keeping inserted my penis and began to fuck. That time I got his penis and began to handle it again. I caressed his balls and soon his penis rejuvenated its hardness and I began to move my hand upwards and downwards.

I applied some saliva from my mouth to make slippery Babu’s penis and keeping my penis movingly I began to handle his penis. Some times Babu was making spasms from his asshole and it was giving me immense pleasure to fuck him. Within the next few minutes I came to the point of my ejection, so I held tightly Babu’s penis and began to shove my whole length with heavy thrust and at last I ejected my load inside his asshole. My penis spasms fro few times to unload the whole semen.

Keeping inserted my penis into his asshole, I again began to handle Babu’s penis and rubbed his penis head and within few minutes he again began to moan and at last he uplifted his waist with ong ong ong sound I felt some spasms into my hand. Yes, Babu ejected his load and as he did not get mature semen just some drop of juice like pre-cum oozed from his penis. I licked the nectar and drank, it tasted nicely, rarely it can be get. Then I pulled out my penis from his asshole and told him to dressed up and go out to enquire about my bus.

Babu returned after few minutes and informed that my bus required more one hour getting the ferry boat. Then I offered him to join another session and he agreed. He snuggled me on the bed and we both grabbed one another’s penis and began to press, within 20 minutes our penis rejuvenated and became hard and then I again fucked his asshole and masturbated him to eject. After that I dressed up and gave him a hundred taka note. He became very happy to get the unexpected amount of money.

Babu carried my luggage to the bus and requested me “sir pore kokhono aile amare khoj koiren, jehanei thaki cuitta aimu” (sir in future if you will come, just search me, I will fly wherever I would be). I asked “khub moja paicis na” (enjoy the most, isn’t)? In reply he just ashamedly smiled and disappeared from there.

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