Sex With Me Adu

Hello friends I am Adu(adwani) 23 yrs old guy .I am regular reader of ISS & I am going to narrate my fantasy which I am eager to full fill please friends if u like or not reply me on / /

Now I am going towards my fantasy. I am a bottom. I was winter time & I was waiting at a bus stop it was raining heavily. Bus was late it was midnight time. I car stop nearby me asked me hey man do u want lift. I saw the man was about 30 yrs age was built up body & girl was sitting next to her she was about 25 yrs age with sexy figure. I said want to go next town they said we are going next to your town so have a seat enjoy the ride. It was raining heavily & bus was late I have no chance to lose this offer.

The lady came to back seat I sat next to driver seat. After few miles the girl from behind gave me a hanky to dry my face I was totally wet so I used her towel then I don’t know what happen next. When I woke up I was totally makes on the bed my hands & feet were tied with rope so that I can’t move an inch. There w was a large mirror in front of me I was really shocked while seeing me in the mirror hey man what am I wearing. I was dressed in girly clothes oh my god I was wearing a blouse miniskirt stockings high heels in my feet & face was make up necklace earrings my hairs were also like girls the main things was

I was very smooth like baby. I was really weird I curse myself what u have done to yourself why u take help from strangers. On other hand viewing myself as a girl exited me my cock got erect front tent in my skirt. It was too tight I understand that I am wearing panties also. I started feeling myself as a girl because nobody can imagine in girly clothes that I am man except my budge. I hear a voice of foots step & opening of door. They were both. Girl asked me how is our girl. I barked on her u bitch untie me I will show you. she saw my budge in my panties. Hey buddy he is getting exited in girly clothes see tent formed in his skirt.

I was embarrassed she told me don’t resist let us do what we want & u will go on your way. I u like that then u can cum here again. I again barked on her but she touched me something which gave me a electric shock. She said if u speak a word then I will touch this on your balls penis u will never get a erection again this will be useless for ever. I was afraid & gave up asked her what she want she said don’t be hurry first see this on your left side there was web shots cock on my face my near my ass dressed as girl step by step ics how the made me girl.

Be a good boy & do as I say. I shouted she gave me a electric shock for 3 time I was incurious when I woke up I was untied they both were sitting on sofa. The man whom I met in car was also dressed in girly clothes same like me in blue color I was in pink. Hey if u want to go like this home we will upload your pics on the net tomorrow. I asked her not to do that she said at one condition u have to do sex with us my hubby & I will fuck u in your ass for night . I was totally dumb how can you must be joking she pulled up her skirt there was budge like me in her panties.

Oh my god she was a shemale. I met to a shemale in my life. I said no but she said it’s the only option here. My body was tingling & my cock was erect now with soft marital I was wearing what I saw also I was really aroused. When she saw a budge in my skirt she came near me & patted kiss on my lips order me come here sat on my lap my baby. I didn’t have any resistance sat on her lap & she kiss me o neck back her hand was playing on my thighs. I was really in heaven the soft material I was wearing & her job was making me horny.

I don’t know what happened to me a girl took birth in me I started feeling as a girl dam that I am girl. Without any hesitation I placed my hand on her cock . as I placed my hand on her cock she bite me on back said set my cock free . I don’t know why don’t I resist or fight I was doing what she was ordering me. She ordered me to suck her cock I got on to my knees and start sucking her cock.

Her husband came at my back uplift my skirt pull down my panties & started playing with my ass hole . I kissed on her penis tip she sound ahh ahh suck it my slut suck it take my tool in your mouth. I stated sucking her cock like an ice cream she gave me instruction do this like this how to suck her cock. I was really in heaven I was totally turned into role of girl. He was fucking my hole with his tongue. She was forcing her cock deep in my throat I can’t even breath for some time. As his husband pushed his finger in my ass my body shivered he started finger fucking me .

I speed up my sucking section ahh aahh u r really born to suck a cock. In a few minutes u have learnt which my hubby took months to learn. Ahh suck me harder u bitch suck me harder. Her husband place his moth on my cock. I was so horny that I ejaculate in his mouth in a sec. he ate my sperm he inserted sec finger in my ass it was really paining I moaned ahh uhh plz don’t pull it out its hurting ahh aaaiiii pull it out she slapped four five hard on my face u my bitch suck my cock I sucked her cock hard she ordered me she is going to cum no single drop should drop from your mouth or u will be punished.

He filled my moth the taste was salty . it was my first time I was not able to hold her cum it fell on her legs feet she order me to lick her legs & feet . I was doing as she was ordering me I don’t know what was happening to me then her hubby came & sat next to her & showed me his cock I don’t know what was happening to me I came near his lap & took his cock in my mouth. The girl sorry shemale stood up & gone out of room. I was sucking him hard ahh uhh suck me u bitch suck me.

Within 5 min he empty his sperm in my mouth & this time I swallowed the whole. She came back in with new pair of sandals in hand a bag & tube in her hands ok it’s time for your punishment u was not able to drink my sperm. The heel was 10 inches she made me wear that heels & ordered me to walk as models & after that stand here in the corner till I fuck my hubby .was really in pain I have never wear heels before my foot was aching I don’t know how girls manage to wear & walk in this.

Her hubby was sucking her cock when she was erect she pulled her skirt up move panties her at side then applied some lube on his ass then inserted her cock in his hole he moaned ahh ouhh then she was fucking her hard their fucking sound was in the room. I was really in pain with the high heels. When I tried to bend this gave me electric shock because she had placed the devise near my knees if I tried to bend it gave me shock.

She was fucking him hard he was begging for more faster harder it took half an hour she filled his bottom with her sperm . lying on her back. I was totally hard with this view. Please reply me on / / I will post my second part soon. I will be waiting for your replies I am finding couple like them to have fun I am waiting