Used And Explored Part II

Hello friends my name is Rajesh and I am from Hyderabad. To know my dimensions am 6 ft height and athletic body. I got a big curvy ass. Many of them saw me on the webcam and aroused of my ass, its size and curvy nature. This story that am sharing with you has been one of my fantasies for a long time. Am a Bi but never had sex with anyone. One of my peculiar characters for many days from now has been that sometimes I myself want to be explored by someone.

Somebody who can dominate me and enjoy me even by making me feel like a woman. But once I cum, I do not like to be the same. I’ll be a man again. So, I should do it only when am horny. Otherwise I cannot do it. Let’s get into the details: I was chatting sex in the night as usual and found a guy named Kranthi. He said he was 29 years old and was a Bi. We chatted for at least an hour and saw my body on the webcam and were very fascinated. I’ll give you in the chat format.

Kranthi: Hi am 29 m Bi top from hyd. Ur asl?

Me: 25 Bi bottom from hyd.

Kranthi: good. Had experience before?

Me: No.

Kranthi: What do u like?

Me: I like to be explored. I like to be used and humiliated.

Kranthi: am looking to have fun with a guy. Have you seen anybody’s dick before.

Me: no

Kranthi: my dick is 6 inches and medium thickness.

Me: had sex before with a guy?

Kranthi: yes, my cousin, 2 years back, I fucked him thrice. Would you like to get fucked?

Me: am eager to be fucked. But I did not get a chance.

(I was getting horny by the way he was speaking to me)

Kranthi: do you have a cam?

Me: yes

Kranthi: show yourself

(I connected my webcam, I was nervous, a guy is going to see me naked, that feeling made me mad. With my shorts and t shirt, I came in front of cam)

Kranthi: come on panties u bitch

(the word bitch made me even more hotter, I removed my t shirt and short)

Kranthi:show me ur ass

I turned my back

Kranthi: ohhh.. That is a huge ass Rajesh… I’ ve never seen like this before.

Kranthi: kneel like a dog and remove your underwear.

I did and now am completely naked in front of a guy whom I do not know and I was totally horny and will do anything that is necessary to quench my thirst. I was hot and started hitting my penis to the floor…

Kranthi: Don’t do that, u might cum control yourself sweetheart. Would you like to have fun… right now…

I was nervous but still the heat in my body taken me over and I said yes.. but how I asked.

Kranthi: will you come to my house now?

Me: no.

Kranthi: come on, your ass needs a beating. See how horny you are. I think I can satisfy you

Me: no please, I do not want to do this.

I said sadly.

Kranthi: Rajesh, you won’t get this chance again and again. Sweetheart, I ll make you my wife tonight.

The word wife made me more submissive and I am starting to say yes to him.

Me: how can I come to your house now?

Kranthi: that’s my girl. Where do you stay. I ll pick you up in my car. I was in total confusion. Should I go with him? If anybody knows about it? How is he going to treat me? will getting it up my ass is good for my health? Where is he taking me? All these questions were washed away by the thought that my body is going to be used by somebody and I don’t bother even if he rapes me.

It was late in the night at 1 Am. And I told him my address.

Kranthi: Rajesh. I want you to be naked till I come and come to the main road naked. That will make you even more horny.

Me: no, please. If somebody sees me. Kranthi: get a bedsheet with you to cover yourself completely if somebody sees you, but you have to walk naked to my car. I ll be there in 20 min. plan it accordingly. By the way, how am I going to recognize you? Ohh.. no problem you are going to stay there naked right…

I was having goose bumps.

Walking naked on the street! Oh my …… but that is thrilling. Waiting on the main road naked! am ready to do anything now. I wanted to ask him, how am I going to recognize his car… but before that he was offline. Ohh.. shit, I have to wait for 15 min so that he reaches my place. The main road where he is supposed to come is 5 min walk from my place. The main road is nothing but the highway and the vehicles are fast.

I took all the courage to start from my home to the main road. I took a bed sheet and came outside after making sure that nobody is outside. I came out naked and locked the door naked. I was shivering out of cold. Went to the compound wall and saw that there was nobody on the streets. However, my house was surrounded with 4 to 5 floor buildings, am afraid if anybody would see me. I kept the bed sheet on my wrist and started walking.

I can see some of the lights in the apartments are on and was feeling horny if somebody is seeing me. My dick is semi erect now and feels like rubbing it. I crossed one street and entered the other. There was a dog which saw me but was not barking. I saw it for a while and made sure that it is not coming to me. If somebody comes in front of me suddenly, then am going to caught red handed. Somewhere inside me, there was a feeling that somebody is watching me and the fact that a dog has seen my penis made me horny.

I really do not want to cover my body now. I want to show to that dog once again. I came on to the main road and am shocked to see that there were lady sweepers on the main road. I immediately went by a wall of a store which is closed for cover. I slowly saw onto them to find out if anybody noticed me. I don’t think so. They were all busy with their job. I was still naked behind the wall. With the heat inside the body I rubbed my penis to the wall for few seconds.

I just remembered kranthi’s words that I need to be naked to be picked up. I am in a place where he cannot see me. I have to atleast go 5 yards forward so that he can see me but that will make me visible to the women too… if I wear that bed sheet, I don’t think he is going to pick me up. He is very strict about it. In this dilemma I suddenly noticed there was an electric pole and the light was not working. If I can stand just beside the pole, the ladies will not be able to see me and kranthi can see me from the road. But still, that is very risky and u know why?

That will be covering me from one side and can be seen from the other side. I was angry on myself when I thought that the person who is picking me up was never seen by me. How do I know that the car that is going to stop at me is Kranthi. Oh am in a situation now. I quickly ran to the pole naked and hoped myself that nobody has seen. That’s was heights of hornier in me. I stood there naked and was shivering not out of cold but the number of vehicles passing by. I am pretty sure that unless somebody very keenly looks at me,

I ll not be seen… but gash am naked outdoor. My penis is trembling and wanted to enter someone so badly and my ass wanted something inside so badly, my nipples are erect, wanted to be bitten so badly. I wanted to hug that pole in front of me and fuck it. 30 min up and kranthi did not turn up. Am tense that how much time should I wait here. To my surprise, I couldn’t believe that the light over my head started blinking is about to start functioning and it did in few seconds.. ohhh now everyone going on the road can see me. I am in the limelight.

Three cars passed by and I sure that they all have seen me. I getting fixed as the time pass by as the sweepers were slowly moving towards me as they were sweeping and now its confirmed that I cannot even run anywhere and the only way out is to get into the car. But that is not happening. With the kind of heat that I am in, am ready to insert my penis inside a sweeper if she is ready to take it or get inserted by a drunkard if he is interested in me. As I was thinking of all these situations a vehicle came to me and stopped and I wished it was kranthi because I was still naked and as I wished it was kranthi.

Kranthi: Hey sweetheart, wow.. u r naked on the road..

Me: Please take me inside.. am nervous. Kranthi: not here buddy. Come onto the other side of the road. While saying this he grabbed the bed Sheet from me. I do not have anything to cover and he left the place to take a U turn. As I went to talk to him, my body got exposed to everyone and I was naked in front of everyone… as I left the pole.

Now I ran to the other side of the road naked. All the sweepers saw me naked and at least five vehicles would have seen me while crossing. I became much hornier by the fact that I was seen naked by many of them. At last he came and took me inside the car. We looked at each other for the first time and I put down my face in shy and shame. He looked at my body while driving and I was feeling shy as I almost felt like am his wife.

Kranthi: Hey, how did you feel walking and staying naked outside.?

Me: very nervous ( I told him with a shivering voice) hey relax, now you are in my car” he said keeping his hand on my naked thighs. That sent shivers in my body. He again saw my penis. “ don’t feel shy, he is your husband tonight” a voice came from behind whom I did not notice.

That was a lady around 26 years old. I just turned back to see her and she was gorgeous with good assets. She was wearing a traditional saree and looked very traditional.Kranthi introduced her as his wife and I was surprised by the situation am in now. I slowly took the courage to tell her about my nakedness saying “you are the first lady to see me naked” with a very shy and shameful voice.

Haritha: really, it’s my privilege and you got a great body. ( she said pinching my waist from behind).

“your wife for tonight is sexy, you ll really enjoy her, she’s got good thighs too.” A traditional lady was describing my body parts in front of her husband, that was a great experience. She was such a hot lady, her luscious lips are so inviting, I don’t think kranthi will be fucking her only once in a day.

Am getting excited now… my dick is erect and it needs some massage. I can see my precum glistening on my penis and we almost reached their place. Kranthi stopped the car and asked me to shift backside. I did not understand why and asked him the same. He said, “Come on do not waste time now, go back.” I am now feeling utmost shy to sit naked beside a woman. The car was stopped at a lonely place. Nobody was around and I quickly shifted myself. Haritha is looking at my curvy ass while sitting. Ohhhh am so horny.. I might cum anytime… that will be embarrassing if I cum by just watching them.

But I was naked for almost one hour from now and that too infront a sexy lady and walked naked on the streets, am unable to control myself. In the meanwhile she touched my navel region just to feel me and I started ejaculating. As I started ejaculating, she was ready to collect my cum in her hands as if she was expecting me to cum. I was shivering and shouting at ejaculation. They just laughed at me like anything. I have to spread my legs while ejaculation.

That was embarrassing really embarrassing and I did not talk to them until we reached their home. I have to once again go naked into their apartment. This is the first time am seeing haritha’s whole body while standing. My dick again started troubling and she noticed that. She took me inside the bedroom and this is the part am waiting for. My first night with Kranthi and I thought that would be straight forward but now am dressed like a woman to impress him. She made me a girl now and sent into the room prepared for us.

With the dress, I was really feeling like a woman and the parts that are exposed like navel, back region really made me hot and I was feeling shy. As I entered the room, he took me to bed and kissed on my neck. Shivering all over my body, the feel of his lips on my neck and hand on my waist. He slowly came down and kissed on my navel. Wow, how a woman feels, I came to know only today. My body is fully loaded and he started squeezing each part of mine and enjoying it. He turned me and bit my butt for atleast 15 minutes and I started moaning.

At the same time, haritha entered the room, she heard me moaning and kranthi enjoying me. She came to me and said “enjoy beta, you will become a woman today.” I cannot explain the feeling I had when she saw me enjoyed by someone, somewhere my manliness is in shame, but still I liked the humiliation. He did this for 30 min and slowly started getting rougher and I started moaning louder. My saree was removed and I was only in petticoat.

He took me up and pushed me against the wall. He came down on me and started sucking my navel. My navel region started going inside and I feel there something rolling inside my stomach and it made me weak in my knees. I started holding his head tried to push him down to my dick. My dick needs some good mouth job now. He slowly removed the knot of my petticoat and released it down. Wow, here I am naked in front of man who is going to Me. He could not control himself and made tongue action on my balls. I was totally down now and sliding down from the wall

“Ohhhh… no leave me please” I moaned louder, am unable to take that pleasure.. “oh kranthi, please leave me… ahhhhh…. Nooooo…..”, he bit the area just under my balls.. he turned me towards the wall and started squeezing my butt, I started to rub my penis against the wall.. .ohhh that was an awesome pleasure, I cannot define it, a feeling of a virgin girl, I can feel it now. Haritha came inside at the same time and asked kranthi “are you ready”, I did not understand that and he said “5 min”, he just removed his t shirt and pants now and his dick was around and can be seen over underwear. He asked me to remove his underwear.

I was hesitating but had to remove as this is the ultimate thing required. I slid down the underwear and 8 inch rod sprang out ready to kill me. This is the first time am seeing somebody completely naked. I am nervous; this is going to enter me. Will I be able to take it, is my virgin ass ready to take it. However he asked me to stroke it and I did that. His dick became harder and harder. I completely overcame by my horniness that I started kissing his balls and my eyes were half closed. I am still feeling very shy to look into his eyes.

He was very romantic. He took me on to the bed and shouted “ready.” In came Harita with the same beautiful saree and beautiful face. Her boobs shape was visible and am able to see her navel region. Wow, I wanted to fuck her then and there as the feeling that am naked in front of such a beautiful lady made me go mad. Kranthi did not waste his time, I was lying down and he lifted my legs up, so up that, my ass was very much visible and inviting. I was expecting a doggy style fuck but this is totally opposite, am being fucked like a girl in the missionary style.

While doing this he pulled my legs over his shoulder and I was out of control and my hands were searching for some grip. Suddenly haritha came in and held my hands to the bed. Ohh.. she was keeping me in a position to get fucked. Here I am in a situation where a man is getting fucked by a man and a woman is supporting it. She held my hands tightly. The feeling that I am going to get fucked got mixed feelings in my body. Kranthi held his penis put it just infront ofmy asshole. I am nervous. “don’t worry everything will be allright” said haritha.

I can feel his penis trying to enter into my asshole. Ohhhh….. its not getting in. he pushed further. Just a little bit but did not enter inside. He was trying hard and suddenly tried to push inside. It did not enter, ooh that was painful, very painful, I shouted loud and my hands were trying to escape to say no. haritha just kissed on my forehead and said no problem baby. He tried harder but it did not get in. he left the bed and came out with gel and applied it on his penis as well as my asshole. “Now you are going to get it baby” haritha said in a husky voice. I was afraid, nervous and many more feelings.

I was in the same position and now he brought his penis in front of my asshole and started pushing. Within 2 strokes it went inside…. Ohh my gassshhh…. Am trembling and shaking. Unable to bear the pain. Haritha held me tightly and kissed me so that I will not be able to shout. I do not want this please leave me. But am unable to speak my eyes wide opened. With his dick inside me, he just brought his face near mine and said… relax, this happens to every virgin, don’t worry you are going to enjoy now…. And

Pushed his dick into me again… ohhhh… am a woman now… wow, I am being enjoyed and explored by a man in front of a woman. He fucked me at least for 10 min and came inside me. I felt his cum inside my ass and meanwhile Haritha started stroking my dick. In the process, her boobs were on my face and that excited me a lot. I came in a few minutes and relaxed on bed. Rajesh left from the bed and asked me to make some coffee for him.

I’ve given a surprise look on my face and he said “you are a woman and my wife now.  So bring coffee to me and your sister.” It was embarrassing to hear that. But I made coffee and brought to them naked. It was 6 am in the morning and Rajesh gave me his clothes to wear and left me at my place. Finally I finished writing and I masturbated 12 times while writing this story. Hope the same with you. Please give me your responses or invitations to the same experience to the maid id and love to continue this story after hearing you. Bye