5 Days Adventure Of Hot Sex Part I

Hi ISS readers this is Raj Chaudhary. Friends call me Buck. I am a “Tall-Dark-&-Handsome” guy aged 22, having 8.4″ inches of fucking dick filled with big loads of semen. I’m a regular visitor of ISS and this is my very first story on ISS. I would like to share Extreme Fucking experiences with you so that your dicks grew more and pussies starts dripping.

Well, this was my very first experience of Sex which takes place when I was too young for having sex with.

This happened when I was in Jaipur for attending a marriage ceremony. I and my family reached there before five days as it is in our close relationship. Due to business reasons my father left me and my mom there. On the very first day I met my cousin named Rahul. Let me describe him. He was 12 years older than me, slim-athletic-and-too attracting personality having a bid dick far above from my expectations approximately 8″ inches long that time.

I went to his room for watching cartoons as he also used to watch cartoons. We became friends in moment. The next day when I entered his room again, it was dark inside and Dexters laboratory cartoon was going on. He was lying on his bed. Seeing me, he called me on his bed so that we altogether can watch cartoon lying on the bed. I was laying on my right side and one of his legs was over me. And I was feeling something hard near my bums and Rahul was breathing hard near my ears. I understand easily that in which condition I am.

Hence, knowingly I put my one hand near my butt and feel his hard on. His whole body shivered as soon as I garb his cock. It seems that he has just awakened from any sweet dream, but I didn’t lose my grip. At this point he was might feeling some uncomfortably, so I pulled my hand inside his pants and feels the heat with my hands. It all was good by now, and up to one hour I didn’t put my hands off from his pants.

When the cartoon ends, he came to the senses and immediately ran for the bathroom. I smelt the foul smell of his cock coming from my hands and went to washroom to clean them. We two have spent the whole evening attending the ceremonies, and were the point of attraction. On the third day, I bring him a good chocolate and again started watching cartoon. Things have gone far this time, because as soon as I entered the blanket he put my hand over his trousers where I feel his hard cock, and after sometime he started pressing his shaft over my back.

This time he removed his pants and undies and started rubbing his cock faster and harder. He did it for approx twenty minutes and suddenly wore his underwear and relaxed like someone has given him drugs and his hot breaths cool down. I didn’t understand what has just gone. He started fondling me and started playing with my little Penis. After sometime his cock again grew up. I put my hands inside his trousers and feel some sticky and foul odor substance.

I put my hands off and ask about the thing, he didn’t say a single word and clean his cock and started jerking off. Meanwhile he holds my hand and instructed me to do same. I gave him a nice hand job. When we get boarded we slept there in his room. The next day, he was busy in the works as because of the marriage function. I feel like some part of my body has been plucked out. This is the fifth day; we are preparing to go for the brides palace. In midnight after the main function Rahul saw me sleepy and told me that he knew a place where we two can sleep and no relative can disturb us.

He takes me to a dark empty hall where some important articles were placed and mattresses were there on all over the floor. More than 70 peoples can sleep there, but luckily we two were there to enjoy. As soon as I entered the room, he locked it from inside and started collecting blankets to sleep. We undress ourselves without saying anything because both of us want to do it. Rahul told me to put his cock in my mouth, I refuses at first but he insisted me to do it, and this time I put his cock in my mouth and started sucking it.

This is my first experience of sucking cock & I was enjoying it without having idea that he was enjoying it hundred times more than me. His hairs were creating trouble for me to reach down and lick his cock fully. Only cockhead was in my mouth. This time he was flowing in ecstasy and pulled my head down with force so that more dick can enter my mouth. He also told me to suck his balls and I was following his orders like a good boy. He hugged me and started making love, at same time I was also feeling pleasure in his hot arms.

He come over me and started rubbing his cock near my little dick & between my thighs. An idea triggers my mind, and I thought he wants to fuck me. Rahul pulled me back and started rubbing his cock over my asshole. He did it for half an hour and I was feeling that this cock must get inside. I was just thinking it and he might have full plans to do it. After sometime he put saliva on my asshole and put his index finger in my asshole. My asshole was ready to be drilled after the extensive foreplay, & suddenly his finger went inside with a little pain.

But I was ready for it. My heart was saying that I will not let him stop anyways. He put some more saliva on his finger and tries to widen the entrance of my lovely ass, and afterwards he told me to be like a horse. I did what he says. He put his cock on the entrance of my ass and pushes it inside with full force. Ahhhhhhhhh…… a moan escaped from my mouth with some tears in my eyes. He stopped there for one minute and again put some force.

His fat cock was penetrating me, and I was feeling that my asshole is burning in hell. But was feeling that all his cock was inside me. I was losing my shape of horse and slowly I lay down with him on my tummy. This gives me some room to gain breathe. His cock slipped away. He has just become an animal and forcefully tried to insert his cock again in my asshole while I was lying down. This time the pain was huge. At the same time I somewhere hate him to be rude. I was just saying ooooooooo….

I told him that he must put it out otherwise my ass will tear apart. And to my surprise, he did it and started jerking him. I thought that the session will over now, but he gain came near me and hugged me tightly. He was standing this time and has pushed his cock in my ass crack & started rubbing it. I feel good. Then after, he told me to be in the position.

I obeyed. He came near my asshole and again tried to push his cock inside, this time it slipped inn more than before. He started giving strokes. In each stroke his penis entered a bit more. I was feeling that a knife is being rammed inside. When his cock entered a half, he started fucking me good. And I was also feeling some good by now. After half hour, he froze for one minute and withdrew his limp dick from my asshole.

We lay there for approximately 20 minutes and I was feeling that Rahul has spitted in my asshole. I put my finger near my bums and smelt it. This smell was just like the substance I have found before in his underwear. I asked him about it. Rahul told me that it’s his seed. And if this seed enters any girl, then only a baby forms. I didn’t mind his words because I was feeling good. We slept together. After sometime, there is a knock on the door. I woke up, wore my trousers and vest and went to open the door. There were some ladies with some mud pots in hand.

They kept those mud pots in the hall where we were sleeping and ask about me. I just told them that I ám here with my brother and they went away. I locked the door again. I was feeling to piss off badly, so I piss in those mud pots and went to sleep again. I was feeling cold near my asshole due to his semen. Hence I put my ass towards Rahul and tried to sleep. After sometime I felt that Rahul has awakened and was massaging his cock.

Then after he put my right hand over his cock and started massaging his cock with my hands. Without any formality, I just woke up and started jerking him off with both my hands. He told me that I am like a professional in sucking, so he told me to suck his cock. Without any hesitation, I put his cock in my mouth, and doing like a vacuum. That dick is just like a lollypop for me and the sucking is like an examination. So I was doing all my best. His cock grew more and more in my mouth. He withdrew his cock from my mouth and put his lips on my lips.

I was feeling bad but the feeling and being kissed and having a cock in my thighs is unexplainable. He started drilling my thighs simultaneously kissing me all over my face and neck. He was so aroused and so was me. After sometime, he said sorry about the pain he has just given to me. And I told him that its okay. While rubbing my ass crack his movements became faster, and suddenly he put his cock in my mouth and filled it with his love juices. He was fully satisfied, and so was I……For my other sexual incidents, please give me thousands of replies at / /